Airship do Brasil participa da Homenagem Santos Dumont – EPTV
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Airship do Brasil participa da Homenagem Santos Dumont – EPTV

September 8, 2019

From tis factory, will emerge a project conceived of thirty years ago All of it planned in minimal details This long polyester based fabric, will sooon turn into a modern equipment, useful for cargo transport. The airship is low cost, operational aircraft and does not need an extensive ground infrastrucutre such as an airplane In reality, it is already apt for the challenge at hand. Here stand the first airship made in Brazil. 164.04 ft 55.77 ft And viewed from this angle, the airship from the 21st century is indeed, pure technology. This little giant here, will eventually get larger. The next step is for her to carry 30 and up 50 tonnes. Various solutions have been developed here. Brazil has taken a special place in ligther than air techonology. It is undoutable When it leaves the ground It seems like it is already part of the Brazilian Skies It can fly for approximately 8 hours straight. And the reception,, was to a sky that changed color. Welcoming to a new type of project in Latin America. Like in the good old days, where flying in an airship was a thing where few people could participate in.

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  1. Torço muito para ver a produção destes dirigíveis BRASILEIROS em escala industrial! E espero um dia poder voar em um desses!

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