A Telescope Carved in India 900 Years Ago – Technology of the Gods?
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A Telescope Carved in India 900 Years Ago – Technology of the Gods?

August 29, 2019

Hey guys, I am at the Hoysaleswara temple
in India, and here you can see a spectacular carving that debunks history. You can clearly see that this man is holding
a telescope. And without a doubt this is a telescope, it
is cylindrical with a smaller end near the eyepiece and gradually becomes larger on the
other side. The carving also shows he has one eye closed
and the other eye is open, typically how anyone looks through a telescope. And you can also see that the telescope is
pointing up. This is shocking because all experts agree
that this temple was created around 1120 A.D which is about 900 years ago. However, history books tell us that the telescope
was invented much later – in 1608 by a man called Hans Lippershey, just 400 years ago. So, how could a telescope be carved in a 900
year old temple, 500 years before the invention of telescope? This is a very good piece of evidence which
proves that the ancient civilization of India used advanced technology. Every telescope needs at least 2 lenses. If they used telescopes, they would also have
to manufacture lenses, hence glass manufacturing , grinding technology and relevant tools must
have also been used. And If they knew how to manufacture telescopes
900 years ago, they would have definitely used other machines as well. But this carving not only proves that telescopes
were used 900 years ago, but shows that the telescope was used much earlier in time, thousands
of years before this temple was even built. If you take a step back and look at the entire
carving, it is not showing what happened between human beings 900 years ago, but it is depicting
a war scene that happened much earlier in time between 2 types of gods. On the left side, you can see the gods called
Devas, and on the right side you can see the gods called Asuras. We can see that these gods are portrayed with
completely different facial features, helmets and weapons. Ancient Indian texts clearly mention that
these Gods came down from the sky, thousands of years ago, and were equipped with advanced
technology. These 2 races of Gods are not only described
in ancient Hindu texts, but also described in another ancient religion called Zoroastrianism
which originated in ancient Iran, thousands of miles away from India. In Zoroastrian texts the same gods are depicted
with minor variations. The Devas are referred to as Daevas in both
these religions, and Asuras are referred to as Ahuras in Zoroastrianism. If these religious texts are merely imaginary
stories, how could these two ancient religions separated by thousands of miles, accurately
portray these 2 races of gods? Is it possible that these gods were extraterrestrial
beings who came down from the sky? The ancient Indian texts clearly mention that
these gods came from other planets, for example, the Devas came from a planet called Devalokha. Today, we are able to land in Mars using a
spacecraft and our astronauts can easily use a telescope on mars to observe other planets
or even survey the land. Did primitive human beings also witness these
gods who came from other planets using Vimanas or spacecrafts and used telescopes? How else can we explain this carving that
shows a telescope 500 years before the modern invention? Is this why ancient Indian monuments show
accurate portrayals of advanced machines? The brilliant monuments at Mahabalipuram,
built 1300 years ago, shows an accurate model of a stage rocket. The ancient Kailasa temple in Ellora Caves
shows a type of Vimana similar to our modern day jetpack. Why do we see this uncanny resemblance of
our modern day devices to ancient carvings which were carved thousands of years ago? Is it possible that what we read today as
mere religious books are really historical records of beings who came other planets? It is one thing to use a telescope for observing
stars and planets, but if you look at this carving, it is clear that this is a battlefield. We can see that the devas are all holding
shields and weapons and if you look at their legs, you can see they are perfectly aligned
showing their tactical formation. So, why would anyone need a telescope in a
battlefield? Let’s look to the right, and see if we can
find the answer to this question. Here is their leader shown on a chariot. It is a shame that this sculpture was destroyed
by foreign invaders, so we can’t see all the details. But we can see that this Deva is holding a
rod like device, which releases multiple missiles into the air. Today, we use the same technology- we call
these equipment as multiple rocket launchers, capable of releasing many rockets at once. Again, if you compare the carvings of these
missiles to our modern day missiles, they look identical. In fact, ancient Indian texts clearly mention
that gods used weapons called astras which were more advanced than what we even have
today. Many experts claim that astras simply mean
arrows, however, the astras shown here clearly prove that they are not arrows. Arrows have to be long and thin to travel,
these are too thick to be arrows. These carvings don’t have a pointed edge,
they have a rounded head like a modern day missile. To the right of the missiles, we can see the
Asuras. Of course, the actual space between these
2 armies has been cut off, because there is no way to show the actual distance in a single
carving. When we understand the magnitude of the weapons,
we can understand why this Deva is using a telescope. The gods were not fighting with swords and
spears, they were using missiles and aerial attacks in the warfare. So, a telescope would have been necessary
to look up and see if any vimanas or astras are being deployed by the enemy. Now, what would have happened when primitive
human beings witnessed the arrival of these gods and watched them use these advanced gadgets? Eventually the gods would have taught human
beings how to create and use devices like the telescope. They would have taught human beings how to
read and write. This explains why ancient Indian texts show
a remarkable understanding of astronomy. These books give many surprising details about
various planets and stars and modern day experts are quite confused as to how primitive people
could obtain this kind of information. The answer is this, the primitive people were
no longer primitive after they met their gods – they were using telescopes to observe and
record their findings. Now, you can go through pages and pages about
the history of telescope and we don’t find anything about India. In Wikipedia, there is a detailed history
of telescopes, but nothing about this carving. Why? Am I really the first person to find this
carving? If a guy like me who has spent just a few
weeks looking at this temple can find this information, there must have been many other
historians and archeologists who must have also noticed this carving. In fact, government archeologists make a detailed
note of each and every carving in these ancient temples. Why are they not telling the public that telescopes
were used in India much earlier than the 1608? If they do that, then they would have to agree
that ancient India had very advanced technology, and Vimanas and Astras, were not mere fiction. If they agree that telescopes were used in
ancient times, they would also have to agree that other devices and machines were also
used. In short, they would have to rewrite the history
books. So, they intentionally ignore these carvings
to portray the ancient civilization as a primitive civilization. And this hiding of facts to fool us, to prevent
us from learning the real history is the very definition of conspiracy. Experts can try to hide this information,
but I hope you can share this video with your friends, because even if you disagree with
everything else I have said, this carving debunks the theory that the telescope was
invented just 400 years ago. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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  2. you said.. One thing.. I Might be the first person who has shown the world the first telescope carving… You are right..
    I really wonder about you and really appriciate your work …

