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August 23, 2019

Robin: You’re not gonna do an intro? Oh. Robin: I’m scared. Oh. My mouth’s full of licorice. *laughs* *Wapoosh* Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Worms with Robin! We had no idea what to play so we started playing Worms. Jack: You go. You say things now.
Robin: *laughs* Robin: I- *laughs* Robin: You just want an excuse so you can eat licorice. Jack: Yeah, I just stuffed them back in my mouth. *laughter* Robin: Wait, am I playing now? Robin: What’s happening?
Jack: Yeah, It’s your turn Jack: Um,
Robin: Is it? Robin: What am I doing though? This- okay, Robin: wait you have to tell people that this is forts mode, and we don’t know what we’re doing. This is forts mode we don’t know what we’re doing. Robin: There we go. *chuckles*
Jack: Thanks, Robin. Robin: Well said. Yeah, there’s a new forts mode. I think we just have a four and then You’ve a little face hanging off your fort. I saw yeah, it’s my steam face.Aww, I have the stupid fucking thing hanging off mine Was like a fucking generic thing to pick and steam. How do I even make weapons I? Yeah, exactly, and I thought the mouse did shit, but no is it space Yes, now, well, that’s to shoot. That’s what I thought. Let’s jump then I Don’t know I thought it was space, but it was shoot. Maybe it’s up now. That’s aiming we have played this game before have we Now where am I shooting I’m shooting over there, but there’s a lot window by the way other way shootin the other way I Think that that’s very mean we did market It is three damage Wait, how do I jump then? Now primary jump is returned apparently Did you see that I didn’t I heard a sploosh what are you doing jump it quit goofing off and kill me the Fucking odds, blowtorch. I thought it was a flamethrower right? Well, that’s a good long-range weapon a flamethrower I’m a dude is one fucking nailed up Take that your little swedish, ha no that was he only kids use the plunger stick why am I not jumping backwards that oh, I did it yeah a Bunker-Buster, I don’t know what Ed bunker busters are good. They drop from the sky and to go through Terrain you only have 20 seconds 15 seconds. Well. I have to bunker busters, then. I’m just gonna try this I have a better this. Oh, what is going on? Hello? Oh? Hey, I’m okay with that wait. No 30 damage. That’s shit Okay with that. I take back my my previous celebrations. It’s a fucking bunker buster’ it should have like fucked me up Rusted some bunkers. You should have posted my ass I’ma repay the favor. Oh no, that’s that’s what I call my ass. It’s my bunker busted. Oh I’m just a stand on this guy and get a get a vantage point Yeah, I’m using his plunger for stability cuz I have power wait. I do have a Jetpack though Good luck using it hang on a minute It was just like a buzz lightyear thing like the falling but slower Okay in solidarity in solidarity. Oh, yeah I like this And I have another bunker-buster. Which is coming your ways soccer To hit space to use it and then use wasd to play around oh, I thought you just held down space to keep boosting Goddammit, fine. There you go I’m Gonna get my own guy anyway oh Shit, okay here. We go. This is oh You’re gonna so fuck that off dude never I’m gonna fuck you up You can’t do that from there. You’re in the hole. Oh, no. Are you sure about that? No arrow Rend? Oh my weak, nut I gotta kill you it’s right there point point point yeah, stop making a YouTube thumbnail Big Red arrow, it should you just scream cab that? Yeah Call that one Vietnam whoa. Hey the beam took most of it though. That’s fine look Yo now I have an opening Hey, look well. I have no giant Arrow, naho You won’t believe what happens next Hell on Earth, that’s what? They suck yeah really does I can craft things you can craft things in this game Tasty worm lick what okay? I have no idea where you are and I’m running out of time, so I’m just gonna Please oh, please that’s gonna get me please right into nowhere at all Hit you right in the nose wait. How am I supposed to do you though? This is? Winning get them get me drunk and we find out okay. I’m gonna try this again Again yeah, I suppose its face. Yeah, I didn’t know oh It’s Chiquita time, bitch. Oh shit, oh That was scary it was all around me Gotta get a face banana My one weakness potassium okay, let me just see here Fire let’s go sour Who’s the shotgun Grenade? cluster, oh You just how about you. Just like jump into the water and accept your defeat. I’ve done that enough. I feel like oh That was like a fraction off from getting locked in right behind you it really was right. We can just call this practice round Doesn’t count doesn’t count bragging some practice. Oh Good a job, please waste my turn nope He’s in it to win it Well, you can’t do shit for me though. Oh there you go. Hey. Do you see me? Yeah? Hi hi? What are you doing mother of fuck how that oh why can I throw as far as a fucking plane can fly? Good In this game. I want to go home shit way way that went Beyond the wall oh Shit, did I just watch hell? Yeah by the sea dude bing hello, oh fuck Don’t you just spit at me for a second? It was so anticlimactic at first like dink People are freaked out. Oh, yeah. Sorry. It was so a darky climactic Well, you can’t do anything. You can’t kill me from there shit. I? Can’t do anything wait wait wait Doesn’t count doesn’t count you’re a liability apparently am I how’d you know who told you? I’m a quick pirate hats hey do to get loot boxes. We have to create our own teams now and make them really good Oh yeah from scratch. Yeah, okay? fluff about this motherfucker Yeah, you see my characters names Versus this motherfucker yes, I’m ready wait. No, I’m yours ready. Oh I’m a streamer. Oh yeah. I’m a streamer. My name is uh you already forget which one this is oh Nice, well, that works Come back Who am I where am I okay? Let’s do this oh come on? Who are you gotta be first? Who’s Gonna be your ego I? I am Felix and Dark I’m back here? – This motherfucker –
