All Rebel Soldier Types and Variants – Star Wars
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All Rebel Soldier Types and Variants – Star Wars

August 27, 2019

This video is going to go over all the different
types of Rebel Soldiers under the Rebel Alliance. First are the regular Rebel Troopers, also
known simply as Rebel Soldiers. They served as the backbone of the Alliance army, and
were made up entirely of volunteers. Rebel troopers were usually employed in squads,
and they mainly used guerrilla warfare tactics against the empire. Due to the Rebel Alliance’s
limited resources, Rebel troopers were not equipped with a standard uniform. Instead,
they wore whatever was available and what was best suited for the environment they were
fighting in. The most iconic uniform worn by these soldiers was the one seen during
the Battle of Tantive IV, where they wore black vests and long white helmets. Other
uniforms were worn depending on the environment. These include the ones worn on Endor, Hoth,
Tatooine, and Sullust. Although these uniforms provided far less protection than stormtrooper
armor, they did provide the rebels better mobility and the ability to camouflage into
the environment. Rebel troopers were usually equipped with the A280 blaster rifle. Second are the Rebel Assault Troopers. They
were used during rebel sieges and large scale attacks. They wore special battle armor which
consisted of a helmet and full-face visor. It provided them better protection than the
uniforms worn by regular rebel soldiers. This armor was also worn by Rebel Desert Troopers,
who were used to guard the Rebel base on the planet Corellia. Third are the Rebel Honor Guards. They were
mostly used for ceremonial purposes, like the award ceremony at the end of A New Hope.
They wore button down jackets and wore the same white and long helmets worn by some Rebel
Soldiers. During ceremonies, they were equipped with Electropoles. In some cases, they wore
combat armor and were used to guard Princess Leia during battle. Fourth are the Tauntaun Troopers. They were
trained to ride Tauntauns and were primary used as scouts. They were used on icy planets
and were equipped with flamethrowers. Fifth are the Rebel Marksman, also known as
rebel sharpshooters. They were equipped with the E-17d sniper rifle and were used to harass
the enemy from a great distance. A large amount of rebel marksman were women. Sixth are the Rebel Marines, also known as
Alliance Fleet troopers. They were tasked in defending rebel ships from enemy boarding
parties. They wore very similar uniforms to those of the rebel troopers stationed on Tantive
IV. There was at least one Rebel Marine during the Imperial boarding of Tantive IV. Seventh are the Rebel Pilots. They flew rebel
starfighters, air speeders, and light freighters. Though most of them lacked formal training,
they made this up with sheer experience and diligence, which made rebel pilots very dangerous
in battle. They typically wore orange flight suits that contained a life support box on
the chest. They also wore a helmet that included a visor with a special computer projection
for targeting. Eighth are the Rebel Bantha Riders. They rode
on top of Banthas and used them to strike down enemy defenses. Ninth are the Rebel Prison Troopers. They
guarded the detention facility in the Rebel base on the planet Corellia. They wore full
body armor and helmets similar to those worn by Mandalorians. Tenth are the Rebel Heavy Soldiers. They were
equipped with blaster cannons and wore light armor. They were used to destroy everything
in their path. Eleventh are the Rebel jetpack troopers. They
wore unique jetpacks that allowed them to hover in the air and attack the enemy from
above. Twelfth are the Rebel Sea Commandos. They
were trained for aquatic combat and to operate aquatic vessels. Thirteenth are the Alliance Observers. They
were tasked to ensure that Rebel Privateers, who were basically rebel mercenaries, were
kept in line and honored their contracts. Fourteenth are the rebel infiltrators. They
were used to cut into Imperial armored vehicles, especially walkers, and to take control of
them. They wore all black combat suits and were equipped with jetpacks. Fifteenth are the Rebel Missile Troopers.
They were equipped with missile launchers and wore blue combat armor. There was a variant
of this trooper called Armored Missile Troopers, who were equipped with two missile launchers. Sixteenth are the Rebel Mortar troopers. They
were trained in mortar combat and were positioned behind front-lines, where they could efficiently
hit the enemy with mortar shells. Seventeenth are the Rebel Sith Hunters. Though
it isn’t exactly known what they did, we can assume they were trained to fight against
dark Jedi and Sith. The next set of rebel soldier types are apart
of the Rebel Alliance Special forces, also known as Specforce. Specforce troopers showed
extraordinary skills and were given more advanced equipment than the regular rebel soldiers. First are the SpecForce Marines. They were
used to fight aboard starships and space stations, and were trained to even fight in zero gravity.
They wore light armor or armored spacesuits, depending on the environment. Second are the Pathfinders. They were used
on stealth missions and for reconnaissance. They generally performed their missions behind
enemy lines and were inserted by parachuting down to their target. They were lightly armored
and extremely mobile. Third are the Specforce Guerrillas, also known
as Urban Guerrillas. They were trained to fight in urban environments and planet-wide
cities, like Coruscant. They were experts in hand to hand combat. They were usually
equipped with blaster pistols and vibro knives. Fourth are the Wilderness fighters. As the
name implies, they were trained to fight in the wilderness, like jungles and deserts.
They were able to use the environment to their advantage. They usually wore uniforms that
suited the environments they were in. Fifth are the Infiltrators. They mastered
the skill of stealth and were sent on missions involving sabotage and raiding. They were
also used to start up rebellions on Imperial friendly worlds. They wore light armor and
were equipped with silent weapons, like the Adjudicator. Sixth are the Heavy Weapons Specialists. They
were specialized in the use of a variety of weapons, including repeating blasters, missile
launchers, and artillery. They were trained to never leave their positions during battle,
even under fire. This lead to them having the highest casualties in the SpecForce. Last are the Technicians. These included combat
engineers, medics, pilots, drivers, and communications specialists. They were mainly used as support
for the other Specforce units. They carried specific equipment depending on their role.
For example the medics carried medpacs, while the communications specialists carried advanced

