Airline Vs. Personal Plane – Which is Better?
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Airline Vs. Personal Plane – Which is Better?

August 30, 2019

so today I decided I’m gonna race myself
I have to fly from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale Florida 689 nautical mile
direct flight I’m doing that via an airline with a connection in Atlanta
what I wanted to see is what’s more practical and cost-effective to fly an
airline down to Fort Lauderdale or if I were gonna take N12994 just a little bit of background on my
day job I travel quite a bit for majority of time that’s done via airline
so that’s how I’m traveling today not that I even could fly my airplane if I
wanted to because it is full IMC about 500ft ceilings here is not
instrument-rated so to accomplish this theoretical race
I planned a flight from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale with a fuel stop in
Albany Georgia. This of course assuming there would be no weather delays or any
other type of potential issues that would slow down the flight. Total
flight time in the aircraft would have been about 6.0 hours, add in a fuel stop
in – that might be about 7.0 hours versus my total flight time with an
airline at about five and a half hours one factor to consider however is that
on my flight from Nashville to Atlanta we sat on the ground for about 20
minutes for a flow time delay if you took the time that I actually arrived at
the airport at 8:00 a.m. if I were getting the aircraft ready to go I would
probably be through Atlanta and well into Albany at the time that I arrived in
Atlanta via airline. So I’m totally the kind of nerd that would track is kind of
thing but this is actually the 200th time being here changing planes in
Atlanta not including what I do at work for the airport so that’s kind of a big
deal. Plus this is the first time I get the ride on that Delta A321. Actually it’s
time I ever get to ride on an A321 today so I’m also excited about that.
The next thing to consider on a trip like this is cost. My round-trip airfare
is $477.62 doing some rough math it would take about 13.0 hours total flight time to make the complete
round-trip. Multiply that by my average burn of about 7.5 gallons
an hour and I’m looking at about 97.5 gallons total burn. The
average cost of avgas in the southeast is about $5.12 a gallon roughly making it about a $500 total for fuel alone on round-trip. This doesn’t include any
additional parking or Landing fees. Take of and its freezing and then land in
like summer in South Florida welcome change I’ll take it! Some other
things to consider an airline easily would have won this contest had I taken
a direct flight without a layover from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale. Considering
cost it would probably be within $200 to take my own airplane versus flying on an
airline, at least for this trip at the time that I booked the airfare that I
did. As a VFR pilot weather is always going to impact long cross countries
like this, flying an airline is just a guaranteed safe way to go. Especially
when I have dedicated commitments to make on these kind of trips. Regardless
of all of that, flying your own airplane is just more fun you’ll never convince
me otherwise! Even though logistically it may not be
the best option. This is our first video of 2019 I’m really excited to get back
into production. I can’t thank everybody enough for watching these videos, don’t
forget to hit that subscribe button check out the description of this video
along with my website for some links to some really cool products I’m going to be showcasing over the course of this year.

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  1. Love these videos! Mind if I ask why you didn't account for for engine reserves, and fixed costs? I'm assuming its because once you realized the fuel alone was more than the cost of flying commercial you didn't go further, but I for one would be curious your actual costs including reserves, fixed yearly costs divided into hourly etc.

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