A 1200 Year Old Vimana – Alien Flying Machine?
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A 1200 Year Old Vimana – Alien Flying Machine?

August 10, 2019

Hey guys, we are in Ellora caves in India
and I am going to show you a Vimana, which is an ancient flying device. You are in for
a big surprise because it is completely different from what we think it is. By the end of this
video, I hope you will come to a logical conclusion if such a flying device could have ever been
used in the past. What is special about this 1200 year old carving?
It shows a scene from the Hindu epic Ramayana where Ravana, who was the King of Sri Lanka,
is shown as flying in the air. According to the scripture, he uses a flying object called
“Pushpaka Vimana”. During this flight, he was attacked by a bird called Jatayu, which
is also shown in the carving. There is no guess work involved here, because it is all
documented in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Now, let us take a closer look at how this
flying device looks. Instead of an aircraft like machine, it is shown as a much smaller
device which is attached to Ravana’s back. Surprisingly, this device looks very similar
to a modern day jet pack. How detailed is this carving?
First, notice how firmly Ravana is fastened to the Vimana using plenty of straps. In his
safety harness, there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 straps. Remarkably, you can even see the
main strap going from his waist and being securely hooked on to the Vimana. This is
the exact same technique that we use today in a jetpack. If you are flying, you wouldn’t
want to lose the jetpack in mid-air, would you? You know what would happen if you did.
It’s just incredible that the so called primitive people carved these 6 straps, over
1200 years ago. Now, there is also a circular object carved
on this Vimana, that is very similar to a modern day propeller. You can even see the
spinning blades of the propeller. Remember that this is a side view of a scene, which
shows only one side of everything. This means that there could have been another propeller
on the other side for balance. Again, notice the similarity with the modern day jetpack
that uses two rotors on either side. Was this 1200 year old carving created based on an
actual working Vimana? Why else would it be so similar to a working jetpack today?
Look at this part at the top of a modern day jetpack. It is called a safety roll bar, which
is a gear stick like device used for safe landing. Now, look at the top of the Vimana,
a very similar device that looks like a gear stick too. Is this all just a coincidence?
Were these carvings done based on pure imagination, or did people carve what they really saw?
Speaking of creating what you see, let’s take a look at how the Pushpaka Vimana is
shown in modern day Indian movies and TV shows. You can see how our generation which is more
used to commercial and private planes show it as a small aircraft with wings. This is
because the directors create these scenes with machines that they are familiar with.
Could this be true with this ancient carving as well? Did ancient people see human like
figures flying with devices attached to their backs? Did they simply carve what they saw?
I say human like figures because Ravana is defined as a “humanoid” with supernatural
capabilities. Were these flying humanoids with complex machines, in fact extraterrestrials?
This 1200 year old Vimana has almost all the features including a fuel tank, but something
very important is missing. For jetpacks or rocket belts to take off from the ground,
you need at least two pipes facing downwards that will blow out heat to create a steam
powered thrust. This is a crucial piece for a jetpack, so just hold on to that thought
that this Vimana does not have that tube or pipe-like extension.
Now, you can see a carving of a horse as a part of the Vimana. There is no way it can
be a real horse because it cannot be that much smaller than Ravana and Jatayu, and there
is no reason why it would be attached to Ravana�s back. Moreover, notice that this horse is
carved facing the opposite direction of Ravana’s flight. What is the secret behind this mysterious
horse that makes no sense at all? I am going to read a few lines from a Hindu
scripture about this horse or mare that is called Vadavamukha. “This was a lifeless
mare with a needle like mouth. It hissed like a snake, breathed fire and spit out hot smoke
which blistered human skin.” End of passage from the scripture. This must be the answer
to the missing piece. This horse after all, is the mechanical device that pumped out the
heat and steam needed for the jet pack to take off. Notice its mouth facing downwards
and when it breathes fire or steam, the Vimana would be pushed up in the air.
Now, let us take a look at Ravana and see what he is doing while flying. He seems to
be operating a circular instrument in one hand, and needless to say, he is wearing a
helmet for protection. In the other hand, you can see that he is holding a dumb-bell
like instrument over his ear listening to something. This is exactly what modern day
pilots do, they listen and talk to nearby airports while flying. In fact, in the Hindu
epic Ramayana, the author mentions six working airports in Sri Lanka, which were used by
Ravana. It is also mentioned that he used several flying devices of different sizes
and power. Is this listening gesture connected to the flying process or is it just a coincidence?
Here is another carving in the same Kailasa temple, which also happens to be a flying
“humanoid”. It is disfigured a little bit, but look at his hand: the exact same
gesture. He is definitely holding something to his ears while flying. And sure enough
on his back, there is the flying device. Notice how he too, is strapped on to the Vimana.
Not this one, because it could be a religious thread worn by Hindus, but this bigger strap
that goes around his waist that connects to the Vimana.
Why would the so called primitive people carve these flying devices, and listening gestures,
so accurately? It just seems impossible that sculptors could carve such a vivid scene purely
from imagination. I think we have to accept that at least it is more likely that these
remarkable details were carved from experience, rather than imagination.
Now, the jetpack is considered as one of the fanciest inventions of modern times. From
these carvings we can see that the jetpack could have been used thousands of years ago.
Are we simply reinventing historical devices? Could this technology have been used thousands
of years ago by these “humanoids” that came from higher planets?
Please do let me know your opinion whether this Vimana would have been a real flying
device. Also, I am finding a lot of mysterious stuff like this, so please do subscribe to
my channel. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon.