  3. Sanjaya watched the Battle of Kuruksetra without a telescope.
    He has lightning in his hand, or rather, the body of a saint

    Dadhiches, from whose bones they then made lightning.


    "Indra, the king of heaven, receiving the blessings of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, enjoys innumerable riches. He supports the existence of all life …" (Section 8.2)

    "O king, when the demons led by Vritrasura gathered on the battlefield, they saw Indra there with lightning in hand. He was accompanied by Rudras, Vasu, Aditya, Ashvini-kumaras, pitas, Vahni, Marut, Ribhi, Sadhy and Vishvadeva. Shining, emanating from the king of heaven, surrounded by his army, seemed unbearably bright to the demons.

    Under the leadership of Sumali and Mali, countless hordes of demons, semi-demons, yakshas, rakshas [cannibals] and others bravely restrained the onslaught of King Indra's army, which it would not be easy to resist even death itself. .. "(Srimad Bhagavatam paragraphs 6.2, ch.10, t.17-22).

    Pay attention to the battle set forth in the Quran.

    334 BC Alexander of Macedon, he is Zul-Karnayn, in seven years completely conquered the Persian Empire. Then he went to western India.

    During this period there was no name of Allah. He appeared in the 7th century AD.


    They ask you about Zul-Karnine, –

    Say: "I will tell you a story about him."

    We strengthened his power in this land.

    And they gave him all the ways and means.

    He (chose) the path, and they went.

    When he got to sunset,

    Then he saw it

    A dirty key sits in the water,

    And near it – (village) people.

