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9mm iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com

August 16, 2019

While many people are able to back a knight-in-shining-armor
hero in most games, the anti-hero or at least a hero with ‘dirty hands’ makes for a nice
change of pace. Sure it’s nothing new and games have long since taken to putting you
in the shoes of villains and criminals, but at least it’s a far cry from the usual cute-sy
or noble characters to be expected on the App Store. 9mm by Gameloft shifts gears down
to this gritter plateau, placing you in the shoes of John “Loose” Kannon, a cop facing
execution at the hands of a local crime boss. There are two main options when it comes to
maneuvering John around the gangland world, either aiming by swiping or using a gyroscope
’tilt to look’ system – sadly neither of these options ever feels spot on. Being a third-person
shooter, your screen is often already taken up by the presence of your character, let
alone the buttons and analogue sticks required to interact with the world, so the gyroscope
method of looking around is appreciated. Swiping does make for what feels like a more accurate
method for aiming, however even on the highest sensitivity you’ll need to swipe fast and
often just to look around a room. The gameplay itself is modeled closely after
games like Max Payne as you’re placed in to firefight after firefight against numerous
gun-toting foes that will tear you to shreds in a moment’s notice if you let them. Thankfully
you have a replenishing ‘bullet time’ that can be activated to dodge incoming bullets.
A simple swipe in any direction after activating this mode will also cause you to dive John
Woo style through the air. It’s a satisfying way of dispatching enemies, especially as
it allows for the developer to get a bit over-the-top at times with the number and type of enemies
you’ll face, but the lack of a true cover-system (crouching is available) can force you to
spam the ability a little too much, diminishing its fun factor. Outside of the gun-play, 9mm mixes things
up with the occasional quick-time event for melee fights or interrogations and while the
game is linear in its objectives, it helps to set the pace so you’re always on the move. If you’re so inclined you can also take to
the Internet to play on a server with 12 people, though this is limited to free-for-all and
team deathmatch modes and feels far less polished than the singleplayer campaign. The one thing that’s likely to put people
off the game is the somewhat regular and at times almost confusingly unnecessary over-use
of foul-language just to emphasize how ‘gritty’ the world they live in truly is. It’s not
a deal-breaker, but it can feel out of place at times. Ultimately, 9mm puts a solid third-person
shooter in to the hands of iOS users, albeit sporting most of the features present in similar
titles on other platforms. It’s certainly no Alan Wake, but if you’re after some action
with stiff odds it’s worth giving this game a shot.

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  1. iOS needs classic titles we only have a few and they are all rips offs of themselves. cant stand the need to port things to the iphone i think iphone and ipad games should be separate. the smaller screen is alot more suitable for some games but not these 3d worlds adventures. just because it can do it doesn't mean its going to be good. I'd much prefer something thats on the go for handheld rather than time investing and straining on the eyes. last good game ive sen was bumpy road, thx for rvw

  2. @hotvampire1992 95% of the games today are pretty much rip offs… so who cares, as long as they are good games.

  3. Hi,
    One day can you make a video showing some great online multiplayer games over wi-fi? That would be awsome, because I need some 😛

  4. @frickmann123 The multiplayer is actually fucking awesome. So your missing out. Over a name….. Which is retarded.

  5. @T3xt11 you start off as a cop.
    The police slowly turn against you can't remember the exact details but a criminal kills your family.
    You go out looking for revenge. The police think you're the enemy.

  6. I don't really see how you can compare Alan Wake to this game, the only resemblance is the 3rd person aspect…

    With that said, it kinda reminds me of the upcoming title from Ubisoft: Call of Juarez the cartel but with a 3rd person view.

  7. Seriously I was like "Is this game that slow when the video started or something wrong with my computer?" You forgot to censor the f word. Good job.

  8. @frickmann123 There is this game coming out that I think would be perfect for you. It's a twin stick shooter, like mini gore etc. and it's multiplayer based. You rank up, unlock weapons etc. It's called DeadLock and releases this Wednesday at 11 pm. Best part is it's free for a limited time. And I agree with you games like these are a pain to pain, especially online. But this one is going to be really easy because it's a twin stick shooter. Check it out!

  9. @cayeyano24 What did I do? I was stating that I noticed the game's slow gameplay or I thought my PC could be having problems. Then I told Andrew he forgot to censor the f word. Finally I told him his review was nice. Tell me how I sound like "that word you said"?

  10. HA! I enjoyed the final pun 😛 I was surprised to see something like this. I am so glad I bought an iPod Touch. Such a rich variety of games. Even if I don't plan to buy this game, the fact that I can get this alongside so many other titles is neat to me.

  11. @EvilLamas i agree, when it comes to 3d worlds its that and real racing 2, maybe sonic racing s well…otherwise all poop

  12. I've already got Max Payne on my iPhone and it is ****ing amazing. I never played the first one back in the day. Played MP2 though, so I knew I'd enjoy MP atleast a bit.
    It's bowled me off my feet though.
    You can customise the controls almost any way you like. So to me it feels almost like I'm playing on a console, flows nicely. The winner though is the story and dialogue. And even the gameplay itself, the level design in particular, just has moments of sheer brilliance.

  13. I have that exact same gripe with all of gameloft's shooters. Often need to swipe the screen twice just to do a 180.

  14. well i made a good choose then i got max payne about a week ago i enjoy it a lot its really a great game ! thanks! i got it so… pure enjoyment.. i cant believe my mobile can do such visuals … usually gameloft games are the best quality but this is a beast of a game! also its much better than gta 3 ! rockstar games make the mobile feel awesome!

  15. XD
    Yeah, and to think, this is just a very good port of a very old game. If Rockstar started making new games for smartphones, or even porting newer games (Max Payne 2, maybe), it'd be stunning. Maybe too good. Like falling in love with a perfect woman, you may wake up every day wondering if this is all too good to be true.

  16. i want a port of san andreas … thats all i will need for at least 3 years! they can port other games later.. but personally my best game of the GTA series! im serious .. but if they made specials for smartphones well.. considering a port was so good.. i dont know what to expect 🙂

  17. Can but wait and see =D
    I'm sure they'll atleast port more old titles, because they know there's demand for them.
    In the meantime, I've got a phone full of Apps to play with.
    I bought Sketchbook last night and spent 10 hours drawing … and not sleeping.
    If I can find an App that re-energizes me when I'm sleep-deprived I'll be set.

  18. try game dev story or dundgeon village.. those games from kariosoft dont let me sleep… i have like 50+ hours in them in like 2 weeks..! i also love adicting games.. but my battery lasts like 5 hours or more.. never really tested it … well thanks for introducing me to sketchbook i usually just played draw something by omgpop…! well nice chatting with you!

  19. you say "rip off" like it's a bad thing. let's be honest, if gameloft didn't do it, we would be without all of those triple A titles. don't be put off by the term "rip off", many gameloft games are unoriginal, many gameloft games are eonderful in quality and action packed fun

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