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AirSim and drones

September 11, 2019

>>For a real search
and rescue scenario, the biggest problem
that we have in these types of high risk, high danger scenarios is that you’re actually
not able to go and physically get that training data that you need to use
to train the model. AirSim allows us to get
synthetic data to do that. What we saw is, there is a need to put AI on edge devices, such as this one that
I’ve got here in my hand. We dreamed up this whole
scenario that you see behind me, which is a search and
rescue for stuffed animals. We took pictures of this entire
field and all the animals and we three modeled it in AirSim using
the Unreal Engine. We got a 3D environment. You’re able to fly
a simulated drone around to generally training data
and use that to train the actual AI model
to recognize the animals. Prior to the latest and greatest that we’re
releasing and build, we weren’t able to actually
complete the scenario at all. What we see now is running AI models on edge
devices where you’re not in a cloud data center or not on-premises
with large servers, is actually reality today. And out of AirSim, we exported hundreds of images of
each of the animals, and put them into
a custom vision, and used that to train the actual AI model
to individual agents, each of the animals, based on that synthetic training data. We export it out of custom vision into
a tensor flow format model, and dockerize it, and then upload it into
Azure IoT Edge hub. And from there, it’s
able to communicate with this device which is
running on the drone and running the actual
AI model on the drone. Whenever it does identify
one of the animals, it sends a message
to Azure IoT hub. And from there, you can
pretty much do anything to process those JSON responses or messages that land
on Azure IoT hub. Developers can learn
on the latest and greatest AI technology and
how to bring AI to the edge. You can download the DevKit
on AI School today.

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  1. It's really exciting! May I know where to download the DevKit? Does it include the 3d playground models with animals? And how are the 3d playground models built through real images?

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