ANALISIS DRONE MJX X400 EN ESPAÑOL: Drone de iniciación barato

September 13, 2019

One of the drones clasicos to initiate
and that todavia no habia traido to the channel is precisely this MJX X400. By the way, I’m Rafael Cruz, welcome
to Mundodron. Today in Mundodron, thanks to the company LighTake
go to be able to throw him a glimpse to this MJX X400 that have it traido in the colour less hortera
of the world, gentlemen, in this red chewing gum, pink chewing gum… I that , the daltonism can me… we Go to be able to him throw a glimpse to this drone
that, the truth, has liked me a lot and has very good paints. I Carry some weeks with drones good and this
appreciates , that some times arrive me basurillas that remove me all win them to be still in
this. Out of prank, go us to go to what brings
us the box of this MJX X400. Like estais seeing, comes us the tipico and
does not go us to surprise in at all: the helices, the control of control, a bateria of 750 miliamperios
to 3,7 volts, now will speak of his autonomia, tambien a destornillador… Anyway, it goes us to us to surprise for nothing
what comes us, what if it goes us to surprise it is the form of this drone and go to begin
speaking of the estetica of this drone because it seems me something what less inquietante. it Is one of the forms but wayward, odd
and that but attract me in a drone that have seen from it does long. And it is that MJX is an expert in doing this
type of designs psicodelicos, no if you acordais of the MJX XE600, of the X101, the X800
if it habeis seen, the X901, the X900… they Are drones very but that very wayward in
his form… No so wayward, have his logica, but
if that it is true that go out a bit of the tonica general of the form of this type
of drones. And when we see a drone of iniciacion, imagine
us the form of the Syma X5C, but no, this drone has wanted to give his touch and think that
has achieved it of way quite grata. we Go to begin by the times of the bateria
and by the rank of control. With the rank do not go to have problems, but
alla of 50 m do not go it to be able to see and can you ensure that even to 60-75 m go it to be able to
control without problems segun the calculos. The problem is that tendreis that have an eye
bionico to be able to arrive to this distance. On the baterias, between 7 and 9 minutes, segun
like voleis or haceis the goat… it is not that voleis with insecurity, please! That comes AESA and hits me… No, I refer me to that fly very rapido and
devote us to do guros all the time, to do pirouettes… This type of things already sabeis that it goes to remove
time of bateria. Usually, it has lasted me some 8 minutes but
or less exact, that has been my average. I Think that it is a time but that perfect and on
the bateria, that have it connected, comes with boton to be able to it turn off and some times
forgets me remove the bateria and sabeis that it is very important to remove it and desconectarla. The bateria is a bateria of 750 miliamperios
to 3,7 volts and the well that has is that you go to be able to it exchange between drones as,
for example, the NIHUI 807To, like the JJRC H12… it seems Me a very interesting point because
if you go to be followed advancing inside the mundillo and no quereis spend you a lot of money, if teneis
this drone and despues you comprais the NIHUI 807To, that have analysed or analysed in brief… The videos have done them the same dia, or was,
the thing is averiguar when I go them to go up, it seems me very but that very hit. I have been them exchanging, so
genial by this side. we Continue, as it is of rapido? The bateria leave it was, Rafa, you this
going the pinza… A cosita that likes me a lot of the drones
of MJX before going me to the speed, is eat it connects the bateria, because they close the compartment
and despues leave you a hole underneath stops that can put freely the wires as
you want to and appreciates a lot, because many times carry you with a drone trying put
the wire ahi because have a bad dia and you you carry like ten minutes trying fit it
and does not fit, and think that you go to break it… A very interesting point with MJX, because it seems
that it does it always, or at least all the drones that have pdoido check of this
mark. The speed is the tipica of a drone of iniciacion,
neither too rapido neither slow, it tipico. Why it seems me genial this type of speeds
and simpre say it and it dire? Why a drone of iniciacion can not
be rapido? Because to greater rapidity, greater is the shatter,
the crash inside the floor? And teneis that understand that this is a drone
devoted and thought for people that never they have voldo at all or cositas like drones small
of interior, the step despues to outside is a pelin distinct. This carries us to the unico negative point that
has this drone, that is precisely his fragility. The drones of MJX are not precisely famous
for being the but resistant of the world, by this, although it go to recommend you this drone,
and only recommended it in a circumstance and now it dire, if it is true that teneis that
