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Add Commenting to your WordPress Blog – Disqus

August 21, 2019

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, I’m
going to show you how you can add a commenting system onto your website.
Now, the way I’m going to show it to you is through my wordpress website. So, we’ll be
doing it via WordPress, but you can use this commenting system called Disqus.
You can use it with any website whatsoever. So even if you have a static
HTML website, you can add this commenting system to your website. Some of its features:
it has Gravatar features, you can see here, which gives it a nice personal
touch. Users can add text comments as well as image comments, they can share
and also, importantly, they can upload and download like you see here. Now, it’s very
very simple to install. I’ll take you through the entire process here. First
things first. Go to The first thing you
need to do is sign up for an account with disqus. just click the sign up
button there, you can log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or you can
sign up using your email address and password. Now, I already have an account
so I will just login. So, once you’ve signed up, you will enter this dashboard
over here. First, just go to the right hand side, the top right hand side that little
‘cog’ icon, which is your settings click on that and click on admin. Cool. You’ll get a prompt to add a new
site. It will look something like this. Enter your site name, choose a unique
discuss URL… so, it’ll be probably your your blog name or your business name and
select a category and finish your registration. So, I’ve already done mine. Mine
is called ‘Michael’s Travel and Food’. So, once you sign up for a Disqus and you’ve
added your new site to the platform, now is the time to log into your WordPress
dashboard, go to plugins, click on ‘add new’, search for the plugin called disquis;
that’s the one there and install now. Then activate the plugin. Once you’ve activated that you can scroll down and
you’ll see that it now has a configure link just under the plugin details so click
on that; it may ask you to update your data base. Now, if they ask you that the
best thing to do first is to back up your website, just in case. If you’ve done that
then go ahead and click upgrade. Next, it will ask you to insert your Disqus
username and password. Now, this is the username and password
that you used to sign up for an account Ok. So, just enter that in here. Then, you’ll get the option to select your website and you’ll remember
when you signed up for disqus and added a new site. These are the details that will come through here, so
select your website. So, I previously selected one called ‘Michael’s Travel and Food’ and
I use that as my disqus dashboard URL So, once you’ve selected that click on
next and, there we go, Disqus has been installed on your blog.
Continue to the moderation dashboard. Now, just open that in a new tab. So, there you go. You’ll
see some dummy data, some test data from when I was mocking around with this
before. The next thing you need to do is go to your blog and visit one of your
blogposts. If, like me, you see that there is no comments area under your blog
posts, then what you need to do is go back into your WordPress dashboard, go to
settings and discussion. The first thing you need to tick is this
box here: allow people to post comments on new articles. And then go
down and click Save Changes. your comments are is still probably
won’t appear. If it does, that’s great. The next thing that you need to do is go
to the post that you want to add a comment section to. So, now that I’m already
logged in to WordPress, I can edit post directly through this area here; so
I’ll edit that post. Now go to your screen options, click on
that arrow. You’ll see a little section here where you can enable the discussion
module in this particular post. Now, if I scroll down, you’ll see this discussion
module and you’ll see it allows me to enable allowing comments. So, do that, go up and update. And now, if everything went
well, we should be able to see the disqus system under our blog posts. So I’ll just
do a refresh. Just hold down CTRL and F5 at the same time and that
will refresh your browser and clear cache. Here we go. We can see it loading up. Beautiful!
There it is! There is new to commenting system on our blog. So, I’m currently
logged in as a media coach. I can add an image if I wanted to etc etc. Now, if this was a
user, they would be able to do the same thing. Another user can come in and
upload/ download. So there you go! You can also share posts. Obviously, when other users come
in and post something, you can actually reply to their posts. It’s actually really really good method
to start discussions on your website and, eventually, you’ll have a beautiful
looking discussion area, which looks something like what I showed you earlier
with… Here’s an example: there you go, you’ve got people commenting, you’ve got people voting,
responding. It’s a nice way to build a little community on your website or blog. One other tip for you…. I’m just going to
logout of the disqus system. So far, I’ll go to So far, I’ll go to my website and refresh I should no longer be logged in as emediacoach. So
now I’m viewing this as a new user and these are the options they’ll have: they’ll
be able to post as a guest or they’ll be able to login with Disqus, Facebook
Twitter, Google+ or sign up. So, they can post as a guest, anonymously, or they
can sign up for a Disqus. And, in case you haven’t got this little tick box here: “I’d
rather post as a guest” and if you want to enable this guest posting feature,
just go back into your Disqus dashboard go to… Now I’ll just need to login again. Go to the admin section. It should be under settings,
select your site and then scroll down and you should see an area for guests commenting: allow
guests to comment. So, there you go! You don’t need users to sign up to disqus
to be able to participate in discussions on your website or blog, they can do it
anonymously. And, any other questions, please, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel for more awesome videos in the future. Thanks for
watching! Catch you next time!

