African Helicopter Safari

September 15, 2019

Jeb Brooks After an
amazing hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, how about a helicopter ride over
the Savannah in Botswana? Let’s go! What’s the pilot doing?
Oh he’s removing the doors! This will be a pretty special helicopter flight. I was so fortunate to get a front-row
seat for this flight. We flew over Botswana’s famous
Okavango Delta. It’s a large swampy inland Delta formed
where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough and a central plate of
the Kalahari. The water flows in from the Angola Highlands. Almost all
of it evaporates and none of it makes its way directly to the sea. Our pilot took us as low as just a few
feet off the ground and as high up as 5000 feet! The Okavango is produced by floods
which occur between March and June. My visit was in the middle of June so there was still a little bit more water to come! I don’t feel much fear when I’m flying I
simply love it too much. But as we ascended up to five thousand feet and I
looked over and saw there was no door there It was a pretty intimidating
feeling. I admit it that I was happy when we descended a bit got a close-up
view of this bull elephant, And then we encountered a breeding herd
female elephants with their calves none of whom seemed fazed by our presence. But that wasn’t all! We also saw a crash
of hippos, even more elephants, and a bask of five crocodiles! The animals were
everywhere but the winner as far as I’m concerned was the landscape. And then our pilot decided to show off
his skills. The next few minutes are pretty amazing! Enough time down low, let’s head up! The amount of water in this place is
overwhelming! I don’t even know what this means, but every year about 11 cubic
kilometers of water flow into the Delta. It’s massive massive amounts of water. 60% is consumed by plants, 36% evaporates, and 2% percolates into the aquifer system. This is an unbelievable amount of water. That was one of the most incredible
experiences like of my life hands down! Definitely one of the top five days of
my life! that was unreal, out of this world! Thank you so much. If you like the
video click the thumbs up button. If you didn’t there’s…I didn’t do a good job
making the video. That’s what that means. Hey leave me a comment. If you haven’t
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coming up, but nothing quite as cool as that! In the meantime, I guess, between now and the next one, see you the sky!

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