Aboard Captain Celaeno and Her Crew’s Airship – My Little Pony: The Movie [HD]
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Aboard Captain Celaeno and Her Crew’s Airship – My Little Pony: The Movie [HD]

September 7, 2019

[eructo en inglés] ¿qué piensas Twilight? ¿deberíamos… preguntarles que nos lleven? la ultima vez que confiamos en alguien trató de vendernos ¡oigan chicos! vengan a ver esto parece un par de polizones ¿que deberíamos hacer con ellos? (el aguacate no es una verdura :v) yo digo que los atemos ¡na!, cortemos sus alas no, dejemosles una cicatriz [gritos de preocupación en inglés] una emocional [lloriqueos en inglés] esperen, esperen, esperen ¿qué dice el libro? capitana Celeno el libro de reglas del rey Strom dice arrojenlos por la borda ¡HORA DEL ALMUERZO! ¿qué? wow wow wow entonces… estaban a punto de arrojarnos por la borda ¿y se detuvieron por un descanso para comer? el rey Strom solo permite un descanso al día para comer y debemos volver al transporte ¿entonces son repartidores? y repartidoras estos uniformes no nos están haciendo ningún favor exactamente ¿entonces pueden entregarnos al monte Aris? (dijo entregar porque son repartidores y repartidores en inglés es delivery guys y delivery significa entrega) lo siento, pero obedecemos las ordenes del rey Strorm o sufrimos su ira claro aún nos arrojarán por la borda no es nada personal ¿pudin? ¿hay pudin? no siempre fueron aves repartidoras ¿o si? ¿qué eran antes del rey Strom? si solíamos ser mas aventureros ¡conocí a ese chico en el desierto! ¿solían ser… piratas? preferimos el termino participadores de aventuras audaces y románticas con ostentosa bravuconería o extravagancia cazadores de tesoros (la traducción está bien larga ya se) o sea… piratas (ha huilson :v)

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  1. Rainbow Dash: So you were going to throw us over board and you stopped for a lunch break?!
    Pirates: Sorry, we're off the clock…

  2. Getting thrown overboard wouldn't be that bad for them. I mean three of them can fly. Just grab a partner and flap down to the surface. It would have been more threatening if the pirates had tried to eat the girls.

    Pirate: Take the pink one down to the galley and prepare her for dinner. Lock the rest in the brig.

    Pinky: OHH, they want to have me for dinner!

    Apple Jack: No Pinky, they want to have you AS dinner.


  3. And after this…
    Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash. This really isn't a great time for a…
    Rainbow Dash: starts singing I know the world can get you down.
    Twilight Sparkle: facehoof … song.

    Probably. The most beautiful and catchy part in this movie.

  4. also rainbow dash's reaction to one of the pirates scratches his butt at 0:21. LOL gross. plus she said the same disgust sound at the campfire tales episode after she, rarity, applejack and the crusaders went in the cave to avoid the fly-ders.

  5. The only ones who'd be in any real trouble with being thrown overboard are Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight can all fly. Rarity can use magic to get to the ground safely. And even then, it's not like they'd leave the other two to fend for themselves. Probably why they didn't panic that bad at the thought of being thrown overboard.

  6. At exactly 1:26 on the right you can see Apple Jack is actually enjoying the food…. But she is a Country girl after all but still this doesn't make sense..

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  8. we can all agree that the best part in this clip was twilights face that expressed "rainbow dash are trying to get us all killed?"… im gonna have that face as one of my best ever… cant seem to stop laughing…. haha

  9. If they hate working for the Storm King, then why do they seem so happy to follow his rule book and throw the ponies overboard?

  10. 2:24 To be clear, Rainbow. Pirates do more than hunt for buried treasure. They also plunder, rape, and kill people for the fun of it. These birds were practically criminals before they became lackeys for the Storm King. But this a a girls show, do forget all that.

  11. Wait, how would one scar Fluttershy emotionally….like have they miss the 7 previous seasons of MLP….surprised that Pinkie didn't broke the fourth wall in this movie

  12. How are some (not all) of the characters of this movie (Celaeno and her crew, Tempest, and Capper) so much better than some of the characters in the actual show?

  13. After watching some of this, I don't blame Twilight for flipping out at the rest of the Mane 6

  14. Are The Pirates Of The Caribbean
    Captain Celaeno Is Captain Barbosa
    Other Are Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Pintel And Mr.Raggetty

  15. 2:06 Pfft! To be honest mate, that what you call “Food” looks like the kind of diahorrea i would’ve shat out after having Chicken Tikka Masala last night.

  16. Rainbow Dash: You weren't always delivery birds, were you? What we're you before the Storm King?
    Captain Celaeno: I was an extra in "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Spock's love interest in J.J Abram's "Star Trek"

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