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August 31, 2019

Welcome to the flyboard world. It’s a water-propelled board that allows flying and diving while performing aerial and water stunts. Usually the flyer, meaning the person on the board, is attached to a long flexible pipe that shoots water under pressure. This results into a propulsion allowing the flyer to go 15 meters above sea level or dive 2 and half meters down the water. Flyboarding was recently introduced by the French Franky Zapata in 2012 and presented to the world in China during the same year. The first world competition was in Doha Qatar, also in 2012. Recently a new version has been tested, with propelling air and making it possible to reach 3000 meters high and 150 km/h with a 10 minute autonomy and no pipes for total freedom. If you liked this video about flyboarding leave a comment, subscribe to the channel and share on social networks or do all those things together! See you next week with a new video.

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