Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting – Perform Various Driving Exercises
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Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting – Perform Various Driving Exercises

August 24, 2019

This skill video will show you how to perform
various driving exercises in an ARFF apparatus. Each department should develop an established
route that driver/operators should follow to complete this skill. This route should cover all of the usual driving
conditions that can be expected within that jurisdiction. For ARFF responders, this route is typically
limited to the confines of the airport. You should complete this skill while wearing
appropriate personal protective equipment. Drive through loose or wet soil. Climb a steep grade (30 percent). Descend a steep grade (30 percent). Drive along an area with limited sight distance. Drive over and through a series of vehicle
clearance obstacles (height, width, undercarriage) Perform a limited space turnaround Place the apparatus in drive. Drive into the opening of the course, moving
to one side or the other. Begin the turning process, making as many
direction changes as needed to turn the apparatus 180 degrees without striking any cones. Drive the vehicle back through the opening
of the course. Bring the apparatus to a standstill, braking
smoothly and without skidding. Drive along a side slope (20 percent side
to side).

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