Aerospace Windowless Aircraft – The Future Inspired by CPI
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Aerospace Windowless Aircraft – The Future Inspired by CPI

October 15, 2019

Every year, 3.1 billion people fly around the world to relax, to seal a deal, for adventure and for love; using 80 billion gallons of fuel… and producing over 705 million tonnes of CO2. But what if you could enjoy the journey, not just the destination? If removing the windows could open your eyes more than ever before? Reducing weight and reducing cost… for you and for the manufacturer. Our technologies can help support the development of aircraft fuselage that are thinner, lighter and stronger, with wider seating for passengers, lower fuel consumption… and reduced CO2 emissions. With live video streamed to vivid OLED displays offering seamless panoramic views… and entertainment, information and in-flight services at your fingertips, it’s time to start your journey… your way.

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  1. So they can load you up and fly you to the concentration camps without you ever knowing. Sounds like a great idea!

  2. Hmmmm…l=/….I know what they said, but it sounds expensive though.  Like something they charge extra for either certain services or overall simply because of the new all-the-rage experience.  l=o

  3. You might use Fresnel lenses to change perspective as you walk down the isle. You're welcome, and make the check out to @Sense Of Rumor. ツ

  4. How can you make less emotions, by adding MORE energy consumption into a plane? YOu remove windows, then you add more weight by putting in all the new stuff ontop of the energy they will consume.

  5. I love this idea, and it's cool, but I don't think it will be comfortable, especially when you need some sleeping, god bless the first guy in this plane

  6. So… you're saying it'll cost & weigh less to build a giant flying LCD television, than to stick with the window? How much weight and cash are we talking here?

  7. There is only one point in this video airlines will consider, removing windows. Airlines would never consider wider seats, they would reduce the size of the seats to be able to add another seat to their rows. The removal of the windows may save them money, and then charge more "because it's future technology". Oh and that wall to wall TV? Never going to happen.

  8. LOL, I would love it but at least half the people would loathe it. It would be terrifying to many. It's like something out of a Stephen King novel.  
    Actually, it is. In The Wastelands, "Blaine:", a monorail train is equipped with artificial intelligence and precisely this kind of projection system. 
    I think it's more likely(and cheaper) to develop goggles that show the feed from several cameras at once. Tilting or pivoting your head would alter the view. 

  9. Imagine flying on April 1st. All the possibilities to make the flight the most frightening experience the passengers have ever had. They could project a nuclear explosion in distant or another plane on a crash course or an engine rupture or UFOs. Without windows it would be damn near impossible to be sure about situation if the crew were good actors.

  10. Uhmmm what? This wouldn't work at all. I mean think about it. Flying over Paris and the eifel tower is in the distance. Now where would you put the Eifel tower on the screen? I mean you could only put it in one place on the screen for it not to look fucking stupid (don't worry, putting it in one place will also make it look stupid). Ok so you would put it next to one guy on the right side. Now he, sitting right next to the screen, would think it's huge, and most of the other people on the right side wouldn't see it at all. Additionally, the people on the left side of the plane would all think the eifel tower is in a different direction. This would only work if all passengers would be sitting in the same spot or if the walls would be really far away from the passengers. Otherwise all passengers would need to see a different image on the screen.

  11. So building a FREAKING LARGE TOUCHSCREEN is cheaper then putting tradinational windows ? 

    i do not know anything about airplanes so correct me if im wrong 😀

  12. Say what?!!

    "Every year 3.1 Billion people fly around the world" ??

    That would be about half the earth's population EVERY year; it's unlikely that even a tenth of that many people fly anywhere.

  13. I know the panoramic view sounds very 21st century, but wouldn't that be more expensive than just putting in the original but nice idea called WINDOWS? I don't want to be mean. I just can't imagine a plane without windows… :/

    Despite the window removal, I like the idea. Cheaper (?) and more energy-efficient. But how would replacing windows with touch screens be more eco friendly and cheaper. I do like the panoramic view on the touch screen though. You can see what's outside without having to fight people for a window seat. 🙂

    This does have some +'s and -'s, but luckily, there are more positive effects. I might consider this next time I travel to Singapore or Italy 🙂

  14. I'm not sure… I did never fly (to expensive) but if I would! I wanna look out of the window and sit not in a closed room, a window give you a bit the ffeling to sit not in a tin.

  15. OLEDSs would be painfully expensive to cover the whole damn plane…. Not sure taking out some plexi windows will compensate the OLEDs lol

  16. But (foilhat) if they replace pilots windows(bluescreen of death ehhheh) with screen what happens if screens get black or break?
    Anyway its wery cool idea for passenger windows(3.1) .

  17. This video is says that this plane will help reduce the 705 million tons of CO2 from traditional plains, and thats amazing, but 705 million is such a small number compared to the 32.6 BILLION tons of CO2 produced a year from livestock and their byproducts. Thats 51 percent (more than half) of all annual worldwide GHG emissions. Maybe we need to be focusing on the more prominent issues (or at least sharing the focus cause this plane looks stunning). Just leaving out meat and other animal products even for one day a week can significantly help to save this planet, and innocent lives.

    Statistics from: Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang analysis published in World Watch Magazine Volume 22, No.6

  18. Я против! Лучше смотреть на всё в живую чем через дисплеи

  19. Your simulation looks nice, but you'll need to invent holographic panels. Otherwise you'll just be seeing a TV bent around the cabin.

  20. So you take out the windows to add giant curved tv screens… Maybe the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Maybe more stupid than solar roadways…

  21. but they don,t cease to be true flyings bombs and destroyers of our atmosphere,false progress

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