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February 26, 2020

somewhere in Antarctica A Penguin sits at his computer who knows what he’s doing. We can’t see his hands guys oh kiwi Pedia awesome Penguin article get me there fast Hmm. He’s learning all about penguins, and he’s very excited about it Flightless Birds oh Hell no guys you can’t have a flightless penguin okay? He’s going to prove them all wrong Learn to fly all right welcome to learn to fly guys I uh just went back to the classroom three video where I mentioned that I wanted to play some more flash games and aside from a very popular comment about um Random games, you know the random game series that I’ve done I don’t know you guys seem to really want that to come back I’ll see what I can do about that Okay aside from that the the other top comment was play learn to fly You said there are three games and people seem to want to see it, okay? So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video leave a like if you want to see some more I don’t know if I’m going to like it yet, but why not just ask for likes anyway, right? That’s how youtube works anyway. Let’s go ahead and play I Guess we’re going to have to fly as a penguin right look at this Wait until you research it reach the jump use the left and right to adjust your angle Hit the water with your belly fast enough to bounce back up press any key to continue Okay Here we go, buddy Can you fly yet? Oh that’s an angry looking cloud isn’t it alright? Oh Okay *FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP* Good job penguin look at that. You got seventeen doll hairs So this is one of those games by the look of it. Where you get money and then you get upgrades Please tell me there are upgrades. What can I get for my penguin? Yes? Ok guys, I love these games. There’s so much fun They’re so easy to make videos on and fun to make videos on and you guys always seem to like them I’ve played so many of these games that just is play a level and then get a whole lot of upgrades What can I do hmm for 30 bucks I can upgrade some things a glider is 50, and there’s all kinds of other shit It’s really expensive old beat-up glider. Can it really fly hmm. I don’t know well I can’t get anything because I suck let’s try again. Okay. Oh and if you travel 40 feet you get an achievement, just but just by doing that you get 25 bucks, so Get ready to see me fly. Oh, and there’s a stage select as well you get bigger and bigger ramps But I can’t get any of that shit guys I’m not a good flying penguin if I can get I think that’s a happy cloud over there great. If I am If I can if I can get another 17 bucks guys which is possible 17 bucks good if I can get another 17 bucks. I can I can actually get something so let’s get something okay? Let’s let’s get a thing over here. We can Wait what? Why did the Ramp ike go up on its own? Let’s wait again another 17 dollars will put us at 51 and then we can get the glider I’m assuming you’re going to need a glider since penguins can’t fly I mean don’t tell this guy that but it’s true all right, Mr.. Penguin It’s a nice day the clouds are smiling, and you are about to hit some water again Ma’am oh yeah. Oh good good job bro. Good job. Hey, I can’t believe you made $17 today That’s crazy dude. I would never have predicted it Oh, so this is So these are unlocks are they I can choose what I want to get here. Is that what they’re telling me? I may get the Glider. Oh oh I know what’s going on here guys the little dots mean. That’s what you can get I thought the little dot man That’s what you have Well it all makes sense now, okay? It all makes sense So I’m at zero obviously I can’t get anything if you see it data on something it means I can upgrade it I just thought a glider would be the most important You’re probably going to want to be able to glide since penguins got these little tiny flippers for wings. It’s no good You can’t you can’t do anything with that, Mr.. Penguin? No offense, and now I’ve got a glut, er gliding allows you to make a longer and more controlled flights each glider has a red Zone a Speed above which your speed drops fast avoid gliding for long moments in the red zone to get the extra distance. You need all right let’s uh Let’s try it out. See what we can do here okay? Oh, yeah nice and fant nice and fast look at me go Wow, okay, so it was a lot farther that was good look at that and because I went so long I actually get a multiplier So max altitude is important and flight distance is important obviously So maybe I could try and like just push myself up in the air try and get a good good height or something achievement completed 25 bucks is man. I’m going to put that towards some shit, bro Take a look so this is the things I can get do a lot less air resistance more Acceleration a cleaner surface provides faster acceleration to that. Let’s get a nice clean surface clean off that ice bro We’re going to do it okay now. Let’s fly 10 feet so we can get another 25 bucks, okay? Let’s see if that’s the possibility. I don’t need to get this thing every time I know how video games work I’ve been playing them for years and up we go look at this Okay, and let’s try and uh mmM, okay, that’s that’s as good as I can do there that was good 27:32 wow okay? That was that was great. That was that was real great Now look at that achievement right there look at that thing. I just did 25 bucks is mine. Now. I have a hundred and nine dollars wait. There’s another achievement. I did more things wait. There’s another achievement I did more things. That’s a lot of things So let’s go let’s try and get some evening out going on here, okay? this one here is 20 250 very rocket-propelled penguin period What what’s the period for you just you