Aborted Flight on my Paramotor
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Aborted Flight on my Paramotor

August 26, 2019

Lonny do you want to go with me? Nicky, how about you? you want to go? ok… Do you want to go with me? LEANDRA: I wish I could. Bye Nicki. All right, bye baby. Today I want to get a better idea of what our cross-country flight will look. I’m pulling up on Anthony Airfield, which is at the very tippy west corner of Texas, really close to the border of New Mexico; And that’s the direction we’re actually gonna head today as I prepare for this awesome upcoming cross-country flight with myself, the boys, and whoever else wants to come quite frankly. Man, it’s a pretty morning! Safety’s like a major thing. In spite of being an aggressive flier, I like to reduce all the risk that I can in the areas that count, like weather primarily and then as well as a thorough check of the equipment. I’ve identified some things that I consider to be, like, beyond what I’m willing to risk; Beyond what I would feel comfortable doing. Paramotors aren’t very fast, but they are efficient! This meaning they don’t burn much fuel. So, I think in this world of modern-day flying it’s pretty neat that with this flying machine right here I can spend about five dollars and make it a hundred miles, which is pretty sweet! The downside, of course, to paramotors is that you’re more subject to the weather then you would be if you were on a fixed-wing G.A. (general aviation) aircraft. So a small gust of wind might not be much to a Cessna 172, but to a paramotor you’ll feel it at the very least! It’s heavy! Take a light paramotor and fill it up with ten liters of fuel and you’re definitely gonna have some more weight to it. Gonna do some quick checks. All right, checking the netting. Spark plug is in nice and tight. Air in the line. That air is up at the top of the line right here. Unclip these hooks. Down.Down. Bring the arms out. Give it a good look over, make sure nothing’s torn or messed up. Throttle goes in and the lever releases. And I want to also check that action in the back. Getting full range of motion. That’s great. Propeller! I just checked it. The nuts are all tight. Your air box right here. This is my new carbon fiber air box. (It) doesn’t rotate back into the propeller. This is an important component. Good. Good. Good. So I’ll connect those and then start it up! [Music] All right, I may as well just show you how I lay out the wings. A lot of people focus on how well they’ve laid out a wing. I get it; Laying out a wing is important. And of course, do a thorough check of the lines. This side looks really good. “Tadaaa!” Oh! also make sure any debris, like this little thing, is free from your lines. I’m feeling pretty good about that layout. There’s almost a nil-wind. Slight wind coming this way so that I’ll be launching into the wind. It doesn’t take much. I appreciate my Spyder 26 meter in the fact that it takes talent to mess up your launch. It’s quite forgiving. I’ll see you on the other camera. okay before I get the motor on my background open up my fly sky high a boomin started its gonna know right when I take off just set it and forget it all right do your job in there little phone I’m gonna strap in here we go two foals I’ll take it boom clip clips clips clips so for the insta 360 if you’ve been watching any of my stuff recently I’ve got some other videos like flying to a volcano he was the other one oh yeah flying in California that was a ton of fun it’s really easy to just like pull this out during flight extend it start it looks really cool too quick run up here run in like a beauty urge at maverick with the most or 185 and the new exhaust new airbox new harness I’m in love clipping other side clips one of the things that I do as a pair motorist is I pretend is though I am an airline pilot episode tower promoter whiskey-tango-foxtrot requesting a North departure from runway Anthony airfield Hill wins here we go it’s all in the committee okay guys are you with me let’s do it [Music] whoo food rollout if you are penny sweet beautiful beautiful day the winds here’s the wind forecast check it out the winds for this morning are light but variable wind was at two miles per hour gusting of eleven that works for me because they’re not going to be coming over that from that one direction yeah so I had this spontaneous idea where I wanted to go fly to a completely different landscape that landscape is Cloudcroft where you have such a drastic change in the topography it’s mountainous all over and it’s extremely dense woods I hadn’t previously thought that this was possible until I looked at an FAA sectional error air chart that shows all the airspace and there’s a little like a narrow corridor that cuts almost all the way directly to it there is one piece of airspace at Alamogordo Regional Airport where we would enter airspace it’s an uncontrolled Airport but the plan would be to get an aircraft radio make contact with I think it’s on 122.8 correct me if I’m wrong in the comments all right we’re coming up to that corridor that cut right inside of the mountain is actually off into that direction