All 22 Boulders Destroyed in LEGO City: Undercover (Miner) for Precious Boulders/Rocks
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All 22 Boulders Destroyed in LEGO City: Undercover (Miner) for Precious Boulders/Rocks

September 14, 2019

There she is – LEGO City! Hi! Brickette here to show you where all 22 precious boulders are in LEGO City: Undercover. We’ll need the miner disguise
to smash them all. I’m starting in Cherry Tree Hills
and going around the map. To get to the boulder in
cherry tree Hills, we go down these train tracks from the train
station. These tracks are hard to drive on. It’s just past this tunnel. There’s the first precious boulder. I guess it’s called that because
it has precious stones in it. The next two are under the
Auburn Bay Bridge. One is around the corner from the train station in
Auburn, right up these tracks. Or you can super-fast travel to the
Auburn train station. The fastest way to get
to the next one is by swimming over to it from here. It’s right under that bridge support
on the left but there’s a ladder on
the right side. I already got it the
other way, but I wanted to show you the
quick way first. Another way to get to it is by driving
along the bridge. Turn left here, and then right. Wow! What a crazy driver,
huh? and then right again to get
onto the bridge. Then jump off the side and stay close to
this bridge support so you don’t fall into the water. This is the same spot that
he swam to earlier. The one in Fort Meadows is down the hill
from the train station, in the spiderweb cave where we got
the tokens red brick in my video of the Pig Plus 6 Collectibles
in Fort Meadows. There’s a diner in the gas station where there’s
a dynamite vending machine if you don’t have the unlimited
dynamite red brick. You can find out how to get that red brick in my “9 Red
Bricks for Speed” video. That’s where you can get the
Tokens Red Brick. And there’s an alien in there. And while we’re right here, we might as
well get the Cave Woman character token. We can blast these silver boulders with
some dynamite to get to the next boulder in Bluebell National Park. It’s just above that little road that I marked. I’ll speed it up for you. I wish I could make
this guy run. The other one in Bluebell is by the dam
which is close to the train station on the other side of the water. So you can swim over
or just walk over. The next one I got is underneath the Blackwell bridge
on the south side of the bridge. which is the opposite side of the bridge from the
“Nitrous For All” red brick, close to the Uptown side of the bridge. From the train station in Uptown it’s on
the left side of the bridge. Now I’m going to go back to the train
station in Uptown to get to the next one which is by the dock. No, I think I’ll go this way. Wow! That was a lot of blue studs! They’re
worth a thousand studs each. That’ll really help if you’re trying to
100% this game. From the train station at the airport, go directly opposite from that
loop in the road back there. The one in Paradise Sands is on the
beach under the roller coaster. There are two boulders in Fresco. One is on the north end and the other’s
on the south end. The one on the north end is by the train station
and the leaning tower and the statue of the soccer player. There’s the statue for your reference. And there’s the tower. The one on the south end is by the call-in point. right by the park. We can get to the one in the Grand Canal
from Fresco or from Pagoda. I got it from the fresco side. We can get a boat at the
dock over here. Use the left trigger to backup and the
right trigger to go forward. Then go through this archway
through the canal. Then go through the archway
on the right side here. And then it’s on the left side. It’s kind of difficult to select the
train station on this map. It might help to zoom in. The boulder in Kings Court is
right by the train station. From the train station in Kings Court, we
can get to the ferry that will take us to Apollo Island. Then we can drive or
walk from there to the other side to this tiny little island over here
where the boulder is. If you have the Instant Vehicles red brick,
you can use it right here by pressing down on the right stick
until it clicks. Or you could just walk. But you’ll need a vehicle eventually to
drive up the ramp to get to the little island to get to the boulder. There are vehicles on this island that
you could use though. You might have to build
this ramp first. It’s possible but not very easy to get
to this little island by swimming over here and then jetpacking up, but it’s
pretty difficult to do it that way. You’ll keep sliding down. After we fast travel to Downtown, we can mark this spot right here for the next boulder. For reference, there’s a statue of a
bull on the left. And it’s the third tree
on the right. If you have Rex Fury, you can get to Lady
Liberty Island from what I call the Mallomar building, because it
looks like the side view of one. If you don’t have Rex Fury yet, you’ll have to
wait till you finish Level 15 and get Rex to get to the boulder
on Lady Liberty Island. If you haven’t been here before, Rex Fury
needs to rip off the handles of a box and then build this transporter
for the astronaut to use. You could probably
jetpack up there. We can fast travel to Cherry Tree Hills
to get to the boat dock to get to Albatross Island, or we can teleport with
the astronaut back to Downtown and drive over to the ferry
in Cherry Tree Hills. The boulder is on the beach past the second
sandcastle with the flag on it. There’s the first flag. and there’s the second. The boulder in Festival Square is by
the hospital in the back corner of the parking lot. Not that one. That’s the one. The one in Pagoda is really easy to
find from the train station. It’s just over that fence. The boulder In Bright Lights Plaza is
on the northeast end of town. From the train station, go past
Wheatley’s Deli. It’s over here past the
ATM machine. And the last one I got was in Crescent
Park on the beach right by the water, right about there. And we get Barney Greenschist
character token. Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video, please make like a LEGO character and smash that Like button. And subscribe to see when I upload new videos. See you next time!

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  1. Great Video! But Mine is glitched xbox one version… The cherry tree hills boulder keeps respawning and not counting for me stopping me from getting all 22 and the character and getting 100% on the whole game , its the only item i have left out of everything

  2. Please help: I am only missing one gold brick and one disguise (Barney Greenschist). I have all 22 boulders. Seems like a glitch. I am using the latest game software. I am so close to 100% completion!

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