Amazing Frog: BLIMP BUMPER CARS! [Annoying Orange Plays]
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Amazing Frog: BLIMP BUMPER CARS! [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 9, 2019

– You gonna get it, look out Frog Milk (laughs loudly) (gaming music) (laughs) Hey you we take you a little back here with another game video, back
with some more amazing frog. Everybody loves the spread
black buddha shrine flock. Fried frog legs is actually
kind of hard to say, try it yourself. Right crab legs, Frank pag begs. (laughs) So we’re trying to find
that crazy little wily gingerbread man, oh wait wait
wait wait wait wait yeah yeah okay this is where he was. Oh yeah, I recognize
this, he was hopping up and down he was right over here. Ah, doesn’t look like he’s over here now. Fast as fast as you can, where the heck is that gingerbread man? (laughs loudly) Mr. gingerbread man,
yeah yeah, don’t worry I’m not gonna eat you. (laughs loudly) I love sweating important
and seeds, ah that’s the way to do it. Here it is, yes get up and go. (laughs loudly) The heck are you Mr.
Gingerbread man, won’t get you. Now, if I was a tiny gingerbread
man, where would I be? Probably kazoos are rocks, right? See if I can get a bird’s-eye view, or should I say frog’s eye view? They really need to
change the saying to that. Maybe I just need the helicopter. (laughs loudly) I don’t know why it’s so
complicated to get inside one of these things. Well I thought that was him
but that was just a top hat. Come on slinky Ricky bond
butterfartz, where are you? Oops, I meant to do that, but
seriously I’ve been around the map like 18 times I’m not seeing one little gingerbread man. That’s it this thing’s no help to me. (laughs loudly) That’s the best way to get
out of a helicopter yet. Let’s go bowling for snow man,
yeah, keep bowling bowling bowling bowling, what, bowling
bowling bowling, look out! Yeah get that stir right. (laughs loudly) Whoa check out this snowball, sweet. Did I make this? Awesome. You guys, I can’t find him. Wait wait, there’s something
bouncing over there. Wait a second, is that him? That’s him, oh my goodness,
it’s the gingerbread man. About to get defeated by the
ninjabread man, oh got ya, goody-goody gum drops,
oh sweet, now I could be the gingerbread frog. (laughs loudly) Sweet, oh gingerbread man
you feeling crummy now that you got caught? Oh he’s looking pretty
good, hey he’s still happy, don’t worry about it guys. (laughs loudly) Sweet, oh man what we gonna do next? Later gingerbread man, he’s like hey! Alright, let’s see what he looks like. Oh gingerbread frog you look
so happy, in a Grinch bride, so many to choose. Alright, let’s go with gingerbread frog. (laughs loudly) Hey, your butt on the
log gingerbread frog. Okay, here we are back in
regular Swindon, no snow, nice and sunny, lots of stuff
going on here right? Oh, there it is, the giant toilet. Oh I gotta go check this out, hopefully the magic plunger works. Whoa that was awesome. Wow, am I going to the toilet? I think I’m going to the toilet, wooh. Oh, that’s crappy, you took
your jetpack in the toilet and became something else,
works the other way too, balloon pack now available in wardrobe. You, whatchu mean, wow cool,
balloon back is awesome, oh yeah we’re going to
new heights you guys. Oh sweet, now I can just leave Swindon whenever I want to. How do I get down? Oh I gotta pop the balloons,
wow holy moly I’m so high. Oh there’s so much stuff
to explore you guys. Oh my goodness, I’m so
excited, whoo blimp whoo blimp, you wanna go up against me? Come man, come man. (laughs loudly) Oh man, I’m gonna have
to throw some more stuff in that toilet, but first
I’m gonna go search around a little bit, I’ve never
been out here before, this is so cool. I love the balloon
backpack, it’s so much fun. What is this? Is that a dog statue? Let’s look at a little
rough, don’t you think? (laughs loudly) Oh, it’s a pig. Wow, that was even a
better landing than usual. What you doing piggy
just baking in the heat? Alright let’s ride. Oh no no, piggy you got sad oh snapped. (groans loudly) I wish that would have been
a pig in my imagination. (laughs loudly) Oh, Piggy doesn’t have
any body to play with now. What, I can’t help it if
I found this humorous? (laughs loudly) Yeah, humorous that’s the name of a bone. (laughs loudly) Oh Piggy, do you wanna have
some ribs here, okay okay. Alright, let’s see what else is around. Time to take a dive, oh oh oh oh. (laughs loudly) That’s one way to do right there froggy. Whoa, it’s so cool, it’s so
pretty out here, hey look, there’s a lake over there too. Ah sweet, whoa check
out there’s an island, Oh oh, I think I can see
something on the island. Oh, I bet you there’s lots
of cool stuff out here, well there better be a