so we’re go ahead and pull out the insta 360 once more it’s getting a little bit bumpy over here but it’s not outside of my bump collar at the moment I’m going to fly to the right side of this road just using weight shift left right now as I expect my selfie stick all right we’re recording all right so now we’re heading east we’ve been going west this entire time and now we’re heading east all right I think as we get deeper in between these mountains hillsides we can expect for the wind to become more choppy like right there across over the Road year and see if it’s any better at this hilltop as opposed to the last you can see the wink hopefully getting rocked around a bit as predicted going through this path I’ll put the time of day up on the screen so you can see just how early thermals can kick up here in East New Mexico West Texas this time of year and as you can see it is a desert II landscape it gets hot midday we’re looking at one a 104 degrees Fahrenheit crabbing as you can see I’m crabbing into the wind and maybe the wind is being channeled right through the mountains so we may not even be through the bumpiest stuff yet I’m gonna make my way along this Ridge I think I’d like to push myself away the Franklin Mountains right here which I feel I’ve done and I’m going to get back down lower to the ground now free of powerlines that’s also one of my objectives is to know any power lines along the way and document it with this camera setup we’re really moving through here so the wind is definitely coming from my back because I am hauling butt right now on a intermediate glider fighting we’re fighting it whoa whoa whoa come on baby let’s get through this if we were to make this journey as a group we would be leaving 30 minutes prior to sunrise and that should yield the best results as far as you know if you’re going for smooth air whoa get some nasty nasty right through here at the roundabout it is bumpy this is not what the forecast was calling for I don’t know if I’m gonna make it back honestly this tailwind is significantly boram in fact I don’t know what town this is but we’re gonna have to start making it back towards Anthony airfield [Music] oh man this is bad oh no I’m making no progress dear zero zero [Music] I think I’m gonna have to fail [Music] we’re going to apparently have an unforeseen adventure today I I am not moving the downwind let’s find a place where I could land thankfully I’ve got my phone okay let’s try and get this landing on camera and there it is oh man I want to get it out of the bushes come on come on go on let’s keep it moving don’t search for word don’t search for word come on get me over here get me over here yes yes yes yes yes okay getting there getting there okay we’re gonna turn it and set her down gently ooh that wind or did this come from okay there it is well quite a ways from home but it’s all in the adventure right well and it out Tom the meteorologist is it does that work so I can blame you on me leaning out because there were not gusts reported like this I meant that first I’m a dick holding those first old towns dwellings that’s true I could hitchhiking might be a possibility I’ve never done it in my life but there’s a first for everything right yellow in the event that I feel the need to land out and those were like a motor out situation or if I have any sort of weather that I’m just not feeling comfortable flying in like I’m the type of person who’s just not going to take that chance needless to say it didn’t really come down to thermals even though it did start to get bumpy and there was no motor out the issue was is that my tailwind was was high enough to the point where I turned around to head back I knew that I couldn’t make any forward progress and I would have eventually ran out of fuel even though I’m sitting at eight liters right now I decided to bring it down in this nice flat clear desert area and start making an effort to get a ride back no shame in that live to fly another day so we’re still playing the waiting game it looks like nobody is really haha this isn’t a good hitchhiking area I’ve never hitchhiked before so I don’t know the tact maybe I need a cardboard sign it’s a good day it’s a good day spirits are still high look at this sweet thing it’s got stuck up on the side of the road this is fun right so if this was like the actual trip we were going cross-country we I would have just kept going that way because there’s not an issue with the tailwind except of course if you’re fighting a headwind cuz you’re actually going back that same day then it’s best to just land out and contact somebody who can come and get you I think I just got really fortunate who came and got me this time well let’s get back to work after being stuck in the desert for five days we got this needed water but I was tired too so coffees good in an upcoming episode I plan on having a new accessory added to my parish at maverick so that all the other guys are stopping to top off I can just keep on flying no I’m not gonna keep flying because that would just be rude I’ll land with them but the point is is I wouldn’t have to okay well thanks for picking me up [Music]

