Amazing Frog: MAGIC PLUNGER! [Annoying Orange Plays]
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Amazing Frog: MAGIC PLUNGER! [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 12, 2019

– [Gamer] See what’s up here. Come on, get in the
mouth, get in the mouth, get in the mouth! Ah! I hit him in the nipple. (upbeat music) (laughing) Hey yo it’s Ethan back here
with another gaming video. That’s right I’ve got
the magic plunger still, and we’re gonna try and
jump into that frog mouth. I wanna see what’s in there. Come on, come on, come on. Don’t get eaten by the sandworms. Woo! (laughing) Starting it out with a fart. (farting) That’s the way to do it you guys. Aww man I wonder if I could just fly right over these satellites. I think we’re gonna do that. Okay, let’s fly right over the satellites and into the mouth. I can do this you guys. If you didn’t know already,
we’re playing some more Amazing Frog and we’re still on the moon doing a lot of exploring,
seeing what’s up here. Come on! Get in the mouth, get in
the mouth, get in the mouth. Ah! I hit him in the nipple. Alright I feel like this
one’s a little bit better. Come on! Get the lip, get the lip Ah! (laughing) Just missed. Come on frog legs. Yeah, that’s right. (farting) Yeah, farty party, that’s how you do it. Come on frog legs, eat me. Eat me! Come on use the forks. The power of the forks compels you! Owie. That didn’t, whoa, cool,
there’s binoculars over here. I wanna use this. How do I do it? You do that, what? Oh. These are the most
worthless binoculars ever! Who uses binoculars that allow
you to see the same amount that you can already see. Frog butt! (laughing) Ah, don’t leave that
black magic plunger there. I just don’t, oh, there we go. Ah, now it’s zoomed. Zoomy, zoomy, zoomy, oh yeah. Okay seeing a little bit closer. Yeah, still not that impressive. Everybody’s farting all the, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no, I don’t wanna
get eaten by a sandworm. No, get out of here. Yeah I’ll fart in his face. That’s what you get. That’s what you get. Do you wanna steal my magic plunger? That’s my magic plunger. It’s still chasing me! You wait for me sandworm. Come on! Yes, oh, yeah, yeah
that’s right sandworms. Try and catch me now. (laughing) This is gonna be a great landing. Yay! (laughing) Landing on your crotch! That’s how you do. (laughing) Alright. Oh wait, hold on, okay
so, yeah, this rocket, can I put it in the rocket? I did! Yes, okay! That’s why there was a plunger. “This rocket will be dispatched to Swindon in order to” plunge the magic toilet. Cool, now I have something
to look forward to. (screams) Holy moly! Well that was a blast. (laughing) Hey I feel like this should
be a new Fortnite dance. The frog legs. Just spin around in circles. (laughing) Alright. That was pretty awesome. Owie! Okay, come on froggy
just got to be careful. Don’t get eaten by a sandworm. Don’t want you to croak. (laughing) Hey, what’s this? I haven’t seen this before. What does this do? Swindon Space Program. Oh wait, something lit up for a second. Can I do something with it? Feels like I should be able
to do something with this. What, whoa, am I inside it? I think I am. What is this thing? Please don’t blow up. Whoa! It’s a super duper space probe. This is awesome. Cool! And it’s powered by farts! (laughing) Or at least I’d like
to think that, anyway. (laughing) It’s kinda hard to control. I wonder if I could use this
to get in the frog mouth. It’s a little hard to control. It’s just a little hard to control. I think I can do this you guys. Feeling good about it. Come on whatever floats your boat, right? ‘Cause we’re on the moon. Okay, okay, yeah get in there. Get in there. You’re supposed to eat
the space probe froggy! (laughing) This thing Is frustratingly
hard to control, especially when I don’t have hands. (laughing) Okay, okay, okay. Come on! I don’t think I can fit in his mouth. I’m out of control a little bit. (laughing) Come on it tastes delicious. You know you want it frog boy. Just gotta angle it in there. This is looking good, you guys. Come on, come on, get in there. Get in there. Okay, okay, maybe I could just jump out. You think I can jump out? Can I eject directly into the mouth? Let’s try it. On three. One, two, three. Yeah! (laughing) I did it you guys! That was amazing! Where’d it go? I hear it. Huh? Okay, whatever, I’ll come
back for space probe later. Alright let’s see what’s up here. We got a little, there’s