bowling ball on a stick, they’ll be the best. (laughs loudly) A true bat man landing. Hey buddy, what you doing? You doing the wave? (laughs loudly) You’re coming with me okay? Don’t fight it, you gotta come with me. (laughs loudly) Looks like I’m giving him a wedgie. Wow, let’s see what’s gonna go over here. Ouh, porta potties, is
that Kermit the Frog? Kinda looks like Kermit the Frog. Alright, what’s it gonna be? Oh, sweet and juicy. What, it does, he looks
like Kermit the Frog, now this I was not expecting. (laughs loudly) I wonder what’s with that
giant crown, who knows. Hey, I’m gonna take this thing
with me, floating through the air feel the air on my derriere. It’s a good song, everyone loves it. Oh man, I wanna go check
out the Swindon sign too, oh there’s something right
down here right outside of the gates, mm-hmm. Oh yeah, this could be a good landing. (laughs loudly) Hey that was actually not too bad Wow, weird it’s a circle of columns, uh the shipping container in the middle? What, he’s even gone on, here’s
really good stuff in here, excuse me, I need good
stuff, gimme good stuff. Oh man I love it, he looks so much like Kermit the Frog. Just gotta find this piggy. (laughs loudly) Oh there’s some over here too, excuse me. Oh, excuse me for that too. Wow, there’s a hole in it, oh
okay I wonder if you can get back in there through there. No I don’t want to do that,
I’ve got my balloon check back, who needs it? Alright let’s go knock down
that shipping container and see if there’s anything good in it. Automatic, oh man it didn’t open up. Yeah, I love it, it’s
gonna feel like good stuff. You know like sour patch kid
pot pies, those are the best, you ever had those, so delicious. (laughs loudly) Alright Kermit, don’t be a hermit. (laughs loudly) That’s how I exit cars too. Alright, let’s go over
here see what we can find. I’ve wanted to go to the
Swindon sign for so long. (bomb sounds) Oh yeah, what you pop you can’t stop. Wow, this is so cool wait a second, is that a Blimp over there? Oh cool, I’m gonna have
to go check this out. Man, you know me and Blimpsy,
we don’t get along very much. Whoa, I’m gonna get you
Blimp, I’m gonna get you. You looking at me like that. Whoo, you full of hot air Blimp,
permission to come aboard. A permit to come on board and do the worm. What, wait a second,
am i flying this thing? Holy moly, I am, I’m flying it you guys. Wait a second I’m flying my
mortal enemy, I’m I evil? Oh no, I think I might
be evil now you guys. So conflicted, this is
amazing but I hate you Blimp. There’s only one thing you
can do when you have a blimp, you gotta play flippy bumper cars. Oh you gone get it, you gonna
get it, look out Frog Milk. (laughs loudly) Blimps really rise to the occasion. (laughs loudly) Oh I see you over there
too Blimpy, you gonna do well quick maneuvers. Whoa whoa, yeah I got
a jig up a little bit. Blimp, are you made
out of jellow jigglers? Oh that’d be awesome if you
were, excuse me coming through. We gotta see what’s over here. Whoa, this is awesome, what’s
it say, Swindon on Sea. Where you can pee in the pool. (laughs loudly) Finally, a place where I could be at home. (laughs loudly) Oh, this is so cool
you guys, look at this. Oh I think there’s some
speed boats down there too. Oh my goodness, yeah yeah
that’s cool, you never know when you might need a
flame thrower on the water. That’s come prepared, right guys? Cool, what’s in here, okay
what am I gonna turn into? I can hardly wait. Oh wait it looks like a scuba froggy. Now I could go on the
water, this is so good. Ooho, lookie lookie, who got that cookie. Hey, giant chocolate chip, my favorite. What if I could catch some fish with this? Oh wait a second, is that a shark? Well what if I should throw
the cookie in there see if he comes over here, let’s see. Go get the cookie sharks, no no, sharks, the cookie’s over here, yes. (laughs loudly) That’s how the cookie crumbles. (laughs loudly) Oh, that’s what I’m talking a boat. Oh yeah, look at that one, that
one’s going for the cookie. Oh no, he’s eating that
frog, hey no no no don’t kill my froggy friends, oh nooo, he got eaten. Oh oh, no no, I can’t, now
I’m trynna ride him, no, it’s not a ridy shark, no
don’t eat me, no don’t eat me. Oh no, he’s got my leg. Quickly, we need more
balloons, oh come we can get out of here, yes we’re floating
away, ah I was even lifted up in the air, that was awesome. Oh man, alright guys, so
that was a lot of fun, well could do a lot more
stuff like throw stuff into the toilet next time. Thank you so much for watching,
make sure to do everything can’t make the up up the
video on your internet cause near cousin Logan, till next time. Later updaters. (gaming music)

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