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August 8, 2019

Traditional paper-based council meetings
are a waste of time and money. It’s never been easier to prepare for meetings,
create standards, meet deadlines and collaborate to make better decisions.
With eSCRIBE Agenda and Meeting Automation you can prepare, conduct,
engage and report all in one platform. The process starts well in advance of
agenda day, we automate pre-meeting workflows to draft, collaborate and
approve reports. Unlike other solutions eSCRIBE doesn’t end at agenda day. From
roll call to adjournment eSCRIBE enforces procedure, managing member
conflicts, requests to speak and even electronic voting when the meeting is
over. Publishing the minutes and video is a breeze. Engaging your public and
achieving transparency like never before. And with a central database of
information, the ability to search past meetings, gather and post member
statistics and easily respond to public records requests reporting has never
been more efficient. It’s not just the agenda management. Its meeting automation and that’s better. eSCRIBE

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