A progress report on the Cleveland Browns preseason: The Donovan Live Postgame Show
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A progress report on the Cleveland Browns preseason: The Donovan Live Postgame Show

August 27, 2019

and opened up of top of the want-to-head while another
one for the dominant life of a
hell of a five-I know this
guy-dollar-five-gallon that life
of a 4 exhibition game most everything
but I think according to plan
for the browns 20 things that
Freddie kitchens was happy with
but in the two practices against the
colts take all the starters for
Saturday he did play them
basically eye on the plate some
of th with the work that they got john
and the work that they got time
leading up to that of a
specially Wednesday and Thursday
of a r fisticuffs but the debug which
he was very happy about what
seem that he I in fact I even
like Wednesday’s much as he’d
walk Thu on Thursday and make dominated
on Thursday on and not then they
took that into the game at the
police on Saturday and he
rewarde on two landry and got them are
they ready are they ready to
play first of all your back and
is really he’s not hurt the
update o and he’s the big parties the big
chip in the off-season if you
don’t have them at the beginning
of the season then lucky blah st beyond blue chip wide receiver
and they want havoc on the field
and ready and there’s no problem
between the chemistry between l at all to two of them around
each other right down there so
much bad juju gone on effect of
a house just it’s infecting each
one at other taking indoors me do
you know they’d had no winner of
a light as so they really should
add distance on that so I guess up because you can really you
can wipe out a team as her team
up our different checker close
games, all pets, bad when I
spotted the chargers put on a late run
at the end of the year in the
chest missed out on making the
playoffs and having made the
playoff waiting at the end of the year
he was a very automatic either
but not cost the browns a couple
games at the beginning of the
yea bomb and there’s a late charge
being made by that of the draft
about a Southeast Missouri State
drew four it’s not notice the na on and he is it the site and
right now is their backups are
body of the other day he was a
lack with these shotguns snaps
he mig wherever they thought initially
he was going to play and I know
I think down the rodeo he’s
gonna be the center for the
browns b the state Roquefort System
played all but I don’t know to
be a direct the point where they
would put him in its a very very some explosive offense gets
really as when it’s all there
it’s unbelievable to watch it’s
it’s unlike any offensive ever
seen th bomb will we see on Friday in
Tampa Bay see all the offense that you’re
talking about the address
rehearsal type situation war
will again be kind of ad to stop
not ever for history have played the
first half and some have even
gone into the second half I
don’t get the plot that that’s
gonna happe I get the impression that you
see the starters, LP given a
seat at the battle of epic you
see the starters yelling and see
them line of things could change but
I can get the bike that that
they are caught the ball with
what they have done so far and I
get spring out there from Michael he
thinks he said that writers on a
stronger U.S. makes a good place
to be as wide as the old with as the ripe players and owners
are full of up

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  1. Fix the kicking! I'm having visions that in the first week of the regular season, Cleveland Browns are auditioning kickers off the street. We can't be THIS complete and be dicking around with the kicker situation! John Dorsey must have a kicker in his desk, locker or car trunk, right?

  2. So bad! They have jeopardy on the TV. At least pretend you like sports.

    These two slobs. Wtf are they doing. So Budget

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