just you’re just ending your st… That’s what it is. It’s a penguin. It’s rocket-propelled What more do you want to know all right? Well? That’s that let’s go with acceleration, okay, because that’s the most expensive one So you might as well put it on the most expensive one you can get at the time? I guess I don’t know I made that up all my achievements are complete everything is done. Let’s go to stage Ten I mean that’s what it says. It’s a 10-foot ramp Let’s go to the 10-foot Ramp and we are going to get so much more Stuff so much more money so much more speed so much more height no more achievements together. That’s okay I’m going to make all my money on the other thing here. We go all right And I’m just gonna lose Why do anything when you can do nothing? That’s the famous words of me? 101 dollars guys damn right, you know what I mean damn now Let’s go for some more Rant pipe all right this game seems really easy guys, but I’m looking forward to Learn to fly two and three I feel like there’s going to be some cool shit I would imagine you know there’s got to be some cool shit going on in these in these Sequels sequels are always better than the original game for the most part. I’m not going to say every sequel is better I’ve played some bad sequels in my day. Thanks. Let’s get some more air resistance All right, and now I’m going to save up for the rocket okay? Everybody everybody could use a rocket to propel them now, and then you know especially a penguin Oh, there’s achievements for each of the ramps well now Now that makes sense so gliding you want to glide far. You don’t want to do to hit the water dull And stay out of the red Zone Okay, you don’t want to be in the red zone losing your speed or some shit like I’m in the red zone now but if I go up high enough, I get out of the red zone, and then I can just Chill like this right is that is that my dam? I doing it, right? I don’t know how video games work, but look at that kapow. Oh Yeah, that’s how video games work right there guys 166 bucks. Let’s do that again, and then we’ll have enough for oh, oh shit I got an achievement So is 100 bucks there And that’s it, but that means there’s enough for a rocket guy then you have rocket fuel put some into that as well, okay Hoo-wee, so I also have to travel 200 feet fly 225 feet reach 70 miles per hour My red Zone, how do I how do I make that better? I don’t I didn’t even look at that, but it’ll come up again later since it comes up every Frickin time We still only have 50 there, but let’s go up to 25 feet if possible And I also got that little rocket and now I’ll come back down and get some nice speed going and fly Up mind you you can’t hit the water bro. You can’t do that. You can’t that was good. That was that was good What do you what? Don’t even bother show me what I got just giving my achievement right thanks a lot. I mean I’m not going to complain it’s an achievement Okay, so I could get more rocket fuel. That’s an option I think let’s go with acceleration again and then air resistance I mean, you’re bringing the air resistance down the acceleration goes up and the ramp height goes up I’m thinking I should probably try and get the rest of the achievements here before I move on right so this time I’m just going to go apply enough, so that I’m out of the red Zone And then I’m just going to start using my rocket fuel space to use rocket for an extra Boost remember to upgrade your rocket fuel capacity for maximum results and Yeah, before space. It’s just a rocket and then after space well, it’s the rocket that’s working so yeah We need to fix that that red zone thing guys I don’t know if you can enough, but yeah There’s that there’s my stuff gun my rocket can’t be used stop telling me that I’m slowly coming to a stop Very high up there very high up from the water, okay? I’m sure that’s more money that I’ve ever gotten right 250 bucks right there like that bam. I? I didn’t get any more cheap. Yes. I did yes. I did get achievement. I got that one I got this one Let’s both of them complete, okay Well, then let’s go with Rocket fuel I want to get to a rocket fuel up in here and some more ram pipe And now that I’ve got the 10 complete all the achievements I can move on to the next so you don’t need to actually do that to move on do you complete to achievement, okay? So you don’t need a couple but you might as well get them all you know while you’re there And then move on and get the next ones the next ones I’m sure going to be harder to get than the previous one So then again who knows all right stupid Red Zone, man You ruined my life red Zone ruining my life stop stop doing that stop or one of my life? This is going to be it’s gonna be worth so much money guys so much whoa. Oh don’t even Keep it goin bro. Keep it going. Yes stop Stop with that five hundred bucks right there like that guys. I’m going to have this game complete in no time I’ve been playing for 13 minutes and that includes the setup and that includes doing the intro and all that crap So things are coming pretty good Let’s get the next glider. That’s what I’m going to do screw anything else guys. I want the glider Gimme the glider Fly for 45 feet that’s one thing I can do So let’s do that. Let’s go up nice and high I don’t know if you ever actually get more of like a better speedometer I think they just it just goes up to the red zone and then and then that’s it and then you just lose a bunch of speed But I’m going to try and keep her nice and ho high and a little bit of rocket fuel left, and then it is over Hmm guys whenever, I think of flash games. I always think of the game of monkey Curling please post in the comments if you played monkey curling I might make a video on I don’t know if it’s worth its own video, but