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  1. All of the rebel soldiers wearing the uniform seen on the Tantive IV at the end of Rogue One and the beginning of A New Hope were from Alderaan. That was the uniform of the Alderaanian Consular Security.

  2. I like how you say they wear what best suited them but then look the same while at the same time the other special forces wear specific uniforms?

  3. Great video, but you need to update at some point to include the Rebel Military Police seen in "Rogue One". Wearing the uniform of the Rebel Fleet Trooper, they had brassards on their right arm with writing, plus writing on their helmets that indicated their position. In the theatrical release you see one MP escorting Jyn to the Rebel Command, while more MPs are seen in the first teaser trailer escorting Jyn.

  4. Spec force infiltrators and spec-forces marines and resistance pilots, assault troopers, rebel marines and rebel prison guards.

  5. Stop Calling the Soilders in the Tantive IV rebel Soilders they weren’t. They were Alderanian Consular Security officers.

  6. The rebel snipers harassed the enemy from a distance, and most of them were women…

    It's not surprising that stormtroopers always miss.

  7. actually the soilders on tantive 4 is actually reble fleet troupers because thay are the standerd soilders you would see in fleets in basic weathr and reble bases

  8. How do Rebels even have special units? That doesn't make sense, Rebels are unorganized by definition as they are not a standing military but rather a group of ragtag people with guns united into one faction. For the Republic and the Empire, I understand since these were the standing Galactic militaries at the time but I don't get the Rebels having these.

  9. Bro the armored rebel desert assault trooper would make some bank if we got it on Galactic era desert maps in SWBF2. The infiltrators too

  10. I thought the rebels were a ragtag group of freedom fighters, everything they have is either stolen or loaned to them. Legends treats them like a group that can defeat the Empire within a few months. smh

  11. Black vest and long weird ass helmets on the rebel marines. The black vest blue garments are ok. I can never get over why there helmet is unnecessary long, wide, and white. It makes them look retarded and makes them stand out, though it protects the back of the neck which makes no sense cause if you're retreat getting shot in the back still ends up the same, with you dead. All the other outfits are ok to me. The one thing that urks me is why do they have so many spec ops units when literally the whole rebel army knows and operates on guerilla warfare: subversion, subterfuge,sabotage, Hit and run style attacks with quick raids.

  12. The demilitarization policy of the New Republic (Canon) was a huge mistake. Though warmongering would bring a great nation to destruction, but giving up or shun warfare would also cause threat a country, too.
    This was why the First Order rose, because the NR gave them a big opening for them to attack.

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