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  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for the video. Would you recommned to use it only as a comment tool for blogs, or is it also handy to use it as your regular review/tesimonial tool for the website, without any blogs above it?


  2. I was having the problem where Disqus was not showing up, and your video was the only one that properly addressed the issue. Thanks.

  3. Hey, I followed every step you said. Still I cannot find the discus comment section on my blog posts.
    But I am getting it on my homepage which is of no use .
    please help me

  4. Don't do it! Here is why Disqus is corrupted:

  5. Hi, sir I can't use a theme for my site. I use from scratch I follow your tutorial but the disqus will not appear on my blog post how to fix that sir?

  6. Hello, ohh I'm having problems with adding new button under plug-in because it is missing. What should i do?

  7. hi i have made it but i cant find it the disqus to the page i want it to be, ie i want it to be at the contact page
    kindly help

  8. Very good tutorial. Thanks.
    Can I moderate comments directly from my wordpress or do I need to be logged in on the Disqus website?

  9. I am confused here when I signed up for disqus it said they would need to view my email address and my basic profile information and then I clicked okay. But that was over 2 years ago. I have made lots of comments through my disqus account since then but now they are asking me if it is okay to view my email address and my basic profile information a second time does anybody know why they have to have me tell them it's okay a second time if they already have it from the first time?

  10. So Is there a way to mass update your existing posts in order to have discussion appear? Or do you have to do it one by one?

  11. Disqus is maybe ok for about 12 mins, right up till you get banned for being "off topic" but really the mods are left poitically leaning, and you the commenter are politically right speaking. (or vice-versa) and they just don't like your views.
    Either way
    disqus sucks…………

  12. I can't get DISQUS to send me a reset email. This doesn't let me access or let them know of the problem. Just saying!

  13. One other thing though. I noticed on the Disqus site that there are both free and paid options. The free option includes ads but I didn't see any ads appear in your video. Does that show up later or did you buy the paid version?

  14. I just watched some Johnny Mathis videos, including interviews. I'm almost his age now, so I "grew up" with him. A brillant musician once told me that there was no comparison to Mr. Mathis' vocal talent, and that's somewhat arguable. Today, I find it hard to ignore the incredible talent of Josh Groban. When I was a teenager and throughout my twenties, thirties and beyond, many were impressed with my own vocal talent. I was invited more than once to sing the national anthem before large audiences. The only difference between Mr. Mathis and myself was that no one "discovered" me. I never was at the right place at the right time… such is life. Who knows what path might have presented itself had that unpredictable factor "timing" appeared. I now have a "scarred" vocal fold, and that high, clear tenor is history. I hope Mr. Mathis continues to enjoy his success!

  15. Hi, first of all would like to convey my appreciation for your crisp video tutorials. Thanks much. The question I have is how to choose from the plenty of plugins. Do we have any checklist? What kind of problems we may face if the particular plugin we select tomorrow just stop supporting and how to come out of that problem in case we have a plugin which abruptly started troubling and there is no one to help!

  16. I want to win because my phone broke so I don’t have nothing to call my parents in Florida and Puerto rico so yeah

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    i have to login in the web site and also in disqus to comment ???
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