Agent Platformer | Fly Like A Jetpack Eagle!
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Agent Platformer | Fly Like A Jetpack Eagle!

August 11, 2019

Camouflage, hello this is Jacko here and today, this is called, um, I thought it was Super Mario Flash 2! Its called Agent Platformer The beat is sick! Yeah! The song is amazing! So amazing! How many levels is this? One try, I thought I say one try one kill I’m not gonna get that coins! Amazing coins! I don’t wanna get all the coins! Because I’m wasting my jetpack gas, or jetpack power! Oh!!! Jackpot, or Jackopot What! Oh! Yeah because there’s the back, I mean the black spot over there (or on outside part of my computer) If I got an Iphone or Ipad Its like flappy bird! Yes! Yeah! Okay, I’m gonna end this video here, that is so much fun, its a short video though But anyways, that is all for this video, if you like, comment, subscribe, favorite and share, this channel will (Clap)! Grow more than ever, and…Champions of all!!

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