Aims Aviation Receives New Piper Archer III TX Aircraft
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Aims Aviation Receives New Piper Archer III TX Aircraft

September 6, 2019

What we’re doing here is really the new beginning for Aims Aviation. We brought two of our five brand-new Piper Archers from Vero Beach, Florida and it was about a three day trip which culminated in bringing those aircraft here to Greeley-Weld County Airport and we’ll start flying those brand new Piper Archer aircraft for our students in spring of 2018. So really this is our flying classroom and provides a great opportunity for our students to be on the cutting edge of technology and start their aviation careers here at Aims. The flight in, it was long. These aircraft are great training aircraft but they’re not the best aircraft to take across the country they’re challenging, they fly low and so oftentimes they fly in the weather and so it just takes a long time to get them across the country. But a great, great training aircraft and they’re gonna suit our students well. It took about three days to get those aircraft across the country. I just learned about these numbers! We missed you, Dad! I really like the new aircraft. Being a lineman here, they are a lot easier to fuel and a lot a lot better for us, and as a student I do like all the new features, all the new avionics and and the new setup. I think it will be a great, great new start for Aims. The students are going to have access to great technology. The inside of the aircraft is what we call the G1000 Avionics System. What it really is, is the operating system of the aircraft it’s the backbone of that aircraft, and that actually provides our students with cutting-edge technology that they’re gonna see when they get to the regional airlines and ultimately the majors. That’s the exact technology that they’re gonna be flying on when they get to that level of their careers and so starting them from square one in this technology all the way to the regionals is going to suit them well. Those aircraft you see through the window there on the tarmac do again represent the future of our aviation program. They’re an outward representation of the modernization program that continues to happen with us at Aims. It keeps us credible, it keeps us relevant, and it keeps us current and the reason that is important because of the ever increasing demand for airline pilots and pilots in general The demand for pilots right now, the forecast for the next 20 years there aren’t enough pilots to fill the need and so the demand is great for pilots, and so it’s a great opportunity right now to come to Aims Aviation and begin their career whether it’s being a pilot or an air traffic controller. The demand is there, so there is no better time to come into aviation than now. Aims is very affordable, and it’s a very great community. I’ve never had a bad instructor. Everyone’s very close here, and it’s a great place for flight training. They work hard, and the the quality of instruction… They’re dedicated. They’re loyal, and they’re good. They’re good at what they do. And bringing these aircraft across the country was challenging and fun and we got to learn a lot about each other and I really got to understand the professionalism that my staff and dedication that my staff has just through this experience alone and spending time with them. Just really, really proud of the team that we have here at Aims Aviation. It is second to none, professional, dedicated incredible aviators. A lot of fun. Our program at Aims Community College is the only collegiate flight training program in Colorado East of the Rockies, and that’s pretty special. Aims Aviation has been around since 1968. Aims was founded in 1967, so it’s the second longest lasting program here at Aims. And so starting in 2018, it’ll be our 50th anniversary for Aims Aviation. It’s been around through all the ups and downs of aviation and has stood the test of time and will continue to do so and this is really, behind me, a test of that. It’s a new start and again, what a great way to start the 50th anniversary of Aims Aviation.

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