it is a fun game Okay, so I might do it just for the fun of it, okay Can I have fun guys? Can’t I be a successful youtuber and have a little bit of fun at the same time not everything has to be clickbait I mean, I’m playing a game about flying penguins. That’s not the world’s greatest Thing that everyone wants to see you’re going to watch it though. Aren’t you? Considering you’re here. I think you already have hey look at that another achievement Must reach that status or whatever the meters was that I had to reach, okay, or feet or something now new Glider That’s been done and let’s go for acceleration And that is it it’s happening guys this new glider is going to take me to new heights. I’m going to reach new heights. Oh Now we got a new speedometer. This is make so much difference guys This is going to be this is going to be crazy man. Look at look at me go I’m just going to go up and down just for the hell of it Okay, guys a lot of fun a lot of fun doing that alright And it actually actually shows up in red if you have a critical velocity apparently that’s cool This is good to know I mean I can see it myself I don’t really need you to point it out, but if you want to you can graceful landing and a whole lot of money yeah and an achievement and another achievement Okay, I’m doing it guys. I’m doing great things with my life. I’m I’m a grown-ass man Making a penguin fly. Oh look at this guy’s I have enough to get a new rocket, so I’m going to do that Okay, there goes all my money, so this one is done now. We’re moving on to the 35 foot ramp This is going swimmingly or flying Lee and away. We go critical velocity And I’m dry. I’m trying to keep it that way oh Okay, don’t want to touch don’t want to touch that okay. This is going to be good. It’s going to be good It’s always going to be good every time you get an upgrade you’re just going to do better and better I Was just going to see if I could fly past any more clouds all those clouds look like they want to blow me you know what I mean, you know what I mean ah Damn, that was good a little bit better than before not as much as I thought it was going to be but that’s okay let’s go for More ramp ice how does it even work? How do you how do you increase ramp height when you’re already increasing the ramp height? You know because that’s kind of the point of getting a new ramp. So is it not 35 feet I just increased it. So it must be at least more than 35 feet now or something. Let’s get some of these achievements, okay? Let’s go up to 100 feet up in the air alright That’s what we’re going to do right now way on up to 100 feet I’m going to get all kinds of money for and it’s going to be great up. We go blasting off again and dive and down and oh Shit okay, so that that wasn’t great obviously, but that altitude though that was sick altitude Did I get anything? Yeah, okay. I got the altitude one that gave me two grand. This is easy Is that man making money is easy kids and now three? I’m the air resistance, and then one on the ramp ight and now It’s going to be better. Okay. Have you figured it out yet? If we figure that has the the upgrades make things better guys because I think I think I pointed that out now and away we go just wanted to get out of that red Zone use up that extra velocity ah I’m going to go down. I want a bit more speed. We can speed up with this as well. That’s good I can actually survive for quite a while now I can just get really close, and then I can just give her a little give her a little bit of a boost. Hey Yeah, go, that’s nice That’s real nice. I should probably get the achievement this time for for distance Yeah, I mean, where is it it’s a no actual distance counter here. I know I’m going really fast I’m going 45 something’s per hour or per minute or per second or something. I don’t have any kind of measurement I could assume. It’s maybe kilometers or miles you know Statistically this game was probably made by an American so we can assume is miles per hour boom I got a thing okay? That was time That was the amount of time I spent flying through the air and that was it let’s get some more rocket fuel that Much and then more acceleration. Okay? I didn’t want to spend it all on Rocket fuel, so I didn’t thirty-five rant We need to travel fifty hundred feet having done that and reach 150 miles per hour I can’t do that unless I get the next thing you know this one Will only let me go to 90 which is pretty sad. Oh and obviously it is miles per hour we figured that out I’m fastest foot boy Whew I’m keep start bitch Yeah, hmM. Give me that drama. Yeah That was that I was good. I was the three times multiplying that one 2600 right there I think it’s 5,000 for the next thing. Oh you never just gave me more money oh
I love that a lot and now I can get this thing and that’s 10,000 so let’s get the next glider And now I can pull off the achievement first speed. I guess this will allow me to reach 150 miles per hour then I’ll get another $2,000 you can move on to the next ramp look at this thing man this penguin is dope a f Look at it. Oh Man, he’s got resistance. He’s got altitude. He’s got all the good stuff, and you can go hella fast with this guy’s well I need to reach 150 there you go. That’s all I needed to do altitude. Oh well That’s the altitude right there, holy shit, bro. I am wrecking some shit right now. What am I wrecking nothing? Really? I mean, I’m just flying through the air. I’m not bothering anyone but get rekt anyway, okay? How much money you think I’m going to make up this one guys. It’s going to be a lot I would say I’m going to make at least $5,000 but I could be wrong, but I mean like the speed pretty much doubled after getting that new Glider so let’s take a look and see Or don’t you really