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  2. GPS – lol
    Jet packs are a fun gimmick but quite impractical. If you have this technology you could create something better.

  3. Definitely a jet pack of some sort. I believe they had some sort of mercury driven machines as it says in the puranas about the vimanas. Amazing temples in India!! Absolutely incredible carvings, if that's what they are, and history in stone that was left for the people of our time to figure out. Well done and thanks for all your hard work in bringing these amazing places to light and allowing us to see what amazing peoples we have been in the past.

  4. I am really shaken by our ancient technologies, and really hating the fact that TV programs of Ramayana and Mahabharata show the exaggerations of the texts and also making more of drama for their own profit not the real and well researched thing. I am truly surprised by your findings man. Now I am re-imagining Ramayana and Mahabharata scenes.

  5. This is incredible, especially the part where later bronze age and iron age technology is intentionally misrepresented as post modern technology and as an achievement of the ancients. It is illogical as technology doesn't usually go backwards.

  6. These all are imaginations not truths …..if they are truths…..every invention takes its development next level…..not disappeared……

  7. Im thinking maybe someone from the future equipped with all advanced technologies travelled to the past to educate our ancestors. And these technologies as time passed became unusable because no could recondition or repair it, and eventually became forgotten as time passed. Its just my imagination 🤣

  8. There is something called subtle science which can not be seen by eyes. A monk told me that the vimana used to fly by some mantras which is a kind of science called subtle science ( instant of mechanical work they use mantras to make any things functional )

  9. as a child there was a Animation of Leonardo Divinchie  in which the described him for his eyes being able to capture the smallest of details and his art/pictures showed such fine details as the patterns in the wings of the smallest of insects. todays snipers and spotters all have better then average eye sight making them trained observers by professional standards. Seeing those temples and the details of the artists who over all those different century's would seem to be like they were schooled to standards making them consistent of highest quality work. Seeing those gods being depicted does not look like it was being described to them, It looked like that was common to the people where these beings were flying. How else could there be the time differences along with mortal ages being so finite.

  10. Sure they had advanced technology, but that do not mean they was humans beings ,they all was star travelers from another world ,i know the almost indians will not accept that they claim this ancient civilization was them ancesters, but definitely they wrong ,.Then here was more different alien civilization ,the devas ,asuras ,nagas all from them was different alien species ,Then was a great war between your lord shiva and this hostile aliens which want to enslave the entire mankind ,i am prety sure soon the mankind will find better evidence which will proof them civilizations was a advanced aliens civilization ,i have no doubt that could be the true fact !

  11. Absolutely a flying mechanical device, I have studied this kind of lost knowledge for 40yrs. Along with lost city’s over 12,000 yrs old. My question is… why is the powers that be keeping this knowledge from the world ? Also there are ancient Egyptian artifacts that were found in a remote area of THE GRAND CANYON, USA in 1909. National Geographic and the Smithsonian by order of the government, covered it up. The artifacts have never been seen again. When you look it up there is very little facts except that it is true. [email protected] Love this stuff, please send me more. Thank you, Keith, Florida, USA

  12. You are mind blowing history solver and you discribe is also in proper way…but i am interested ravana took sita with him in vimana

  13. I have been following your works thank you for your efforts man, loads of love from Tanzania, also I have recently been studying paleo sanscrit scripts and I see them in almost all the videos and they actually say it all, beyond reasonable doubt.

