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Aircraft labels on

August 31, 2019

Hi everyone, it’s Gaelan from Flightradar24
support. Today we’re going to be looking at our website and aircraft labels. At the moment
we’re looking at our main map screen and if we wanted to view further information about
selected aircraft we would have to select them first. If you wanted to use labels you
can see some details about the aircraft while viewing this main map screen. If you have
a Premium subscription of Silver and above you can create up to four labels, unfortunately
our free users can only create up to one. The first thing you always want to do is make
sure you’re logged in, in the top right hand corner there. Then to turn the labels on you
select the Settings wheel and under the “Map” tab you scroll down to the bottom, this is
the aircraft label section. The first thing I will do is turn the labels on by pressing
this button and then I can select from the drop boxes the different values I like, so
i’ll choose flight number, speed, altitude and maybe to & from (route information). For
example you can see this one is London Heathrow to Stockholm Arlanda Airport as you can see
there. You can also turn on the background off and on by using this button, there you
can see the difference, I’m going to turn that back on and return to the main map screen.
At the moment you can see aircraft with four of those values and others with less, unfortunately
we don’t have all the information for certain aircraft and therefore we can’t display it
in the labels. It’s also worth noting that we we’ll show less and more information depending
on your zoom levels in the map, if I’m to zoom out here you can see that we’re only
showing one of those values which is the top box. If I was to zoom out even further, we
don’t show any aircraft labels. This is so the map doesn’t appear too cluttered. To begin
showing them again all we need to do is zoom back in on the map, and a little further,
and all the values returned. I hope this has helped today guys, if you’ve got any questions
let us know, and you can contact us by going to About, Contact us and filling out the web
form. Have a great day. Bye.

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