A Real-Life Jetpack!
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A Real-Life Jetpack!

September 14, 2019

– Hey, everybody, Daniel Fusco here and welcome to today’s Two Minute Message. So, one of the things I love to do with my kids, when we’re
on our way to school and we’re going out, is we love to put the armor of God on together. Now, I learned this from my pastor, Pastor John Henry Corcoran, ’cause he used to do that with his boys and I thought when I have
kids, I’m gonna do that. So we do it together and it comes out of Ephesians chapter 6 that we should put on
the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness. We should put on the belt of truth. We should have our feet shod
with the gospel of peace. We should take the shield of faith and we should have the
sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, praying with all prayer and supplication in the spirit with thanksgiving. Now, because I have three kids and we super like to have fun, we started to add on
parts of the armor of God. ‘Cause my kids are super fun. They’re like, “Well,
what would it look like “if we put on the trousers of joy?” So, we put on the trousers of joy. What do we put on the pocket of prayer. And we started laughing and we put on the pocket of prayer. Then my son, Obadiah said, “Well, we need to put on
the cup of protection. “Let the hearer understand.” And so, we love to have fun with that, but there’s another that we added that we love to talk about and I think it’s the one that we all need to put on today and
that’s the jet pack of praise. I remember when my kids’ like, “Let’s put on the jet pack of praise.” And we were having a blast. And here’s the thing, for a lot of us, that’s
exactly what we need. It’s a real-life jet pack that we should praise the Lord, why? Because it says in Psalm 96, also quoted in 1 Chronicles 16 that “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.” We learned that all of
creation praises God and for many of us,
praising God, making much of who he is, being excited
about what he’s done, who he is and the hope he’s doing, that gives us a jet pack
that now we take off. And we’re super excited about it. And if I look at the world in which we live in today, what people need is people need the jet pack of praise. They need to be able to take off because for so many of us, we’re so grounded to this earth and all the struggles of this earth that we’re struggling to take our eyes off of what’s going on and place our eyes on the Lord and allow him
to do what he wants to do. But I’m here to tell you today, God’s, praising God, making much of him, that gives you wings, that you can fly, soar like an eagle above
all that’s going on because God is good. He is great and he’s
greatly to be praised. That’s what you do. First I want you to share this video, Because we want everyone to not only put on the armor of God and all the Fusco extras, but we want you to put on the jet pack of praise as well And in the comment section I want you to talk about how you’re praising God. What does your life of praise look like? Not only when you sing songs, you put on Christian music, you put on this, that or the other thing But how are you moving through life with a lifestyle of praising God? Because He is great; and He’s greatly to be praised. Let’s praise Him together. Hallelujah!

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  1. Armor of God yes I did this Bible study couple weeks ago it was fantastic. It is a 7 week bible study about the armor of God and each piece personally I loved the shoes of peace and the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. If you guys can do the study I would recommend it to fully understand what it means to put on the true armor of God. God bless you all. Thank you Daniel.ha I love the extra pieces you guys made up! That's awesome you should put thatout there 😁

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