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  1. This is definitely one of the things I worry about getting into PPG, getting stranded. I'd feel like a burden on those people who are already putting up with enough of my shit already. But, looks like you lucked out with an awesome lyft driver who even brought your own truck to you. Thanks to Leandra for the rescue or else we'd never have gotten another vid 😉 Blue skies, fly high… Down low, take it slow, brother 🤙

  2. Nice job Anthony! Looked like some rowdy wind there amigo. Curious how fast and in what direction winds aloft were moving while you were down low cruising on your Landspeeder. If nothing else, this adventure at least proved that there is somebody in this world that still loves you ;-0 (Attawaytogo Leandra!)

  3. This was a horrible video. What a waste of time. Why would anyone who is interested in, new or even seasoned in the sport want to learn how you lay out your with the cells ready to grab the wind, how you use FlySkyHy, how easy it is to use your camera, or how thermals effect your flying. Power lines, who cares. Head wind? Come on man just give it more throttle and you will move faster. And those graphic you use through out the video are an embarrassment. Really, I wish I had those in my videos, quit embarrassing me. Seriously great video as always my friend…. now walk home boy!!! Here is a tactic for you…. next time you are hitch hiking, if someone stops tell them your name is Kyle O and they’ll give you a ride, nah, wait for Leandra… better option.

  4. so much to be said about this video!

    even as a viewer i felt nervous seeing the wind rocking you around. so grateful you made the call to land out. also grateful because i got to see you before my lunch hour. 😊 lastly, grateful you documented this for all of us to see how you ended up in the middle of nowhere after that facebook live stream.

    you’re editing gets progressively more sophisticated with each video you put out. proud of your work on this one!

    -your #1 fan

  5. Downwind from those mountains is sketch. The weather forecast doesnt take into account local weather effects cause by terrain. The increase in wind speed was likely cause by the wind being channeled and squeezed through the pass increasing the speed of the wind. As a ppg pilot you have to study and analyze how terrain affects the wind because that could be the difference between life or death in extreme situations.

    Your safest option was to land. You could have also climbed up high and found less wind that wasnt being squeezed through the pass.

    Altitude is your friend. If I were flying through a mountain pass with unknown wind conditions, I would fly high enough to recover from multiple collapses incase I flew into rotor. The predominant winds may show from the west but the terrain can make the winds blow any direction.

  6. Discretion is indeed the better part of valor. Glad you didn't fall victim to the proverbial "GottaGetThereitus". Kudos brother! P.S. You need a Pumpkin and I still have a few. 📞


    Lol – I get it. We all need that sweet b roll. Great video – glad you made the right call.

  8. Really good stuff, buddy. Love the safety and aeronautical decision making aspect…always good to see examples of what good decisions look like. You had a ton of fuel left but decided to put it down in a safe spot….good food for thought. Thanks for another cool video 🤟🏼

  9. Damn dude……………sketch city! Be careful out there …………and your girl rocks ……for picking your sorry butt up!!😂

  10. "This is your pilot speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts and put your tray table in the upright and stowed position and get ready for takeoff." Minutes later…SooperDave grounded himself too, due to liftey, punchy thermals and shifty winds at Lucerne Valley Dry Lake. At least I got to land next to my truck. Nice video, Anthony!

  11. I cringed at that video clip in the car at the end: “Me, me, me, me, and more ME.” What a narcissist this guy is. And only 2k subs too, who’s watching you?🤣

  12. Mate, I'd love to join you on a cross country! It'b funny a fuck…Just retired my Paramania GTX for the Spyder 3 – waiting as we speak for Toll to drop her off..Safe flights and damn there are some tools trolling Youtube!

  13. Really appreciate the nice videography and superb editing. I’ll be saying ‘I was an early subscriber back when you had 2600 subs!’ In the near future. Oh….and glad you landed safely and got a ride back home 😂

  14. If you would have been paying attention instead of blogging you would have never gotten into this scenario in the first place….

  15. Awesome video. You create some of the most entertaining dialogue. Fun times. I wonder why you choose to stay so low when it's that turbulent? Soon to be the crowned prince of American paramotoring videos.

  16. I dig ur video man was thinking like if u had a head wind like that could u try tacking like a sailboat does it would take u longer but u would move forward

  17. Thank you 🙏🏽 I🙏🏽. The idea of FI is very intriguing to me also . I think it is only a matter of time before it gains acceptance in the world of Paramotors. the benefits to fuel consumption,power and reliability are well worth the slight weight debit. What would cooler than a Atom 80 with FI. Call it the mongoose 80. 🤘🤘

  18. Love the videos. During your landing you were holding too much brake when you were trying to kite the wing to a better location. Thanks for the videos.

  19. That moment when you ask yourself…What was plan B again? Get yourself a lightweight glider bag that you can fly with all the time. Thanks for sharing Anthony!

  20. What school did you go for training? It seems like you lack some kiting skills. That might be why you panicked and aborted,

  21. Always go into wind first, then you always have your tail wind for the home straight. Oh, the larger tank is brilliant, I love mine.

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