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September 9, 2019

Hey everyone I’m Alejandra with Autel
Robotics today we’re going to cover the basics of the EVO welcome to the flight deck as you know the EVO is the latest evolution in drone technology let’s take
a look at EVO’s compact design the EVO aircraft is a foldable quadcopter with a
stabilized three axis camera gimbal and an integrated 4k Ultra HD camera to
fully deploy Evo we will need to unfold the top arms first and then the bottom
arms when folding up the Evo start with the bottom arms and then the top arms at the front of the aircraft we have two computer vision cameras that are part of the visual navigation system used for obstacle avoidance and other autonomous
features below the 4k ultra HD camera built on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal let’s remove the gimbal guard by squeezing the sides and pulling down the three axis gimbal is made up of three motors on the pan tilt and roll axis on the front of the camera there is a UV filter to protect the camera lens this UV filter can be removed and replaced with compatible neutral density filters also known as ND filters we will talk about ND filters and when to use the
right filter in another video on the right side of the Evo under the air vent
is the microSD card slot EVO includes a 32 gigabyte u3 micro SD card and can
support up to a 128 gigabyte class 10 micro sd card at the rear of the
aircraft we will find the power button holding this down for three seconds will
power up the aircraft then we have the near IR sensor used for obstacle
avoidance under the cover we have a micro USB port used for importing photos and video to your computer and then the pairing button used to pair a remote
controller to an aircraft your remote controller will already be paired when
the aircraft arrives from the factory the bottom plate on the aircraft acts as
a heat sink we will also find the rest of the visual navigation system
consisting of two ultrasonic sensors and two optical flow cameras at the end of each arm we have an LED light indicator and a motor the Evo has 2 clockwise motors and 2 counterclockwise motors each with a quick-release propeller mount to install or remove propellers easily to install
the propeller match the propeller to the corresponding motor by color align the
propeller then press down and twist to lock the propeller in place and finally on the top of the aircraft is a battery release button when removing the battery
from Evo pick it up and press down on the button then slide the battery
towards the rear of the aircraft to install the battery align it and slide
towards the front of the aircraft you will hear an audible click [ Click ] to replace
the gimbal guard hold the aircraft upside down squeeze the sides and align
the gimbal with the camera until it is in place those are the basics of the
aircraft thanks for watching and we will see you next time so long from the
flight deck

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  1. I’m gonna ask this again is there any reasons to get the x-star premium instead of evo other than price

  2. what is the expected life span of the batteries ? for example: how many times can it be recharged before its unsafe to use ? the xstar batteries were terrible for life span getting sometimes only 20 or so before giving suspect readings

  3. I LOVE MY EVO!!! Today I flew it in Ludacris mode at 45 mph, my mind is blown ?. This is an amazing drone and the best part is Autel’s customer service and support staff are the best people to talk to about anything concerning ur drone. THANK YOU AUTEL!!!

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