    We said:

    “O Zul-Carnain! Can you punish him

    Or show your generosity. "

    He said:

    "We will punish the one who is unholy

    Then he will be returned to God,

    And he will punish him with heavy flour.

    But to those who believe and do good,

    We have a wonderful reward

    And our teams

    They will give a good word. "(" Cave "83-88)

    In Puttaparthi, India, there is a museum, there is a statue of Alexander the Great.

    Why is there a Zul-Karnayn in the spiritual museum?

  4. Recent invaders, modern civilisation and modern archeology tried their best to erase the glory of vedic civilisation and ancient knowledge. There are so many proof…
    Even this beautiful temple, like so many, is much more older than this ridiculous date of 900 years !
    Thanks for your wonderful and scientific analysis !

  5. What is amazing is you telling us that most of these Temples are no more than 1000 years old.thst is about the same time the arabs and Muslims conquered India .now what we know the Muslims DESTROYED TEMPLES.how. according to you TEMPLES WERE BUILT AT THE TIME WHEN THE DESTROYERS WERE ALREADY HERE.

  6. Praveen, please give us a brief description of the location of the temple you are exploring. You go too fast.

  7. The figure holding the so-called telescope looks a lot like the figure on the other side that appears with the staff of the soldier behind him. Is it possible that the so-called telescope is just a broken shaft giving the appearance of a telescope? I did screenshot both look-alike soldiers and upon inspection that's when I reach my conclusion . This does not discredit you in any way after all observations are observations and sometimes we can miss something .But it would be nice to get a response from you either way.

  8. All our history, inventions and technologies are stolen by the explorers and are rediscovered, doctorated and pattended in their names and countries. Wrong informations are written in the history and educated across the world. Recently in Tanjore temple all the Tamil stone writing are replaced with hindi stone writings and in meenakshi temple all the Tamil stone writings are plastered with cement in the name of renovation work due to internal politics and from external affairs pressure.

  9. Ahead, Indra with the "object" that he brought to the eye.

    Indra is the owner of the sky, by right.

    The Koran and the Bible speak of Heaven.

    “27 (29). He is the one who created you everything on earth, then turned to heaven and made him out of seven heavens. He knows all things! ”(Quran).

    Mahabharata indicates that Arjuna was in 3 heavens.

    The transfer of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca … to heaven, in the second heaven the Prophet (peace be upon him) met 'Isa ibn (Jesus) … ”.

    Almost all the Rig Veda speaks of his (Indra) exploits.

    "(moves) forward giving moisture, heavenly, swollen with moisture.

    The universal law, it is purified by the law, very wise.

    He was a supporter of (total) communal, (this) king.

    … ". (Rig Veda, hymn 9, to Soma23).

    Indra, engaging in activities, gets into different situations

    Thus, at the request of the demigods, He fought with Vritasura, as a result of which:

    “Indra saw that he was being pursued by the incarnated payment for sin in the guise of a consumptive old woman from the Chandal class. Her members were shaking from old age, her body and clothes were smeared with blood. “Wait! Wait! ”She shouted to Indra, desecrating the whole street with her breath, saturated with the unbearable smell of fish. (Srimad Bhagavatam, p.6, gl13., T13- .).

    Indra was forced to hide in the lotus stalk in the north, perhaps this is Issyk Kul lake, where the poets Manaschi glorified these places, perhaps this is the northern part of the Caspian Sea, there are huge lotuses in the delta, more than the head of any politician who comes up with laws against morality and divine essence, which , at all times, above national dignity.

  10. i don't think it is a telescope!? because you see the both eyes of the carving. possibly it is could be a Horn (warfare)

  11. Even more fascinating than the telescope in my view are the two individuals at the rear of the line, who look to be using eyepieces and control mechanisms.

