about basic parts of aeroplane espsoide1
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about basic parts of aeroplane espsoide1

September 14, 2019

hello welcome to aviation star sreekar tube hd so today we will be learning about aeroplanes so lot of members requsted to do this video mostly one of my subscribers thrilotnadh ,sujay and and also my dearest brother chrinth so lets get started acutully i am using lego aeroplane set so if you subscibe for more and comment me to bring a real aeroplane i mean model but not real i can bring you same model please this is just toy what i am showing you because i don t have real ones aputally its a pilot who drives an aeroplane there are two types of pilots this is one with out coat and with coat this two are uniform that i got from lego minifigurs so lets us get started now today we will be learning about basic parts ofan aeroplane and aerodynamics so this is an aeroplane this are engines this is called elavated and this is called rudder and this are called wings engines,landing gear cockpit and cabin so first of all what is an aerodynamics aerodynamics are a part of some physics see one an aeroplane moves this wings create lift and when you move front an energy produced called thrust i will make an another video about engines and full about thrust and all the stuff so when the engines create thrust it moves forward and when they create low thrust it moves back more weight gravity pulles it down less weight it liftes up every aeroplane altidude altidude and we will be learning some new new words called altidude is the difference between land and the aeroplane it is used to measure the distance between land and aeroplane knotes is called speed in aviation pitch means if your facing downwards down pitch if facing up it is up pitch and also please do subscried for more information thank you

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