ANA All Nippon Airways Economy Class Review! (FLYING TO TOKYO) (LIFE IN JAPAN EP.1)
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ANA All Nippon Airways Economy Class Review! (FLYING TO TOKYO) (LIFE IN JAPAN EP.1)

January 21, 2020

What is this sake? Sake All the sake you can drink They literally handed me it.. What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from JFK Airport In New York City And today.. we’re starting the Japan Trip One month in Japan And i’m flying with ANA All Nippon Airways Rated.. one of the best airlines In the entire world We’ve got a 14 hour flight I’m going to take you guys through.. The entire process And we’ll see if it deserves the rating that it has As one of the best airlines in the world I was hoping that nobody would be sitting next to me for the flight But I’ve been informed that their will be somebody in the middle seat.. So.. I’m hoping it’s not to awkward To vlog in the middle of a flight Especially with a lot of Japanese passengers Who I know are super polite So.. i’m going to try to keep my voice down as much as I can. I am absolutely shocked that I made it through security with 4 cameras A kindle and a laptop Without being hassled all that much That was the hardest part I think of the trip.. But now I am walking Towards.. gate number 5 Where the flight boards in about an hour It turns out gate number 5 was so busy That.. I had to move somewhere else Because.. I literally could not find a seat By ANA’s departure I think this flight is going to be completely full Because a lot of people realize That.. flying to Haneda airport Over Narita puts much closer to the city Which is why I’m flying there. And I used 47,500 ANA points Which I transferred from American Express And about $170 dollars I thought that was an absolutely incredible redemption But now..I’m going to show you some essential items That I always travel with On a long haul flight This is a first for me Check out these pants Guys I’m wearing sweat pants For a 14 hour flight I might not be the most fashionable guy on the plane But I will be the most comfortable Next up Eye mask.. Very important Should be dark.. But..I don’t control the lighting on the plane Good headphones I never trust the airlines to have better head phones Than I would possibly have Because.. 14 hours I’m going to be probably watching a lot of movies And the last item which I haven’t dug out of my bag yet Is a kindle Because.. I can’t watch movies the entire flight Interesting note Their are no groups In economy class Everybody just boards at the same time It’s about 10 minutes until boarding starts And there’s maybe.. 20 people in line right now.. Hi, how are you? How are you doing today? Good how are you? Thank you Watch the flight attendant stow the man’s scarf.. That’s customer service. I am A little jealous of business class 12 hours..44 minutes It was supposed to be 14 hours I think we’re going to be a little bit faster Than expected Outlets.. very very useful right here Loving this Cup holder Foot Rest That is how this seat reclines. I’ve never seen antyhing like that before It goes down We’ve got 65 channels Of movies This is going to keep me occupied As long as I want What is this.. sake? Sake All the sake you can drink They literally handed me it.. Yeah it matches her dress Can we keep this? No… We are off to an amazing start They had 4 different Japanese beers The flight attendant told me to go with.. Santori She said I could try them all throughout the duration of the flight Want me to show yours? Sapporo Yeah Sapporo It’s classic And a back of sake Yes Japanese Beer.. sake.. Wine..All available At your disposal Dinner time This is the first time I”ve actually seen.. a menu in coach That’s like a business class type of thing Very cool You do have chopsticks. That is very cool. First time I’ve ever had chopsticks On a flight Here we go You know what That beefs actually not bad Definitley the best coach beef I’ve ever had before Not bad at all The smoked salmon was excellent By the way I just tried it This may be the best.. coach meal I’ve ever had I can’t even think of anything that.. Is even close, honestly. I’m not saying it’s first class level But..For coach ANA you’ve done a great job It makes you question what are they eating in first class, exactly What are they eating up there..? Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream for Dessert ! Japanese Green Tea I think that the customer service here has been Tremendous Every flight attendant has a big smile Anything you need They are happy to bring it over They wer eeven talking to me asking me.. what I’m doing in Japan? They saw my camera, they gave me something to film It’s been a really great and suprisngly Good experience so far What did I do for 13 hours 1)Read my kindle 2)Watched movies.. 3)Edited this very vlog you’re watching I never did give a proper tour Of the bathroom This is pretty cool Italian blood orange face and body lotion Who would have thought? Not your typical western breakfast. Pasta or beef.. The pasta was nothing special The crew wrote me a note! Arigato Alright members of the Barrio We are in Japan and I have a lot of energy For someone who has not slept for the entire 13 hours of flight. That was very nice of the crew to give me that card. They didn’t know I was filming for YouTube Really.. they didn’t pay me to make this video. Man what a flight I’ve got a lot to say. Alright Members of the Barrio Final thoughts on my ANA flight. I thought the customer service was absolutely excellent The food was pretty good Considering it was in coach In fact excellent, considering that it was coach The only thing I didn’t like.. was that the seat Did not recline backwards I didn’t like that whole sliding forward in your seat thing It really didn’t help me get much sleep But we ‘ve got an entire month In Japan coming up So make sure you’ve got notifications turned on All of my Japan videos Are going to be going. In my Japan playlist We’ve got so much planned It’s going to be awesome Make sure to subscribe if you are new to this channel Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  2. How the heck did you find and outbound ANA flight from NYC to Haneda? I can't find any outbound, but inbound I can. RIP. AirCanada over United Airlines, right??

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