Exactly No Stoppers my boy hey how enter flame for what there’s a fuck Wait, that’s not fucking fair hail stone first stubborn. No, no Jack Jack no can you not Aim? Well, I shut you as well. It’s fine. I shot in Jack, so it’s whatever how much damage Did you do twelve and four that’s okay? He said hashtag something. I can’t hear my fucking game. I’m sorry oh Baby boy already time for Baby boy to go to work What’s up motherfuckers? Boy back at you once again another friend. You fuck oh We’re and money At least you know what it’s flying. It’s fine slap that like button You could have ended felix right then and there but no. Oh look at this. I’m Jack now hey, no don’t hit cooter Hey, I’m just gonna. I’m just gonna dab a little bit on you. Are you gonna? You gonna Dab it are you gonna Dab into haters? Oh? That was lit. Oh and There we go perfectly calculated. I was hoping to be an outdoor. I thought I just saw my teeth Yeah This is the dream you had it came true teeth falling out. Are you having a house? Party going on I was just coming out of there. It’s like sleazy motel look at this chess board in Hanging out upstairs. Oh no, what’s up Chase chase you miss your family? Don’t bring it up. It’s too soon. He’s not ready. Oh, fuck me. Bo. That’s not how I was supposed to do it Oh, oh, bye Chase Primetime busy yeah really doesn’t he never catches a break oh Man, it’s okay. He’s got home. Who am I sean? You’re just regular old? Boring ass sean, but the one that no one want stop Hydaburg Kellogg’s could you do it. What are you gonna do to him? You’re Gonna? Plant I know you Johnson. Yeah, well I couldn’t think of any more people Just make up a new ego. Where’s my jet pack? Yeah, he’s like. He’s a quantum Quite handsome yep. Oh wow where am I? Oh shit, okay? Fine now, that works no, I? Should I guess I should go for for Jack, but that’s also my dude, so I’m not gonna do that yeah, technically to keep with the lore but The possum there we go wow Nicholson wormley no yeah tasty no. No, whatever. That was I forget I’ve got a new game to try There really are streamers yeah, you gotta ask yourself one question Did I fire no shots or less than that? Question yes, I do kind of feel a bit lucky punk drunk applier he’s sick oops He is sick air time wait. I don’t want to kill feelings though. How do I do this? best Flee careful Splash boom go takes it bad. I was going easy on you. Oh, yeah, bring it eat my You have five of them how oh shit look at this here. I come Didn’t kill Felix or dark However, oh can you kill Dark? spooky I mean You have my permission to try let’s go with I? think How about don’t do it man? Don’t do it. I see the pain. I see the anguish in your eyes I see the pain and suffering hahaha perfect house over and hit you Know you can’t do that It’s not illegal No, you can get arrested hey, they’re awesome. People. I’m feeling like chicken tonight No, just nothing down there Auntie what are you doing? You can’t dance you’re supposed to be evil and scary Dude, everyone has their off days Yeah, take that your swede. Oh, how sweet was that oh Guy I can eat can this fly no I think you jump and boost But I don’t think you can get out of where you air Hmm You’re unfortunate Let’s just do this your conception wasn’t It yeah, hey now you’re an all sir. Did you take him on play what I’m just Gonna? I’m just gonna go with a nice Firm lien Hegel’s this he’s just taking pictures of himself he just wants to make it big on Instagram Dude Dodge You hurt aunty though well yeah, but he can take it. He’s a badass like that Yeah You know when you when you survive cut you cutting your own throat a couple of times you can survive What hurts me? Just now I? Don’t know Fucking break time baby boy you can’t carry the tank is babe work. I can’t get up Now I just fuck myself up coz our baby boys. How does it take? Yeah, my bouncing baby boy, no, oh man Are you Gonna? Are you gonna harm on Auntie like oh? I’m a fucking seven ways from Sunday. Oh Poor guy oh, I can zoom in. I never knew well look at this amazing What are you doing? Stop extra sight oh, man. Yo Wow And he’s next to turn 7500 Please be anti PP&E please be a tPP. You’re Gonna be Jack oh That’s back to sleep. I don’t want to be in this thing don’t hear ya, it is time for is he good doctor Yeah, yeah, the doctor is in bitch the doctor is in Wait until you get dead From the Doc no the doctor says like a mountain This is that same thing. We did last time you wanna keep shooting I do And I keep playing that you that you can change your aim as well during Who am I? Okay, I’m Jack now Jack Gonna do it. I can’t do shit. I’m right here. Oh Yes, yes, take damage. Yes Wait does that end my turn? Yeah? I don’t need that turn to win Greg is doing fucking gangbusters right now. Greg is my boy easy. He’s just stuck in a hole dancing with a chicken needs to do There we go, please kill Derek oh God, there’s an idea for the next anti video just He’s just sick of everyone shit. You just want to a grenade. Yeah, that’d be a tough tough edit put together for all of this like I Need to make that okay. Let’s do one of these very menacing finger that you got there Hey, I’ll give you a no Chicken little I never like the sky is falling And I and then damage Greg please I Hope I don’t new subs Oh shit. Look it’s like a chicken party down here now a bit more grenades down there, and you can make nugget Nugget which is you the favorite ward’s to come yeah? Why miss nugget me too? It’s like my favorite voice. I’ve ever done. Yeah, well that Papyrus but I’m cheap. Why? Will you fall in volleying slip slip slip and fall sleeping for oh no? No? I’m just gonna Jon snow, do you feel like contributing at all no it was nothing. Oh shit. You’re right. That’s why thanks here Can I how do I crap? Wait, what what does this mean? Why don’t you use your teleportation Magic? Oh? Yeah, yeah, I figured it out dude Jon. Snow there It’s a it’s a it’s a game of thrones and harry potter crossover. No just has a time Turner Do do do do do do? You know nothing? Exactly here. We come here come speed Racer Do do do do do do do? It works Somebody has to make that remix make it that would be awesome. I wish I could make music like that problems and your whole team You’re gonna. Just flown it in yeah, right who parachutes in a helicopter. No, I’m Here wait, I can get that. I’m here to hi That did that was shit. You almost knocked me in though. That was the point yeah, but then it just stopped shooting or Maybe it works does the jet pack so if you press space again it stops Baby because I think I hit space again, and it stopped shooting, and then I can what are you doing? No, oh, what are you you’re gonna get Greg oh That was close fuck Sacrifice for the greater good you know what you gotta guess John snow dude. He knows nothing How about we just stick of dynamite? Yeah? takes a bath in the fucking semen of defeat What what is defeat semen oh shit no? oh No No, holy shit that did 300 damage. Yeah fuck no, John Yeah, have fun with my chickens. Well at least my dudes get an angel statue Well, what do I do? What do I do here where who am I sure you’ve left? Sean you’ve three left, and I have one yeah you’re You’re he’s the hound he is it’s true Spoilers oh No, is that an ear strike or a bunker buster? Oh the bunky be? Did you just high-five the air around me? I have no idea what this is. What is it? What what was that? fucking piece of dookie Did you just use like a staple staple gun yeah? I think I put like a calthrop on the ground and she just walked over there Oh my what I know for little copter instead and see what? oh Hey, I went that one. Well. I think ya know I want to do another one

