91-year-old woman breaks two records running San Diego marathon
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91-year-old woman breaks two records running San Diego marathon

August 9, 2019

I’m Harriette Thompson, and I’m 91 years old,
and I’m running the marathon at San Diego. That’s right. 91-year-old Harriette Thompson
ran her way into the record books on Sunday after she completed the San Diego Rock ‘n’
Roll marathon for the 15th time. Completing the race in seven hours, seven
minutes and 42 seconds, Hariette became the oldest woman to compete in the race, and also
set a US record for the fastest time for a woman in her age group. The second oldest marathon runner in US history,
Harriette started running back in 1999, when a friend of hers was running to raise money
to fight cancer. I started running because I had friends who
were very ill from leukemia, and a friend of mine was gathering money for the race.
She was going to run for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and I decided, well, I could walk
that, so I signed up, and I came out here in 1999 and ran my first marathon. A cancer survivor herself, Harriette had just
undergone nine radiation treatments for cancer in her legs, and at one point during the race
didn’t think she could make it to the finish line. But, despite aching legs and sapping
sun during the course of her latest run, it seems that the race is far from over from
Harriette, who hopes to take on next year’s competition. When I get over that finish line, that’s the
best part.

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  1. Why should I give to charities such as "Help the Aged" when these bastards are out running marathons?

  2. Probably the best-looking 91-year-old I have ever seen.  I hope she continues to run many more races.

  3. 91 year old grandma runs marathon to help people who are struggling with cancer, and I am here watching useless videos on internet…

  4. How the hell u get so healthy at that age?  I have heard sex improves your health.  Just wondering what guy would bang that gold hag.  LOL

  5. Mr. Jack Hoff, the glass is half full.
    About your comment on the 91 yr. old marathon runner, "she'll drop dead running a race".
    Un like you, she is a positive thinker. And if she died running a race, at least she would have died doing what she enjoyed doing, in life.

  6. wrong and more wrong:

     The average walking speed of a human is 5.3 km an hour or 3.3 miles an hour.  She averaged a bit over 3.6 mph, a slightly faster walk than a man – a fast walking speed can be 4.0 mph, and racewalkers (one foot always touching the ground) can break REAL running speed, 8.5 mph… she was barely moving faster than a walk, not a jog and NOT running… If u REALLY want to go by a definition of running go with Bill Bowerman who wrote the book JOGGING… He says 7 minute miles are running, slower than that and u r jogging if keeping both feet off the ground in between strides –  so thats 8.5 miles per hour to be running, THATS running, not less than half that!  

    i don't care that she survived cancer and is an old 91 year old woman, i STILL don't want REAL running to be disrespected, because thats what i was for years, a runner… mostly a jogger actually… she was WALKING!  or doing that fast looking walk, i'd guess she barely had both feet off the ground at the same time the whole time she "ran" the marathon… and THAT at least could be a definition of jogging if not running, both feet MUST be off the ground in between strides…

    LOL, 72 to one as to the thumbs, i'm the one REAL runner?  i thumbs down this for the same reasons i don't think kids should get trophies for 4th place, or even 3rd… the same reason i don't like affirmative action… the same reason i don't think John Kerry earned a PURPLE HEART… the same reason NAVY SEALS really earn the trident without ringing the bell (quitting)…  the same reason i don't like nanny state stifling of initiative to be your best without euphemistic lies along the way like saying she RAN this marathon… SHE DID NOT!

    actually this is the TRUTH:

    Only two percent of people who toe a marathon starting line will break three hours.
    – THEY ran the marathon at under 7 minute miles – REAL RUNNING, not jogging and not walking… 

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