  12. Indeed, everything is technology of aryan vedic gods, they lived in Northern Europe with all devices, technology of today, which they could manifest, 3d print using laser rays emitted from their eyes, instantly with their spiritual divine powers, Indra took his son arjuna to heaven to give him these astras, missiles to shoot these demon giant Nivata kavachas, but what happened to gods later is unknown. If I could astral travel, Akashic Records, I'd look at it.

  13. Oh, that's not hairstyle? I originally thought it was hairstyle, since it looks very similar to hairstyle of ancient Japanese divine emperors and Chinese clan leaders, depicted in paintings, But headphone/helmet, or teleporter device? Even indra is depicted wearing it in indra shachi vrishakapi sculpture at kailas temple which I pointed out

  14. Oh gods were giant in size, just like lepakshi nandi so that makes sense, that for them, giant missiles, are like handheld toys for us.

  15. Look at the precision of the carvings of the missile launch…bind blowing…Praveen you are a superstar mate…..

  16. Some scholars except the stories of angels coming to earth recorded in the bible and the book of Enoch.  They brought amazing technology to that ancient civilization. All the megalithic sites around the world and amazing building in India were carved  over 12,000 years ago, not 2-3000 years.  They started worshiping the angels as Gods.  Scholars believe that the Atlantean's were ruled not by Gods but angels that came to earth to marry beautiful women.

  17. what items is India
    "According to people who are worthy, who are glorified by their piety and generosity, to follow the eternal commandments of religion is to experience pain at the sight of others' sufferings and to rejoice in someone else's happiness …

    Sri Sukadeva Goswami said: With these words, Dadhichi Muni, the son of Atharva, was determined to give his body to the demigods. Realizing he was an eternal soul who had taken shelter at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he left the gross body made of five material elements.

     Thus, at the turn of Satya-yuga and Treta-yuga, a terrible battle ensued between the demigods and demons at the river Narmada (Srimad Bhagavatam para 6, ch. 10, t. 9, 11, 16).

  18. Telescope? What's so shocking?
    Man… Haha somewhere is written hahaha
    People don't know anything about world and technology

  19. 3.23 Look at the size difference of warriors. The horse and horseman look small compared to the warriors. Is it telling us there were giants coexisted with us, and they could easily handle a small barrel of rockets in one hand?

  20. “Then Dadhichi Vishwakarma made the lightning from the bones. King Indra, filled with Dadhichi Muni’s strength and overshadowed by the power of the Supreme Lord Himself, to the sounds of hymns of hymn, praised by great sages, accompanied by all the demigods, saddled his elephant Airavata. Indra, who was going to kill Vrtrasura, filled all three worlds with exultation "(Srimad Bhagavatam para 6, ch. 10, v.13-14).

    It is said that this place is known as Siddhpur.

  21. i don't trust whats told to us today,there hiding the truth from us ,so they can rule us with lies,what you show us and others out there doing the same thing showing us ancient teachings,what you see with your eyes is different than what they try to tell us to day.same as texts and tablets tell a different story than what were told to day ,even the bible talks about fallen angles,flight,war which tells about how powerfull there bombs are as bright as the sun and distroys everything,and theres sings of this that are hidden from us ,dont trust our leaders there all in it together,good job keep it up from an Australian watcher ,

  22. To many of the so called scholars want to hide the fact that our ancient history is more advanced than they give credit.

    These temples and many megalithic structures are to advance and boggles the mind. What I noticed is the size of the beings on both sides, that they are giants. The second carving of beings on the right, this being has an arrow or missile in its head.

    Is that a stack of elephants (one on top of each other) at the end of the line of beings on the right at the corner? Really Unusual.

  23. That looks like a horn(perhaps a bull horn) used to coordinate attacks in the battle field, not a telescope. You can see in the other side(the opposing party) the person in front is clearly blowing a horn. Why would an observer with a telescope be in the frontline of a war?

  24. Nice information,
    I think the ancient people had hide more secrets in the depths of earth in all historical places. Due to security reasons.

    If Some structure has been made to describe thier houner , than definitely some are build for secrets.

