A Guy Gave me a Free Plane
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A Guy Gave me a Free Plane

August 23, 2019

– Hey guys. It is an amazing morning. I could barely sleep last night because today I’m getting my first airplane for free. Tim, the owner of this airplane, all the way from Tahoe, Nevada, is flying down here commercially just to be here to present this airplane. But I haven’t seen it, so I’m
gonna share with all of you the first time I ever see this airplane. You know Abby over here. Abby’s gonna be making me
look beautiful for the day for we forever remember this. – Whoop, whoop. – And Patrick, he’s got
the headset in the end. – Ready to go. – Just hang out and then at 8:30, you’ll have an exciting
experience for all. I don’t have any eyelash glue. What was that? Okay. (upbeat music) Come on in to Richie’s Cafe. – That whole section is yours. – Turns out Tim, the guy I never met, who’s donating his airplane
is right here (laughs). I’ve heard people getting free cars, but not a free airplane. – Yes. – That’s why it’s so exciting. I haven’t seen it, and I told Tim, I’m gonna save seeing that
airplane till you’re there and everyone’s there together. I thought this would be
nice to get pampered up at the airport in Richie’s Cafe. Abby can do this stuff anywhere, made herself at home here,
even brought out a trashcan. (upbeat music) – (muffled speaking) So I brought my son. – (muffled speaking)
(laughs) I don’t think I will but that would be cool. – Someday. (upbeat music) – So the camera crews can go out first, and then everybody follow suit. That would be spectacular. – We are moments away (mumbles) We’re bringing people out to the ramp to see this airplane,
along with two film crews and the Arizona Daily Star. Mark, from the club, is
going to say a few words. My heart is pounding right now, and I don’t exactly know why, but obviously, I’m excited. I’m going to go up to the microphone now and do a couple announcements
so that everyone can hear. Can you all see the plane? – [Crowd] Yes. (upbeat music) – Can I turn around? – [Man] Yep. – Okay. Oh wow, Tim you need to
come up here with me! (upbeat music) – How are you? – Good, how you doing? – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you Tim. – Do you want to sit up with
me Tim because of your plane? Oh wow, that baggage
compartment does look different. Thank you, Jerry. Okay, I’ll go. (upbeat music) – The only trick is that if you don’t remember
which one you’re on– – Got it, okay. (upbeat music) – [Man With Blue shirt] We’re
going to put Jessica’s name on the fuselage if you wanna come watch. (upbeat music) – It’s official now (laughs). (crowd cheers) – Thank you so much. Thank you, Tim. I want to say thanks to everyone. Tim you want to raise your hand? This is Tim, he owned this airplane for how many years? – Five. – Five years. And he’s the one who has
gifted it to my foundation for people with
disabilities and we plan to share this with the Desert Sport Flyers. And that’s Jim here, him and his father started the Desert Sport Flyers. Do you want to say anything too, Mark? – [Mark] Absolutely. Supposed you’re talking to Tim today. I always believe that good
things happen to good people. I think Jessica is a
prime example of that. Thank you so much because
it’s not just a matter of supporting just the foundation but the years to come, you’re
going to have so many people that are going to fly in this airplane that would never have
the opportunity to fly. To give them that thrill and experience of aviation. And that’s what the
foundation is all about, to support people with disabilities, and to support flyers to give the opportunity for anybody in this crowd to join and along with the public. But our dream and our vision as a club is to continue with Jessica’s dream to disabled veterans and
other people with autism. So thanks for coming out,
thanks for supporting because in the end of it,
none of this would ever happen without the support of families, friends, and the general public. So thank you to you guys. – [Jessica] Thank you, Mark. (crowd applause) – Tim, do you want to say
anything while you’re here? Tim flew all the way
from Florida to be here. – I knew it was the right thing to do, just give it to her. (crowd applause) – You and I have one time to say to you I want him to understand
that out here in the West– He gave her the plane and
he cannot take it back. (crowd laughs) – I’m going to be out
here to take pictures, so we’re going to be out
if you want to line up and take pictures. We’ll do it right here if you want to sit in the plane with me or sit on the wing, or stand on the wing whatever you’d like, you
can come and have a seat. Oh, and here comes Mark. Okay, Mark’s starting it, so come up and line up and one at a time, we’ll take pictures and have a seat in the plane. Thank you so much for coming out. Thank you. (crowd applause) (upbeat music) – Really good. It’s going off now. (plane engine roars) (upbeat music) (plane engine roars) (upbeat music) (plane engine roars) (upbeat music) – And of course, I was
trying to baby it in ways like anyone would if
they got their first car. And I was flying it easily, though because it’s a really well-built airplane. – It’s kinda baby, but it was my fun plane because I had another tail wheel plane that’s a lot of work. And then this year I bought gyro, built a gyro, so I’m a
gyrocopter pilot now. So I thought I would go
ahead and sell this plane and when you called, I don’t
know if you remembered, I said, “I know who you are,” and “I can’t believe you don’t have a plane.” Remember saying that? – Yeah I do remember that. – And I was taken aback by it and I asked you a lot of questions about the foundation and I said, “Let me call you back.” So I talked to my wife and I said, “I can’t take her money. And so I just want to give it to her.” I’ve been fortunate in my life– – How incredible it is, is that a pilot who didn’t even
know me personally, only knew of me, chose to give his plane that he spent five years of his time, money, and energy in, and wanted to give me this plane. It’s incredible. (calm music) – That was awesome. (calm music)

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