  14. Brother Praveen you research very good… But in this video this carving has horse and you are not talking about that horse why??

  15. The bird might represent a pain in the side of the person operating the vihmana. Pictures are metaphors for what's happening.

  16. Find Jesus today, the Son of the One God. Believe and Pray: God, I know that I am a sinner and unless you save me I will be lost forever. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and arose on the 3rd day. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, in the name of Jesus, Amen.
    Feel a deep longing? A tugging at your heart? Overwhelming emotion trying to bubble up? This is a good sign that you should consider praying and asking Jesus into your life. Before your time here runs out.

  17. but cant see sita sitting or standing anywhere. Jatayu attacked Ravana when he was carrying Sita.. However its a great video. All modern stuff are simply re-invented. World had all possible technologies, which we think only now we have.

  18. Vaimānika Shāstra The existence of the text was revealed in 1952 by G. R. Josyer who asserted that it was written by Pandit Subbaraya Shastry (1866–1940), who dictated it during the years 1918–1923. A Hindi translation was published in 1959, while the Sanskrit text with an English translation was published in 1973. It contains 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters which Shastry claimed was psychically delivered to him by the ancient Hindu sage Bharadvaja.[1]

    Why lie?

  19. Praveen I think you should also look out for documents that depict drawings of such ancient vehicles which may be present with some historical organisation somewhere.

  20. I reaaaalllllyyyy love your videos and i am so interested in my Indian's history i also tried to find these kind of things when i was small the way you think and see was out of the world and i love your all videos and also i think if i could find anything in your videos so i could tell you and i also myself visit those place and examine by my self that what more i can find out and give you the information and if god wants so i would love to meet you and visit those places and examine together coz i am so much interested these kind of things.. always makes me Enthusiastic whenever i see your videos and those details which makes it so real in our present world … And i saw your each and every videos and always amused every time and i also try to figure out more about what you saw …as far as i go i will visit those places and see all statues and carvings to understand … 😇😇 love your videos… You make me so Enthusiastic about this … I was already after these things and you made me mad to exam Enthusiastical

  21. Elections campaigns ke baad foreign countries mein jaa kar relax karne wale insaan tujhe to kuch bolne ka ADHIKAAR hai he nahi, chal nikal yahan se DHONGI.

  22. You could call it the imagination of one sculptor if you see such detailed, intricate carvings and sculptures in just one temple or even one region in India. But when you see such carvings, sculptures, and paintings in 100s of temples and historical sites all over India, many of which go back several centuries, you cannot dismiss it as someone's imagination.

    Ancient Hindus and Indians carved what they experienced, saw, and heard. What is special is that they were also very intelligent to know that the best way to transfer this knowledge would be to carve details on rocks and stones. These rock carvings are hard to destroy or "redo" so we are truly lucky to be able to learn from them even today.

  23. Mr. Praveen now that you are convinced the supremacy of their intellectuality.  You must appreciate the supremacy of QURAN where in it is clearly mentioned that Allah punished them after bestowing with all sorts of knowledge and talent. They did not obey the law of ALLAH to be implemented on the surface of earth.
    You are exploring the achievements of those communities who got wrath from ALLAH on account of their disobedience after being bestowed with health energy knowledge talent and resources. No human race destroyed them except marginal damages .  It is ALLAH who uprooted them and their followers and their names and their achievements and their literature and their descendants from the surface of earth. And if you explore them to follow their foot step,  you will invite the wrath of ALLAH on the surface of earth.  They were punished and buried and earth was rehabilitated with new race who were obedient to ALLAH. That was because a complete DEEN was yet to come.   That was because the last era was not declared at that time .
    But now a complete DEEN has already come to earth and the last era has been declared by HIS Messenger Mohammad SallallahuAlaihiwasallam.
    Your exploration will invite the wrath of ALLAH and ultimately total destruction of earth and universe . Read QURAN and try to understand it in the light of your  ancient deaf and dumb speakers you will have a different thinking and different feeling.
    You know very well that the fatigue of centuries causes wear and tear to the status of OBEDIENCE that brings the wrath of ALLAH to the surface of earth. Since ALLAH is the most beneficent and most  merciful HE renovated the laws of OBEDIENCE in every era earlier. But this time there is  no renovation,  only and only maintenance,  and the maintenance technology is in the hands of true  followers of Prophet Muhammad SallallahuAlaihiwasallam.

