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Aircraft Interior Repair Services | We Can Fix That!

September 9, 2019

[MUSIC] NARRATOR>>If the letter in your aircraft is in need of repair or replacement, there’s no one better to turn to than Creative Colors, International. Since 1980, CCI has been specializing in mobile on-site repair and restoration of aircraft interiors. We work on all types of dirty,
damaged, and faded leathers, plastics and vinyls found in virtually every aircraft
made using our proprietary products and techniques. If the seat of your plane are
discolored, ripped, or old looking, don’t worry! Our certified technicians can
expertly repaired those rips, tears stains and burns to like-new condition. MARK>>Not everybody can afford to buy brand new, so we’re that alternative. NARRATOR>>In addition, by regularly
maintaining your aircraft you protect yourself from massive replacement costs you would incur when your seating fixtures are beyond repair A large part of your success lies strongly
in your client’s first impression; and having them sit on damaged seats will
affect your reputation. However, We-Can-Fix-That! CCI offers convenience by performing all repairs on-site MARK>>We can really fix anything— dashboards, seats, carpeting, headliners, headlights, convertible tops, leather furniture, leather jackets, purses
handbags, saddlebags, motorcycles, boats, planes, trains… NARRATOR>>Save money, save time! Visit today for a super fast quote. [MUSIC]

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