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Action Movie «MAYDAY» Full Movie, Action, Thriller, Drama / Movies In English

September 7, 2019

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  3. Good solid entertainment but the audio was pretty strange. It sounded like they were all sucking in helium. Plus I am certain they were all a bit stoned on something.

  4. Excellent movie! These airplane disaster movies are so exciting and suspenseful! The pilot who landed the plane was an excellent actor. Loved this movie.

  5. Ini film bagus ceritanya tapi tidak ada teks bahasa Indonesia nya saya dari Indonesia saya suka sekali menonton film action horor or film perang mana nih yang menonton film ni orang Indonesia kasih like ya 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  6. Note to self when designing a Aircraft especially Bob Bitchin one Oxygen Masks for Pilots should be on both sides of their seats instead of hanging above you have few seconds

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  8. 숨막히는 순간의 연속입니다 영어를 알아들을수있는 분들 감상해보세요 여기는 미국 입니다 잘만들었습니다 감사합니다 posting

  9. I know it's just a movie, but…explosive decompression @ 65000 ft (12.31 miles up)

    won't take five minutes or more. It would happen in a matter of seconds. You wouldn't be able to scream for more than 2 -3 seconds because there'd be no air in your lungs.
    The expanding gasses in your stomach would force the air from your lungs
    Witness a balloon bursting at ground level. Your lungs would burst from the internal pressure, just like a balloon, before you could exhale enough air from your lungs to equalize. Nitrogen gas in your bloodstream, would come out of solution and form bubbles, causing brain damage, and at the least…you'd certainly suffer nitrogen narcosis ie the bends ( like deep sea divers coming up too fast) from the sudden pressure drop.
    You'd luckily have passed out before that happened.
    In general, the brain can withstand up to three to six minutes without oxygen before brain damage occurs, but this may vary from person to person. If the brain goes without oxygen longer than this, serious and often irreversible damage is likely to take place.

     Brain cells would be dead in 10 minutes.

    Descending at 4000 ft/per minute,( that's just under one mile in a minute)

    that's getting down,

     to just 61000 ft in one min,

    57000 ft in 2 mins,
    53000 ft in 3 mins,

    49000 ft in 4 mins,

    45000 ft in 5 mins
    41000 ft in 6 mins,
    37000 ft in 7 mins, etc!

    It would take another 7 minutes to reach 8000 ft, where you might be able to breathe normally. Try holding your breath for 14 minutes
    I doubt most people could do it for 1.5 minutes at sea level where lung pressure,

    and ambient pressure are approximately equal.

    But hey your Captain has passed out even with shared Oxygen,

    and your Co-Pilot isn't far behind…

    So when you get to 8000 ft… Who is going to fly the plane?

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  11. Garbage……slow dub and slow minded actors…bottom of the barrel….no toy aeroplanes were hurt in the making of this film.

  12. When a pilot, having noticed that he's fired a missile at two targets rather than the expected one queries his ground controller, the controller, test director and range safety officer look at each other and shrug. Yeah, that's realism. two thumbs down from these viewers.

  13. 1: 0:00
    2: 2:54
    3: 6:08
    4: 9:02
    5: 12:50
    6: 15:31
    7: 17:26
    8: 22:51
    9: 25:56
    10: 28:47
    11: 32:32
    12: 35:06
    13: 37:42
    14: 40:14
    15: 44:18
    16: 47:35
    17: 49:23
    18: 54:02
    19: 58:07
    20: 1:00:51
    21: 1:07:13
    22: 1:14:32
    23: 1:17:27

  14. Are yoU Serious??????? Im amazed this was even allowed to continue filming after the first scene was drafted. AWFUL AWFUL im watching it just to laugh at it

  15. The Asian girl, Kelly Hu and now with 51, is simply BEAUTIFUL and I wouldn't mind flying with her! 💕🌹 The movie is CRAP and inaccurate all the way! 🤮💩💩

  16. Mostly everybody survives except for the young Black guy, JJ the navigator. Now he is on the second deck and gets sucked all the way down the aisle, then gets sucked down the stairwell, then gets sucked back up the first floor aisle and out the hole. Everybody else is in the seat and does not get sucked out. The only one that gets sucked out is the little girl, but she is right next to the hole. The black dude was way out on the other end of the aircraft but he gets sucked out. He is the only one screaming with his eyes all bugged out, clawing for everything. Everybody is just sitting in the seat. Nothing happens to them. Then I noticed a lot of Blacks are put in the authority position. You got the admiral, all those Blacks in the station, the air traffic controller and her hair is in corn rows.

  17. this also happened in real life . probably those missing airlines that never been found . the government tried to covered it up.

  18. yeah I thought that blonde b** was kind of hot until she started talking about money and stuff and it just made her so freaking but ugly it's amazing how when a woman opens her mouth sometimes it makes her very other person most of the time that's what it does LOL women are so evil there are very few good ones left

  19. Donald trump needs more people like that Navy Officer, That CEO, and that Insurance Woman for his team of active Secretaries. He only selects the best people.

  20. Good movie I salute that man for staying with his wife even if it meant death. This is the kind of love I want ♥️💂‍♀️

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