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  1. when robin hit Gonner with the fire punch and hit him into Cuddles with a mine, the damge did 76 to gonner and took 20 off of cuddles so it looked like 7 620

  2. why do people call people little when they are literally smaller than them "little sean?" heehheehehhe sure

  3. People don't freak out when you just mention Anti, we freak out when you just say it and like wink or something and just continue playing LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED LIKE WHAT

  4. "Anti's next to Dark! It was meant to be!"
    Theorists: Thanks for confirming the theory, I'll be back for more!

  5. Wormley: "I've got a new game to try out today!"
    Jackie boy: "I've got a new game to try out today! It's called Fisting my ma! 14:46

  6. Robin: “oh wait I do have a jetpack”

    Jack: “good luck using it”

    Robin: *flys straight into the water” 😂😂😂

  7. It's amazing how they just roast the shit out of the egos and all the fangirls are just freaking out about everything

  8. I really love Jack and Robin's friendship. Name a better duo of best friends than these two dorks. Robin's animations deserve more recognition, seriously have you seen all that talent that man can create? I Iaughed so hard at, this is now in my top 10 favorite videos. Also KELLOGG'S CORNFLAKES SKBXDX I'M WHEEZING.

  9. Robin's voice reminds me of Caboose from RedVsBlue by RoosterTeeth
    I can hardly imagine the conversation that would arise between Nugget and Caboose… Tho it would be profound and on a level that can only be understood by those with a special understanding of how the universe works.

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