Amazon Rockets – 5 Minute Shipping
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Amazon Rockets – 5 Minute Shipping

January 23, 2020

we here at Amazon have a passion for
delivering your products faster than ever before and that’s why I’m
introducing Amazon Rocket. You know, we recently launched Amazon Drones our 30 min shipping and our customers
came back to us and they said you know we want more. we want faster and I said how can we
make that happen We’ve done research and the fact is
people want faster shipping I can’t wait to show you what are teams
are working on. so what you’re about to see has been secret for a really long time I’m excited about it come follow me. These are GPS guided rockets. we
put a package on based on weight and size and then each package is equipped with a
parachute so they get a soft-landing at your front door I’m going to level with you – we burning
a heck of a lot of rocket fuel It’s not environment friendly at all but the
customer comes first like i’ve always said I mean you guys, we are seeing shipping times from when you click buy now to your front
door anywhere from 3-5 minutes five minutes is tops I’m not saying the systems perfect or doesn’t
have it’s kinks because it does, trust me. But I’m not
focusing on the problems or the setback I’m focusing on the future and to our customers and I know our
customers want faster shipping All I’m saying is heads up because here at Amazon the sky’s
the limit

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  1. I know this may sound weird but the video reminds me of the airborne paratroopers in Normandy. (especially the one hanging on the tree)

  2. If my toys that I get are gonna break, I'm gonna chose a longer kind of shipping. As long as it's not in a rocket That will make everything horrible.

  3. That's all fine, and good, but i'm sure the final version will be landing the rockets vertically. LOL funny guy..


  5. totally love that theirs a new way to get item's to our customer faster and the the customer does come 1st but if we want a future creating ways to further our future and existence to have and expanding business needs to be more safe for the environment. totally keep trucking with the idea

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