ALL Power Armor Locations In Fallout 76 Part 3 (X-01 POWER ARMOR)
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ALL Power Armor Locations In Fallout 76 Part 3 (X-01 POWER ARMOR)

August 31, 2019

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  1. Does anyone on here know if you can actually get the x01 jetpack mod from the enclave? Because I've been server hopping to refresh the loot in the Generals armoury for a while now and it hasn't appeared and it's making me wonder if it's obtained somewhere else

  2. So straight forward and to the point, doesn't get much better on YouTube, only started watching your videos since 76, wish people got more recognition when they deserve it so I could have seen your old videos, keep it up

  3. Up the cliff from black bear lodge, up there is a cliff overlooking the crashed space station, there is an unmarked location with some raider power armour and some good scrap

  4. Can you make a pdf or something like that for the map of power armor that you could link in the description so we could see it closer up?

  5. At 5:09 there is a power armor with t-45 and t-51. That means it’s fake because only 1 set of armor is on it when it spawns

  6. I get Legendary Gauss rifle from legendary ghoul I think, and best part is: it have best mod for sniper rifle ever-double damage if target is full health 😀 😀 , I oneshot lvl 21 deathclaw 😀

  7. I may have to correct you avout the gatlin plasma in not sure if you said that you can find it in dead corpses ,if not you can :)Found one ISI 😀

  8. Levels for the power armor
    15-Raider power armor
    25-T-45 power armor
    25-Excavator power armor
    30-T-51 power armor
    40-T-60 power armor
    40-X-01 power armor
    50-Ultracite power armor

  9. For those who are near arktos pharma there is a spawn there behind a level 1 terminal as well as another terminal you can hack below it where there is a fusion core generator.

  10. I don't want to come off rude but I have to be honest your videos about fallout 76 are absolutely annoying. The way you described items and parts of this game was ridiculous learn what you're talking about learn this game before you start making a video about it. also it would probably be good if you would give a description of what kind of enemies are going to be at these locations instead of saying on every single location yeah this location is easy.watching and listening to your videos about fallout 76 is equivalent to having someone running their nails on a chalkboard.also it's kind of ridiculous how you go all over the map left to right right to left bottom to top top to bottom do you have any clue or do you even realize that it cost you in game currency 2 fast travel you should really make a video thats put together better you know here's an idea have an order about things like everything that's on the left as one then going to everything else in the middle then after that everything that is left over on the right hand side of the map I followed your technique and it ended up costing me 427 caps in fast traveling and I have the fast traveling perk when I could have spent 217 caps if I would have just had it in order. Please I beg you stop making videos about a game that you have no clue about. You're obviously a noob.

  11. There’s actually 2 more power armors you can find in watoga.

    Watoga Emergency Services- On the roof. Their are enemies with a chance of legendary.

    The second can be found near AMS Corporate Headquarters, just look for the crashed vertibird, there should be a chance of power armor behind the vertibird. Their are a lot of bots around.

    Your welcome 🙂

  12. "Mon-ang-ah" looks like they decided "monongahela" was too hard.

    I grew up in that area. Monongahela and the Allegheny rivers create the Ohio river.

  13. Ayee thanks bro u got the laughs but legit I’m sick and tired of listening to ESO and his bullshit just to find some farming spots..good shit bro I subscribed ur pretty dope homie not gonna lie

  14. I simply just farmed two locations and got a shit ton, but sadly I didn't have enough space for 19 chasis so I had to make it 9. May they rest in peace

  15. There is also raider power armor in the back of a truck in George's junk yard ps you need lvl 3 picklocking so you can server hop and get armor from there and then run over to the train yard where the is some more random power armour in a train cart

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