    Ancient knowledge about their chemical composition also should be discovere ,

  25. Looks as though the modern age stole Old India technological ideas. Clearly from studying old texts and images just as you are doing. Germans, Russians, China, Japan, and US are major tech stealers.

  26. They want the honor.. They are always jeleous of indian culture , and teck.. Till date when we are the first to send satellite to south pole of moon and we first found water evidence ✌️…Just because of invasions one after another..We lost most part of our science…Even today many don't know about the astrological books written in ancient time in india.. Which now rest of the world is discovering now and putting COPYRIGHT taking honor 😒😂..

  27. Ancient people thought, enemies use flights to fight too therefore they used telescopes. My great grandfather said the same ethics with reality stories. Ravaneswaran used flight to meet people and returned to ndia between after breakfast to before lunch. After him generation and Lord Murugan and lots of people used . I don’t remember those names.
    We had EADU tell the truth. Not magic. All are burned by ……………. my mom kept those in huge PEDDAKAM cover with silk clothes and some herbs to use to keep those in good conditions. I learn to read it we tried to copy in papers too but all are gone and some medical treatment only we know.
    Physics and chemistry, sociology and rulings government/ villages what a the blueprints for the systems and more…….
    my dad was telling that these are educational books for them. Precious things lost it by ……well educated people.

  28. Don't be deceived by NASA's bulls**t and lies. Man hasn't landed on the moon, mars or any other 'planet' for that matter. That's the real conspiracy.

  29. That seems to be some kind of war horn blown from mouth but is slightly mutilated that's why looks like telescope and those are arrows not missiles again image is not complete he is some Archer firing multiple arrows from single bow you can exaggerate things however you like but don't fool foreigners

  30. Earth goes around the sun.. There is the mention of durbhini or telescope in Rig vedic period
    Red.. 10.22.14

  31. Praveen that's great, one doubt , if we have advanced technology during ancient times but why they don't have proper dress code and even though helmets and life saving things during war time …. Almost I seen every where I found this problem where we said about advance technology…

  32. The way that object was held, with the thumb of the right hand shown outward upon the palm, can be conclusive that it cannot be a telescope. While holding any such item of precision, the natural way to hold it would make the thumb inwards with the object resting on its grip.

  33. Primitive ??? Western Barbarians were Primitive not Indians, the greatest, most scientific civilization. We did not weaponise, this is our mistake

  34. Excellent bother!!
    I'm sure you are the first person to find this.
    The whole of archeological dept and whole Bharat is indebted to your work.
    Great achievements, observations one after another.

    Thank you very much.
    I'll fully support you in every manner.

    Please continue exploring…

  35. Telescope. building 900 years ago, nope. More like 4k + years, before the flood. We have to ask ourselves, what could with stand a world wide flood? Stone is the answer. Thus we only find stone remnants. Paper would be gone, wood floated away, mud slides, sand bars (Pyramids) / hello Giza. The answer is right there, always has been. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end. Technology. Ever go to a junk yard? Look how fast a car will rust away into nothing. Thus we find no tools, they have long rusted away

  36. I am really fascinated with your work and discoveries, but one objection of using our God and Lords as alien , Please read our Vedic scriptures. Everything is explained in details about all the planetary system , even about Atoms and molecules . Vedic Civilization is the greatest in all the world. Kindly go through Shrimad Bhagvatam. Next time you will omit the word Aliens to our Devas .. Thank You Sir for this marvelous work to put in front of the world. Let them know the Truth that . We the Citizen of Bharat were more advance then the Western world. They were roaming nude in search of food , but we over here were wearing Golden Ornaments and having sumptuous food then you western guys will never imagine. Thats why they are giving history of Stone age and Big Bang.. all is bull shit.

  37. Ancient sculptures drawings are full of things that shouldn't have existed. 1 of 2 things going on: either they saw future things in visions or somehow, or they had them! Very strange indeed!

  38. I'm enjoying each time I'm watching your videos, excellent work!.

    I agree with you regarding your concern TO THE HISTORY they teach us.