have some care and that only recommend it to him also to people that are accurate, because
I already have had experiences with crashes I, that think that have flown something… it is not that it was the expert of the world, but have
flown something, have given me account that there is some fragility in some of the parts. For example, one of the legs, one of the
arms, remain me a pelin rare, habia like open one of the tornillitos was
rare already only of the hit and neither was a hit too extreme, so this has given me
understand that probably it is not especially hard, thing that with the mitico, for example,
Syma X5C that this done to base of Nokias, your throw it against… To this drone have done him of perrerias and follows
new, but east in the first hit already parecia that has done me something. I do not think that it was especially important,
but if it encontrais by very low price. This drone by 30 euros seems me ideal, but
by 50 euros, I me iria to the Syma X5C, but if it encontrais by 30 euros, seems me that
it is a drone perfetco, therefore decia that it it recommended but with peros. The speed on his own twist tambien
is quite interesting, is a pelin slow and it goes but or less to this speed and seems me
good for people that have not initiated and that as we put him a too high speed
, can be something wicked. One of the points that is not that it was especially wicked
, because to a drone of iniciacion neither we can ask him that it bear winds of high
speed, but is true that although it bears quite very small breeze of wind that
can come us, when it puts the thing a pelin important, no of winds of 30 km/h,
but of 5 or 6 km/h, that is used to to be but or less the normal that can occur in your zone,
as already it goes him to begin to cost fly. it is not complicated to bring it home, is not complicated
to leave it in the floor, but if it is true that it does not go to move with the ease of other
drones as they can be the H8C, the mitico Syma X5C, the FY326… That they are drones that in
this point if they resist quite better the wind. Equally, this drone is very interesting,
because if you go to begin to initiate you, the main it is that you fly dias very calm, dias sunny
in which there is not neither a breeze of wind, it is the but ideal, therefore we neither can criticise him
especially this. No as for example a NIHUI that I memory,
do not agree me cual, that neither with wind movia well… No, this moves genial, but have to
take into account this point. we Go to speak on the Headless and the Key
return, neither want to me extend a lot because it is the same of always. it Is but, in the video of the flight already commented
that not even it agreed me of what was, because at the end always it is the same. The way Key return works the half of the
times if it is that it works and the model Headless it works very well if you initiate it from the floor,
but if you initiate it from the air, this goes to his mother… Some times works and others no, but
can not be depending on this type of ways of flight for when your lose the head
and want to bring it for you, I no dependeria of this; better fly it tranquilito and when
it lose you the head, as it supposes that estais flying in a ready place, cleared
in which no these putting in danger to anybody neither to at all, I what haria if it seems that you have
lost a pelin the control, remove him engines that’s that, because many times me estan arriving
muchisimas questions and comments approaches of you because him dais to the Key Return and
esperais to that avenges to you and the big mayoria of times goes you to the Conchinchina,
and it estais moving away and losing but of yours sight and at the end no it encontrais. I recommend you that seais logico and when
no it veais the head, quiteis the head and this drone, expect that it resist enough this
type of things yes. The problem that have said you before is that cayo
on an arm. In definite, a drone very interesting that
recommend for the iniciacion, but only if it encontrais underneath of price of drones
like the FY326 or the Syma X5C or H12C that they are personally for my the drones main
for the iniciacion. Especially, the Syma X5C and underneath the H12C
and eligiria one of these two segun the price, but if this this underneath, and have found it
underneath, have found it until 30 euros, here below in the descripcion teneis the link
of the company that has yielded it to me, but if it encontrais by 30 euros, seems me that
this drone is ideal and on is lovely. Another thing no, but in estetica carries the
palm of all. East is the but beautiful, clearly. Afterwards, it would come the H12C and afterwards the Syma
X5C, for me this ultimo can that it was the but ugly, but hears, already one him pilla affection. So I expect that it have liked you, of course,
thank him the company LighTake by have us yielded this product and at all, see
us in a new video, chao!

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