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February 14, 2020

Ban rewards have returned to rocket league for you guys I didn’t know every our LCS season you get rewards just by watching the official rocket league channel over on Twitch and these are free Items that drop just by watching you don’t have to pay anything and the way you get them first You got a sign up connect your rocket league account with your twitch account And then if you’re watching you’ve got a chance at getting these items and we have some Really good items for this our LCS season and quickly before I show you guys those items if you haven’t already make sure you leave A like on the video subscribe to the channel click the bell turn on notifications I think at the time recording on that two point nine case subscribers are just shy of it so you guys subscribing really does mean everything and the first reward we have is a new decal for the fennec the your bands and I think this looks pretty incredible a classic fennec design always feels like kind of retro and I’d really like that about a lot of The fennec designs next we have the Stratham badge for the Dominus and I think this looks incredible, too I mean for for free, it’s fantastic. You can’t ask from water for free the Dominus decals There’s so many good ones And I think this is a great free one and then our first set of free wheels and guitar the deco Punk And I’m not a fan of this shred style in particular I think it looks really bulky on cars or some reason but the actual rim itself, I think looks fantastic I really love the way this looks and it’s gonna look even cooler in different paint variants the next set of wheels We got are the carbon wheels which look a lot like a combination of like the zowie’s mixed with the jayven wheels But they look very futuristic I think they might be a little too busy, but I won’t be able to see until I can get them on the car but these carbon wheels really curious to see what the painted versions of this look like and then next we’ve got the put time sail wheels You know what? That’s what I’m Sam and you know what? Everybody is gonna use these wheels with that new EU nighted decal That might be too much America, but I I think that wheels are good I’m curious with Payton versions look like if we get them and painted I’m Assuming we would and the player title air head is available, which I’m still rockin soccer senpai So, I don’t know if I’m gonna use air head, but for free title, it can’t complain We’ve got a new player banner statesman kind of a generic player banner in my opinion But if you’re looking for a switch-up there’s that and then this next player banner is exciting the Fallen Angel player banner I think this looks disgustingly good I if I get this drop, I am using this player banner. I think it looks incredible It looks just the right amount of artistic and sweaty. I really like it so if you guys didn’t know when you get a ticket at our LCS, you usually get a pro version of One of the reward wheels, so I’ve got emerald pros because I went to our LCS in, New Jersey But I’m just curious which one of these wheels is Going to get the pro version if I take a guess I’d say deco Punk. It looks Pretty similar to the rest of the wheels that normally get the pro version but you guys let me know down below in the comments What’s your favorite item from these new rewards? What wheels do you think are going to get a pro version? And what do you think of this new Finnick decal and if you haven’t already make sure you leave a like on the video Subscribe to the channel, please. It really does help me out a ton stop by over on the livestream I stream over on Twitch six days a week and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. I like all them but I've gotten 29 drops and only 3 painted which were crim blast ray and 2 grey fusion thats it the rest weren't

  2. I have always watch the RLCS and never got anything. Finally this past sunday it finally happened not 1 not 2 but 3 RLCS rewards.
    1. Big splash which I have wanted for a while for my water themed car
    2. Gyro or something like that wheels
    3. FUCKING TW APEX… well worth the wait

  3. Nice video! And yea the regular decopunk look good already is assumed they would add gold animated tread. First video I watched of yours but already u seem like u have high quality vids :))

  4. I actually like the Decopunk the most, the banner is really nice. This weekend I got nothing, and today during CRL I got two of the same thing lmao the Dominus decal one…

  5. Hey what’s up, I’m StarFighter_303’s brother, I told her to watch your stream because we were looking for streamer’s tournaments to join and I noticed you were streaming

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