Add Buttons To WordPress Posts Or Pages: NO CODE REQUIRED
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Add Buttons To WordPress Posts Or Pages: NO CODE REQUIRED

August 21, 2019

INTRO Trying to find a way to add buttons to your
WordPress posts and pages? Unless you know how to code, WordPress doesn’t
actually offer any way to do that. There are plugins that let you add buttons
in WordPress without needing to know any code. Hi, there! Robert here from and in this
video, I’m going to give you guides on how to use the “Forget About Shortcode Buttons
plugin. You’ll be creating beautiful WordPress buttons
in no time! As you might be able to glean from the name,
this plugin doesn’t use any shortcodes. That means you can deactivate the plugin at
a later date and all of your buttons will stay intact. Here’s exactly how to use it: Once you’ve installed and activated Forget
About Shortcode Buttons, you can create buttons right in the WordPress Editor
even if you create new content or just editing old posts or pages. Now, click the new Insert Button icon on the
formatting bar. Then, you just need to add button text, URL,
and choose some color and style options. You can preview all of your changes in real
time above. If you want to add icon to your button, you
can hop over to the Icon tab. And if you think you might need to use the
same button style over and over, you can save your button as a template by clicking the
Floppy Disk icon. And when you’re ready to insert your button,
just click Insert. You should see your button sitting right there
in your WordPress Editor. You can even use the WordPress Editor alignment
options to move it around. Publish your content and you are done!

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  1. Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the WordPress plugins mentioned in this video.

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