Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Page with Elementor Page Builder
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Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Page with Elementor Page Builder

August 29, 2019

Hi everyone, welcome to this tutorial. In
this video I’ll be showing you how to add your Instagram feed to your
WordPress pages with the help of Elementor page builder. To do that
we’ll need a JetElements add-on that is a great plugin for Elementor and you
can learn more about JetElements if you follow the link in the description under
this video. So first off let’s go to the elements panel and search for the
Instagram widget. This widget goes inside JetElements add-on. And you grab this
widget and you drop it onto a new section and here you are offered a couple
options. You can display either tagged photos which are the photos that have a
certain hashtag or the photos from a certain account. So let me show you what
happens when you enter the hashtag in here. So without the hashtag symbol you
type in the word let it be WordPress… And it pulls out all the images that have the
wordpress hashtag. Then if you want to display the photos from a certain
Instagram account you choose my photos in this drop-down and in the username
field you type in the name of your account. To show an example I will use
the username of the TemplateMonster official Instagram account. You simply
copy the username, get back to Elementor editor and you paste it in this
field and it pulls out the images from the particular account. In our case
TemplateMonster. So here’s at the cache timeout: minute, hour, day, week or none. It all means that this feed will automatically update every minute, every
hour, every day or every week. Here’s you set the size of the photos in this grid. Okay here it is the number of the
Instagram posts that you want to be displayed. For now it is six but it can
easily be more if you wish. Okay here you choose whether you wants or not to enable
linking photos or whether you want to enable caption or not. So you see that
now there’s no caption. Here you set the caption length if you chose to enable
caption for your photos. You can enable the count of comments and likes so it
will be displayed in here. And here goes the layout settings. And here you choose
the layout type, you can choose from masonry, grid and list, so you’ve got
three options. Right now we can go to the style tab and
change this style of this grid. So here you set the item height and the items margin. I’ll make the margin a little smaller.
You can also increase the padding. You can set the border, can add the border
radius. Here are the setting for the caption, then there goes the meta. In
this case meta is the likes and comments. Now in the overlay tab you can set
whether you want the overlay to be shown only on hover or you want it to be there
all the time. In the background type option you choose the color of the
overlay and there in the content order and alignment tab you can change the
order in which the caption and meta go. Alright and that’s pretty much it for
this video on how to add Instagram feed to your WordPress page with the help of
Elementor page builder and JetElements add-on. I hope you liked this
video, I hope it was helpful. If it was leave your thumbs up and subscribe to our
channel. Thank you so much for watching

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