A look at the new GitHub Enterprise
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A look at the new GitHub Enterprise

August 21, 2019

Open source has proven
that it’s possible to bring thousands of people together, people that have never met before and produce production-grade,
high-quality software. I think that’s what really interesting
to businesses. It’s not about being open or being closed, it’s just about building software
in the best and fastest way possible. ♪ (ukelele playing) ♪ GitHub has taken
the Open Source world by storm and it’s not just about open source, it’s about software development. We want to help businesses
use the same tools and the same workflows that developers already love
to build their software better. We meet with a lot of companies. We talk to them all the time
about software development, and there are two themes
that have been coming up a lot lately: de-emphasis on infrastructure and an emphasis on communication. No one wants to worry about the platform
upon which they build their software, they just want to worry about
the software. And people don’t want to worry about
running around an office trying to find someone
to do a code review, they just want it to work
really naturally. So we focus on workflows, and we want to make
those workflows available in any environment that you choose. ♪ (music) ♪ People are different. We want GitHub to work anywhere. We want to come to you. Whatever your preferred ecosystem is, we want GitHub to work, and be the best way to do it there. We’ve been talking to
a lot of customers and a lot of them are moving to AWS. It’s one of the best pieces
of modern infrastructure available, and we want GitHub to be right there. (Matt Colyer) GitHib Enterprise
is GitHub for your business. We built it from the ground up and one of the most
significant features that is has is the ability to deploy an AWS, which allows you to deploy it
where you’re most comfortable. GitHub on AWS improves the lives
of administrators because it enables them
to focus on what they’re good at. The administrators don’t have to focus
on the hardware aspects, the networking aspects, which frees them up to focus on the things
that are important to their business and to deliver value to their customers. (Kelly Shearon) This is our biggest release
of GitHub Enterprise to date. Not only have we included support
for Amazon Web Services, but we’ve added a number of features
around code review, project management, software deployment,
and authentication and security to give your company the ability
to have the best way to build software, on the best software infrastructure. We’ve included support of SAMLs specifically four identity providers, OneLogin, PingIdentity,
Shibboleth and Okta. We’ve also expanded our support
for LDAP services, giving people more options
if they’re using that method as well. If you’re in an industry
that’s really compliant intensive, be that government’s [Fed Ramp] or Health Care’s, HIPAA, AWS is certified for all of those, which means that you can maintain
the security and data privacy that’s required by your industry, but at the same time you can use
a really modern developer tool set and a really modern developer platform so that you can actually deliver software
in a rapid and streamlined way. (Matt Colyer) GitHub on AWS
allows you to scale your GitHub install as your business grows. You can just start out
with just 50 seats and then you can increase it to a thousand
or a couple of thousand as your needs change. You don’t have to order servers anymore, you can just issue a few API calls
and provision a new instance within minutes. Delivering high-quality products
to your company’s consumers isn’t something
that just happens magically. Code quality doesn’t appear
out of nowhere. Teams working together efficiently isn’t something
that just happens overnight. And so what we’re really trying to do
is give our customers the best software development toolset so that they can deliver high-quality,
amazing products to their customers. We think social coding
is the future of building software, and we think the Cloud
is the future of deploying software, so GitHub Enterprise on AWS brings the development workflow
that people already know and love to the infrastructure
and deployment platform they already know and love,
which just makes sense. ♪ (music) ♪

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