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September 7, 2019

Life Jackets are upside your seats. (In a PANIC SAFETY BOX) If you want to take pull out the Life Jacket ? Thank please Read the instructions on written on Safety Guide. (Ask Air Hostess for Safety Guide) In under any circumstances – if there is necessity to land on water body ! You need to take out the LIFE JACKET from Pouch (Almirah)…. and cover it on your waist…. Before Exiting the airplane (in PANIC CONDITION ONLY)… pull the red lanyard forcefully / jerk-fully…… So that the Life Jacket will Inflate Automatically… If you want to inflate more, blow more air into the pipes. There is a Strip (Colorful Strip) on Life Jacket….. So that you got more attention on it ! Please read the Safety Instruction Manual kept at the front pocket of your front side seat……. If U need more information? ask Cabin CrewMember(AviationStaff) for more information without hasitation Thanks for your kind attention 🙂 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION OR DOUBTS ABOUT THIS VIDEO OR BASIC SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ? PLEASE WRITE DOWN IN THE COMMENTS 🙂 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL IF FOUND SUITABLE FOR YOU 🙂

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  1. very useful video, i am going for my first international flight and this video showing really good information.

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