  39. Did you rule out it could be a broken sword? Given that it is a war scene, and the guy behind him posing in a sword swing, the so called telescope is more likely a broken sword at eye level.

  40. Here is an observation on my part, with a historical tidbit or two following. My first reaction to the figure in question, is that it reminds me of a surveying tool. Which are used up, straight, or down, depending on terrain. (I have 2 surveyors in my family) I know that we are not certain of the design of all earliest ones, but we do know that they were used when the Egyptian pyramids were built. Then comes glass. It has been dated to about 6,000 yrs, ago in the Indus Valley, in the form of glass beads, and there have been glass beads, halved glass spheres and rock crystals held in front of one eye used to correct nearsightedness, fire-glass used to start fires and so on, referred to, for example, by Pliny the Elder, as being in use in ancient Rome. The Chinese got hold of glass between 1000-1500 yrs ago. My point is, it is entirely possible that the technology of telescopes could have been available in the period you speak of. I've never seen a kid yet(myself included) that didn't line up 2 or more magnifying lenses to see what happens, or do the same with prisms, which also occur in natural crystals. It is not far-fetched to think that someone decided to try this out and accidentally discovered the telescope.

  41. India is not just taj mahal. There are many temples with carvings which are beyond imagination. Whether you are religious or not religious but one should visit these temples to see these carvings. Otherwise your life has no meaning. Tourist companies should prepare special packages for foreigners to show them these places.

  42. In Hindu religion we still worship God inside the temple with a star gate around him. And the karuvarai will be inside a huge block called vimana.. which is just in aerodynamic design like a space capsule with no. of blocks with depection of people in it which represent them like incharge of certain divisions in the space craft. All these things depict that he gods are nothing but aliens.. still we can worship them..

  43. I just watched a video on you tube about some of the ancient carvings that were stolen or taken from India and are now displayed in museums in England and they are absolutely amazing .
    The fuckin English stole everything even dismantled buildings into small pieces and took them they would have taken The TAJ MAHAL if they stayed a little longer the bunch of dirty thieves

  44. Asuras are real there is a giant wrapped around a serpent both are over 12 feet tall the identifying marker is the teeth 🦷 in the Giant and the depiction of Asuras teeth in the carving good sir

  45. Looks more like a grenade launcher than telescopes you can clearly see both eyes the device is nested on his shoulder, showing his 2 eyes so looks like a grenade or missile launcher.

  46. Everything we learned from alians vimanas rockets construction know we got culture from them.. they are not use books papers after that generation they used kalapathra ( toddy leafs) know we are using New technology videos … you con't understand what purpose alians rock culture made in the world.. NO body knows real God name. How can you say it was temples??? Who given name for the God.. how many father's we have? Monkey God snake God dog God can it possible? One God to the world's one father to us . Indian God's American God's Africa's foolish what purpose alians kept this rocks and pyramids world rock culture next-generation knows accurate but we don't know… world people mentality think that is our God's our people built and constructed but not some super power has did it. Lingam means men and women they pray it. No body has seen God. So they created lingam .. They kept same lingams throughout the earth.

  47. It could also be an astrolabe-type of device, for navigation or measuring movement of the earth in relation to stars and planets.

  48. Sentilese are direct descandants of Nivata kavachas, other most heinous rakshasas, only thing is they have become small, lost supernatural abilities. All sentinelese deserve to be nuked.

  49. Make video if you can find Rama breaking shiva danush, or shiva shooting tripura with pinaka anywhere at halebidu, because they'd show how they looked like really

  50. So the Asuras had demon like teeth? And now they don't visit anymore from other planets? It is only an exaggerated depiction of the enemy on temple walls by the primitive people.

  51. Idk if thats a telescope… it looks like an old weight level.
    Which can still be used for targeting, especially if your projectile lobs or arches.

  52. No fucking way this temple was ‘just’ build 900 years ago. Let me guess. Only Western historians were there

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