had to show me that achievement didn’t you you as hey? That looks like it was about 5,000 though guys because I think I had Less than a thousand before and now five thousand plus two thousand seven thousand so yeah, we did okay we did good and now max out the ramp height perhaps and Then put another one on this one, and now we get to go to the new Ramp which means we should probably be able to Get enough money in one go Perhaps you think we can get ten thousand and one go that’s a lot to expect for may because look at this shit some crazy shit um How much do I have left not much rocket fuel? That’s okay look? This guy can handle himself okay? Let’s see what he does Let’s see what he does with the most wonderful opportunity in the world you’re a penguin and you’re flying okay? You better be proud of yourself bro, because I’m certainly proud of you You did good work little Timmy, Timmy the Penguin little penguin Timmy named me So much fun. I’m going to end up you know hitting the water, but that’s okay I mean, I feel like it almost helps to do this It seems like it took me a long time to slow down But I was going pretty fast so laying in the water everything is good. Damn it. Even is one more time I’m going to murder you well the 5000 should be enough to get the thing anyway look at that Okay, so I made like 6000 or so up the other thing. That’s good. Let’s get this thing here and Move on now What’s left again a bunch of stuff if I reach? 6000 feet there’s a question mark achievement doesn’t even tell me what I get. I would assume that I’m going to get Some Sort of reward like you know congratulations on being Literally the best penguin in the entire world, holy shit. You did some really cool Good job like if I could just get a plaque that said that’d be that’d be cool with me all right So the distance is down there guys I’m not going to reach very much of a distance not exactly going to hit 5k or anything, but I’ll do okay I can I can possibly hit 4,000 4750 oh crap. Oh yeah, I forgot you can bounce right Man man could have been using this. I don’t know if it actually does anything or not, but it’s still pretty cool And I’m not going to hit 4k I only get to thirty nine seventy stop. What are you doing? What why did you do that that was the stupidest thing? It didn’t they didn’t even show me what I got guys, but I got a lot of money, okay So boom that’s done only four more things left to get Walk in the park. I’m telling you walk in the park Let’s go up to 225 feet that’s not that high and let’s reach 225 miles per hour both of that can be done in this go okay, so let’s let’s do it I got an actual like you know alpha to counter here now. Which is nice so I can be like look at and 225 and then I come back down and 225 and I’m going to hit the water and bounce back up again. Just for the hell of it and That’s it. I just made like a whole bunch of money from that okay Check that out guys. They didn’t even get mad at me this time. I stopped early I just don’t to the water because I wanted to take a look at the other things, okay So here comes the achievement boom got achievement for going up bump up and got achievement for going really freaking fast good job Now we need to hit 5,000 and 6,000 those are the last two things I got one upgrade left again, not bad man This is a nice short game. I like that. Let’s do it. Let’s travel 4,000 feet I was almost there I was so freaking close before I got to the 30 30 970 so this should be easy because I just got a whole bunch of upgrades that I’m great, okay Look at look at how great. I am this is the good life guys Just a flying penguin Just a flying penguin listen to this music and shit alright guys, so I’ll definitely hit 4,000 right now But I think 6000 might be pushing it, but I don’t know cuz this is a pretty good little rocket I got going here, and I still got some juice left. Oh yeah, I think I’m going to do it I think I’m going to get all the achievements right now. Okay? It’s over okay It was a it was fun while it lasted, but the game is over. I hate 6 I Did it I? can fly Look at this guy. Go he’s at 8 having such an adventure man fly into the sun. I hear it’s really great breaking this oh You’re like that guy in the in the stories who flew close through the sun And then he died And that is why nobody believes that penguins can fly because one penguin flew and then he had a he hit an iCeberg and now He’s dead okay, so so if you’re a penguin I just want you to know that yes, you can fly but no you should probably not hit Icebergs You’re telling me you want me to clear the game faster than 22 days. It’s not that complicated of a game I’m sure I could do a little bit better, but what if I just played learn to fly too? Instead I’m expecting a lot guys learn to fly one was a nice short charming game I’m expecting just as much or more from learn to fly to leave a like if you want to see it Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to leave a like and I will see you next time goodbye oh

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  5. The Golden Age of Internet, how I remembered playing this game when I got into penguins…

    …and monkeys too. And one monkey in particular has a jetpack that is having its 20th anniversary this year.

    Must say these cutscenes are extremely funny and cute.

  6. Bro your such a noob at getting momentum in the game the red zone is meant to be good it gives you more ability to fly and you go up and down to keep flying

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  8. I really liked the third one in gameplay and fun factor more than the second but in just nostalgia its the second.Imo the third one is the pinnacle of the series

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