A great start!- Jetpack Joyride part 1
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A great start!- Jetpack Joyride part 1

August 17, 2019

Hello audience! It is thesunsarebright and
today we’ll be playing some Jetpack Joyride on the iPhone 6 so in other words, lets start
this thing! And my iPod glitched out I mean IPhone! Time to edit that out later! Ok, take
two and there we go, And so I will turn the volume up a tiny bit. And right now all we’re
doing is, is just uh. I am sorry about the beginning, my iPhone sometimes does that for
no reason. Apparently all the electronics I have does that like me out of everybody
but I am just killing some scientists like Arnold Schwarzenegger would with all those
people in Alien…I mean Predator! AHHHHHAHHH! I’m sorry, Who are we.. oohh profit bird!
My best friend. Whenever I use the profit bird is it strange it makes me think of Mario?
NOOO! Not little jimmy well I mean he’s not really little. But right now we are just gathering
quite a few coins so I’m pretty happy. I’m gonna…ahh jeez! Good way to start the series
Maven, die. Jackpot first one! That is what I’m talking about actually. It’s not about
the money, money, money, it’s not about the money, money, money, it’s all about the double
coins. So right now I’m gonna be silent for a few to just… focus,
but I will play some nice calm music in the backroundin 3, 2, 1. Sorry youtube! I had
to get a drink I got thirstly but lets just play more. So right now… oh. Of coarse when
I start talking, my poor innocent lil stomper was blow the fudge up. But right now, were
just trying to by… I was doing so good when I was silent!

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