A visit to Synergy Aircraft

September 26, 2019

When you live here in Kalispell, there’s a
lot of places you’d like to go to, but it’s either going to involve a very long
drive, or a very inconvenient, very expensive flight. And that’s really the
case for a lot of the country. Unless you’re flying from one of our ‘2%’ airports
to another of our ‘2% airports’, it takes all day to travel over regional
distances, and it’s very expensive. Especially if you’re going to take your
family along. Like, my family, going to Seattle for a weekend? That’s 1500 bucks.
In an airplane like Synergy? You know, that’s $150, $200 dollars. …and to be able to fly, cheaply and quickly from a place that’s a five
hour drive away… to be able to make that trip in less than an hour… that’s what we
need. You know, our grandparents thought that this would come any moment now.
But what happened was that we didn’t move from the 1950s technology airplanes to the
21st century technology airplanes. …the physics that are required for (efficiency) are
really quite different. …there is a physical barrier; where we use way too
much energy to fly in a certain speed range. And that’s the speed range that we
need for small airplanes. …This problem doesn’t submit to one or two solutions.
You really have to take all of the solutions and you have to put them together
on the same aircraft design. …So what we needed was a new architecture that gives
us a breakthrough, and from that breakthrough, we can apply the things we
learned long ago about mitigating drag with power.

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