something up there. Alright we’re just gonna let it slide while we go up the slide. Grapple hook, cool. We gonna play a little b-ball up here? I wonder what’s in these crates. Cool. (laughing) Don’t box me in bro. (laughing) Yeah, there’s a lot less stuff up here than I thought there was gonna be. Oh well. Uh-oh, this is not looking good. I was only holding on by an armpit hair. (laughing) Uh-oh, good landing there frog legs. Oh here’s the space probe, okay. That’s why, it’s still going. There we go. It was so loud. Come on. There we go. Lunar lander, oh yeah. It’s so majestic. Okay, not really, but, whatever. Kick in the turbo-busters. Spinning it to win in it, yeah. Look at those moves. Look at those grooves. Looking good. Let’s try to find some
good stuff out here. There’s another satellite. I wonder what’s up in that one. Can’t land on the thing
so I gotta shoot it! See what we can get with the, hey, got it with the grapple hook. Now what do I do? Grapple with the fact that
I’m hooked on a feeling! (laughing) Yeah! Moving away up in the world, you guys. Hey do you have space for me up here? (laughing) Cool! Merry-go-round! Ow, maybe you shouldn’t land
with your groin amazing frog. Definitely not merry now. (laughing) What’s this? Hole in one! Let’s go in. Cool! A soccer ball? (laughing) Who put that in here? Are these more grappling hooks? There are! (laughing) There’s grappling hooks everywhere. I went from no grappling hooks
to too many grappling hooks. Hey I’m having a ball. No I missed. (laughing) I do it just for the kicks you guys. I wanna throw it out the hole. Okay, well that didn’t work. (laughing) Oh wait, oh wait, there it goes. There it goes. Yeah, hole in one. Or two, or three. Who knows? (laughing) Hey I wonder if anybody’s
ever gotten to the top of that thing. Come on space lasers! I wanna get to the top of that satellite that’s shooting the lasers. Oh wait, I had it for a second. Yes, got it! Okay, let’s go frog legs. Going to the top. Okay just don’t touch that thing. We saw what happened the last
time you touched that thing. You got vaporized! (laughing) I don’t touch the space laser. That was close. Well that was pretty cool though. I wonder what the heck that thing’s doing. I wanna see if there’s something
on top of the satellite. Nope, nothing up here, weird. Uh-oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. (laughing) That was so close! Alright, well I think
I’m gonna leave it alone ’cause I don’t want that anymore. Space lasers, space, space lasers, yeah. Oh yeah, that’s what
you gotta do you guys. It’s a well known fact
that if you jump in the air and fart at the same time
you actually go higher. See! Amazing fart, I mean, amazing frog. (laughing) Slip of the tongue. Amazing frog teaches you
so many things in life. (laughing) He’s still going. Look at this. Got those moves, got those
grooves, amazing frog legs. What’s this? Can I read this? “How Swindon got its Groove Back…” It was some sweet frog legs, that’s how. Yeah! Alright. Yeah, frog zapper, my favorite. Alright, lets hold onto that. Then maybe what else we get? Oh yeah, another frog zapper, cool. Alright lets see wat more
trouble we can get into. Hip, hop, hip, hippopototamus,
hippopotamus, here we go. What is that? There’s something up there on that ridge. Let’s go check it out, farty frog legs. Cool, whoa, it’s like space invaders. I wonder if I shoot those, can
I actually knock them down? That’d be cool, let me try. Space lasers, space, space lasers. (gunshots) Come on, no, no it doesn’t
seem to be working. Lets try another one. No, missed that one. There we go. I’m hitting it, but nothing’s happening. I wonder if I use a different
weapon if that’ll work. It’s worth a shot, right you guys. You know arrows, you get the point. (laughing) Gotta give it a sot with the crossbow. Okay, farty frog legs, lets see if this works a little bit better. (shattering) Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about you guys! Get that one, nice. Now we’re on a roll,
cinnamon roll, that is. Hey get off of cinnamon
roll, he’s my friend. (laughing) That’s dandy! Oh yeah, this is looking good you guys. Oh, you are not gonna
get me, space invaders. You look pretty good. They all landed on top of that one. That was awesome. Still have 35 bullets left, okay. Arrows, not bullets, yeah. Bouncing, bouncing goodness. Gotta give me some space. (laughing) Look at this we only have
a couple left you guys. Yeah, there’s another one. Okay, we gotta get this one. What the, okay, I’m hitting it! What’s going on here? Come on. Come on! You can do this! Yeah! “You found a neat retro
outfit, check the wardrobe.” Oh, cool! I should go do that. No pets allowed. Whatever, you’re crazy. What if you have a pet frog? (laughing) There it is. It’s cool. Its got the space invaders. Very nice! Looking good there frog legs. Got that sweet retro shirt on. Pretty good! Alright guys, well I think I’m
gonna stop for this episode. Make sure to do everything you can to make a mall popping
video on the internet ’cause it totally serves it cause so good. Until next time, later hot ta-froggys. (upbeat music)

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