Aeroplane Chess

September 25, 2019

This video is going to introduce how to play Aeroplane chess and the funny multiple choice (quiz) on the website. First let me introduce the equipment. We need an Aeroplane Chess game board 4 sets of 4 coloured airplane pieces typically red, yellow, blue and green A 6-sided dice Two to four players each try to get all their own plane pieces from their hangars located at the corners of the board into the base of their own color in the center of the board. Each player takes a turn by rolling the dice. Plane must fly into the center base on an exact roll. When a plane does so, it is placed facedown back in its own hangar, indicating that it is done for the game. The first player to get all of four of their planes to the center of the board wins. The rest play until there is only one loser. If you know the rules of aeroplane chess, let’s play the multiple choice quiz on the website. The player will have to choose the correct answer out of three choices, in less than 30 seconds if the player didn’t answer the question in 30 seconds, it will go to the next question automatically and the question is marked wrong. Go and try it!

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