A Bird’s Eye View of AT&T’s Drone Inspection Program | AT&T

September 13, 2019

(music) DRONE OPERATOR: Camera bird’s off your left. Well clear. Call me above the trees. ART: Today we’re flying a drone here at a cell tower and providing a live video feed. TECHNICIAN: The UMTS cable plus the other small cables appear to be red cable – let’s get a picture of those please. DRONE OPERATOR: Yes, sir. Those boxes mounted up there on an angle. Might have to get them from the side. MICHAEL: We are feeding the video that the drone is taking on the tower top to the technician’s desktop in his office where he can actually see what’s going on. TONY: It enables a technician to communicate directly with the pilot in order to look specifically at an object or deficiency in real time. MICHAEL: It’s pretty remarkable technology today and it’s getting better. ART: Every time that we fly a drone instead of sending a tower crew up a tower, we remove an instance or a possibility for an injury. MICHAEL: We are able to identify what needs to be fixed so when we do send a tower crew to the site, they know exactly what they need to do, they’ll have the correct equipment. ART: It saves time. For example, today, with a live video feed the customer is provided with the information on a real-time basis. The information also tends to be more accurate. MICHAEL: We’re able to see things today that we weren’t able to see from the ground. We can inspect things from different angles and get different perspectives, take life photos. ART: This is exciting. We’re in the infancy of drone use in the commercial sector. You might want to say drones are just taking off and the sky’s the limit. TONY: We are at the forefront of a brand new industry and it’s very exciting. ART: As the drone industry is evolving, the robotics industry is also evolving. Artificial intelligence is evolving. At some point you can see all of these coming together in a very interesting man-machine relationship. MICHAEL: We don’t even know what we’re going to be doing tomorrow until we begin to see it appear and then discover ways to use it. (sonic logo)

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