Adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor completes 13,000 mile solo flight
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Adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor completes 13,000 mile solo flight

August 8, 2019

When Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s biplane touched
down in Sydney on Saturday, an epic journey came to an end. The 53-year-old set out from England in October
and crossed 14,000 miles to get here, following in the footsteps of legendary aviator Amy
Johnson, who in 1930 became the first woman to fly solo between Britain and Australia. Curtis-Taylor made the trip in a reconditioned
piston-engine plane from 1942, and says she feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity. To fly something like this low level, half way round the world, seeing all the most iconic landscapes,
geology, vegetation, just the best view in the world, so maybe the best adventure in
the world. Very few people get to fly it like I just did. The trip wasn’t without its difficulties,
and Tracey at times faced challenging weather. Funnily enough Eastern Europe, coming out
over the Carpathian, trying to get over the Carpathian mountains and then just flying
in heavy rain, low cloud on the deck. I mean, it was like being one of the airmail pilots
back in the 1930’s and a lot of them were killed. But even after all that, this pilot is hungry
for more. Can I say candidly, what I’d love to do is
go fly straight up the east coast and up the Cape York Peninsula. I’d just like to keep
going, you never want to land. For now though, she’s shipping the plane in
pieces across the Pacific to Seattle for centenary celebrations later this year.

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  1. Nice work Tracey!!…if your first name was…say..Cessna… would have an aircraft builder in each of your names…how cool is that!!!..see you in Seattle..go seahawks!!

  2. I didn't even have to know about the controversy she's in. In my opinion I felt she was a BS'er just from the interviews. As for modern day achievers,I have more respect for women astronauts then embellishers like her.

  3. Please change the title. (Remove SOLO). Yes it was an adventure, and yes it was an achievement, but saying it was SOLO is simply wrong and it implies so much more of an achievement than it was.

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