8 Tips for CINEMATIC Drone Footage
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8 Tips for CINEMATIC Drone Footage

September 14, 2019

how’s it going guys my name is Dylan and
today we’re gonna talk about cinematic tips for drone shots let’s jump into it number one film in the right light for
what you are trying to accomplish nine times out of ten that’s going to be
sunrise or sunset number two use some ND filters now this
is following up on that lighting discussion and what ND filters actually
do is they’re kind of like sunglasses for your lens limiting the amount of
light that comes in, now that’s gonna help you create a shutter speed that is
double your frame rates which will lead to a more cinematic motion blur number three following up on that shutter speed discussion we’re going to talk frame
rates, you’re gonna want to keep your frame rate at 24, which is the closest to
what the eye naturally sees, now with a frame rate at 24 you’re gonna want to
keep your shutter speed at 48 number four, slow movement now this is very important
you can always speed your shot up but you have limits and slowing it down
number five color grade your footage and don’t forget to match your shots now you
can use scopes to help you do this number six
shooting a flat profile, now unless you’re shooting with and inspire you’re
most likely not shooting raw footage however drones today do have a profile
which is a very flat profile so get in your settings and make that adjustment, one
heads up, those flat profiles are a little bit more data heavy so if you are
working with a slower older computer you can go ahead and use proxy files which
will really help you out I’ll make sure to drop a link in the description below
number seven add some zoom and post now this can
complement your footage very well and if you’d like you can even go as far as
creating a dolly zoom number eight go ahead and add some cinematic crop bars
now these go by many names and I’m going to begin to try to list them all but
that is the black bar that you would see at the top and bottom of your footage if you found this video to be a value hit that subscribe button to join the empowering earth journey we will see you later this week

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  1. Might add to straighten horizons, too. I see a TON of drone footage out there and the horizons are slanted.

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