Air Combat R/C Helicopters
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Air Combat R/C Helicopters

September 5, 2019

Wage war in the skies with
the Air Combat RC Helicopter. This indoor chopper uses
infrared lasers to battle. You can challenge a
friend to a dog-fight or team up with a wing-man to
join an all out aerial assault. Score a hit and the enemy
aircraft spins out of control, and is temporarily
disabled after three hits. The built-in gyroscopic chip
helps stabilize your craft while you complete the basic
maneuvers with the intuitive flight stick. Tilt it forward to move
the copter forward, backward to retreat, and to
either side to spin the bird. The copter responds
to your movements so you’ll feel like
you’re in the cockpit. Whoa! You stink. Now come on. Let’s go get greased up and
play some sand volleyball. What? The durable body can
withstand rough landings and the flexible blades
can self-right the copter. It’s quick recharge
time allows you to practice your
flight skills wherever your helipad is located. Before long you’ll
be an ace pilot and ready to dominate your
next aerial engagement. Buy the Air Combat RC
Helicopter and shop for hundreds more gifts at Looking for other ways
to buzz the tower? Check out Air
Swimmers and 3D kites. Share the video
with your wing-man. And don’t forget to subscribe
to vat19 so none of the videos sneak up on your six. Now excuse me, but
I feel the need. The need for speed. Yeah. You know Top Gun was
airplanes, right?

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  1. I have these but they won’t fly up? I really can’t figure out why. All they do is spin out of control on the floor ?. Can somebody tell me how to fix this problem. ( they’re completely brand new)

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