  24. Great theories, i love your vids but some of tbis was a stretch. But most of this was good enough to paint a picture of possibilities

  25. Hi Praveen.. I enjoy all your videos.. You have great knowledge & you go in extreme depth of carving details.. Have you ever thought of starting a archeological tours for people like me who are extremely interested in History.. Hope you will give it a thought and we can accompany you in your next venture…
    Thank you very much for all your videos..

  26. When I see sculptures like this… I think people are only viewing it 1 dimensionally and not putting scale into their thought process. I mean if you sculpt what you see then everything is going to appear right next to each other. With that said, look up some of the old photos of Amelia Earhart. My question now becomes, how far back was the device from the observer when they made a mental image of it. Also were things never written on paper during that time or had time erased almost all traces of drawings.

    Also the horse might further prove the point as far as scaling goes. The horse acts as a plane of reference to give you and idea of how big the device is. Especially since almost all horses are roughly the same size (excluding exotic).

  27. Brodaman 0987654321&sanskrit language is all spritual science/material science ect.arts. dances music ,our rishie's cultured definitely came from others planets Intilligence beyond modern science,having seen experience many spiritual marvels including the om,shalom salam,there are many many more intilligence= life forms in the universe,some are known by so called advance countr govts,secret sects ect.BULLSHIT artist.of the world and kept secret from comm humanity!fiber optics from whrits brothers to space craft in S.P.in just few hundreds years,like the say keep the slaves ignorant=more powers to their MASA,from trashed roofs A DUNCE FOR PROPHET A book name Quran with no instructions in science technology to Taj Mahal..get it.

  28. Nice! I believe that it is a real vimana! Our ancient history is measured in a different way than the modern western time system!

  29. This is the problem when your brain is wasted with exoteric nonsense stories while never seeing past the facade and understanding the esoteric which is the key. It pains me to watch any of your videos without them being on mute first.

  30. "This is all just a coincidence?" your key question in your methodology of spinning sensational but stupid stories! According to your narrative Ravana must be stupid to strap him to a device where it sits on his back and the control roll bar is out of sight and out of reach. This would be another stupid design where the propellers (you said) facing sideways ! No plane will fly like this!
    How come in all you examples the propellers are facing upward or towards the front. Is it not stupid to have the propellers on the sides? Now, how ravana piggyback Seetha on top of the vimana? You don't sell all your bed time stories here! people are not that dumb!

  31. Hindu Gods are fallen Angels. This proves the hundusim is as true and then after the Great Flood, it was peirshed, then New Present Human were ceated as stated in Bible .

  32. Mate you generated all your theory on just one stone carving …….does any of the rest of Ravana's carvings or paintings show/indicate your so called Alien Jetpacks?

  33. I honestly think we were here before something happens and we don’t know what happened but it destroyed everything now we just finding all the things that proves that we were here before and doing everything again let’s just hope we don’t destroy ourselves like we did the last time

  34. You are spot on praveen! There is also passages describing vimanas, and even nuclear explosions in Ramayan and Mahabharat..many a time we think that our ancestors were primitive and think we are highly advanced.. We are ignorant of other dimensions of the universe and categorise everything as 'mythology' one has to keep an open mind and have the humility to admit that there are many things about which we know nothing about

  35. Amazing! I have been to Ellora caves but didn't notice this. Archeology people do not think from this perspective. What can be called the way you do research of ancient structures?

  36. Just shut this alien shit nothing alien all indeginious indian 😂😂 well nice work although 😎😎

  37. Ramayana and Mahabharata are more ancient than these temples, so it's evident that the temples are built, and sculptured on the base of the stories of epic. So it can not be proof of the plane.

  38. रामायण और महाभारत इन मंदिरों से अधिक प्राचीन हैं, इसलिए यह स्पष्ट है कि मंदिरों का निर्माण, और महाकाव्य की कहानियों के आधार पर किया गया है। तो यह विमान का प्रमाण नहीं हो सकता है!

  39. Nah i have to disagree on this one because you can clearly see there was atleast one person amd going by the holes in the wall I'll say teo people inside the chariot..the thing you say is a mechanical lever is clearly legs to a person

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