Ancient Aliens: Mystic Obelisks in Egypt (Season 9) | History
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Ancient Aliens: Mystic Obelisks in Egypt (Season 9) | History

September 6, 2019

NARRATOR: The sun temple at
Abu Gorab, Memphis, Egypt. In 1898, an excavation
team with the Berlin Museum discovered the base of a massive
obelisk, estimated to have once stood at over 160 feet tall. According to the
ancient Egyptian building texts from Edfu, Abu Gorab was
known as the Place of the Gods. Egyptologists know it as
a place where the ancients connected with divine energies. It is said that this is the
very place where pharaohs and priests experienced
heightened awareness through the use of
vibrations transmitted through the obelisk. NARRATOR: While scholars believe
Abu Gorab was home to one of the largest obelisks
ever constructed, similar shaped
monoliths have been found in hundreds of
variations all over the world. Unsuitable for shelter, storage,
or a higher vantage point, could obelisks have served
another, more powerful purpose? A vast number of obelisks
are constructed from granite, a stone containing high
concentrations of energy responsive quartz crystal. Because of its
crystalline structure, quartz has the ability
to convert the Earth’s natural electrical
vibrations into usable energy by a property known
as piezoelectricity. The piezo is for the
vibrating or oscillating, and the electric
is for electric. What this means is that you
can use electricity to make them vibrate mechanically. And when they
vibrate mechanically, they can generate electricity. NARRATOR: Is it possible the
ancient cultures that erected obelisks had some understanding
of the high-tech properties of quartz? And if so, could they have
used obelisks to transmit energy over vast distances? Ancient astronaut theorists
believe the answer is yes, and that evidence can
be found by studying the work of Nikola Tesla. In July, 1899, the
famed scientist claimed to have invented a
way to transmit electricity through the air, wirelessly,
all over the world, by harnessing the Earth’s
natural conductivity, or what Tesla called
standing waves. Giant transmitters
could send and receive limitless amounts of electricity
flowing like invisible water. And one of the key components in
his system was quartz crystal. Typically when we
deal with the energy of electromagnetic
waves, it’s in what we call a propagating form. It’s like the flashlight,
you turn it on, and it moves. It propagates through space and
goes from one place to another. A standing wave is kind
of a different phenomena because the wave just oscillates
in one place up and down. And the energy goes in
between two different regions back and forth. Tesla was proposing
and tried to build this system of wireless power. He built the Wardenclyffe Tower
on Long Island in New York. Tesla was going to then hook
this tower up to a power plant, and he was going to
broadcast electricity. According to him,
anti-gravity airships would draw power from these towers. Ships, cars, and
other power plants could also draw from
this broadcast power. NARRATOR: Was Tesla’s
technological breakthrough a modern scientific innovation? Or could it have
been a rediscovery of a lost alien technology? Some researchers believe that,
like Tesla, ancient builders discovered the
ability to harness and broadcast Earth’s Power. And the ancient equivalent
to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower may have been the Great Pyramid. The walls of this
massive monument contain a high concentration
of quartz crystal. And some believe the Great
Pyramid, in conjunction with the obelisks, made up what
may have been a global wireless energy network. CHRISTOPHER DUNN:
The pyramids were actually geomechanical devices. In other words, they were
attached to the Earth. They were turned to vibrate with
the frequencies of the Earth. And they converted the
energies of the Earth into electromagnetic energy. It’s possible that inside of
some pyramids there might be some sort of energy, let’s
say some sort of equipment which creates waves. So I could imagine that
some of the real gods, the extraterrestrials,
some thousands of years ago, they left some little
technology inside the pyramid. And this technology was very
super modern and powerful.

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  2. ⚡️wonder did ancient people pay electric bills in the past?

    global wireless electric network… GWEN sounds so chic ??

  3. Aliens needed a way to charge up their crafts or other technologies, so they made humans build the pyramids around the world to generate energy for them. The ancient civilizations thought the aliens were gods because of their insane technology so they obeyed.

  4. Anything is Possible but looking at the first narrator's haircut – Know this will be a Ridiculous video! As to Zawi Hawass = COMPLETE JOKE¥

  5. Giving free electricity seem like politician promise free education upon winnig election but not keep their promise.

  6. Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and latent heat. It is derived from the Greek word πιέζειν; piezein, which means to squeeze or press, and ἤλεκτρον ēlektron, which means amber, an ancient source of electric charge.

  7. Is Giorgio trying to reach the top of the obelisk by growing his hair do?
    Ancient astronaut theorists say; YES.

  8. giza platteu is a circuit board each pyramid or conductor , has refractive, qualities each refining and processing vibrational energy,of various oscilations, in the forms of heat ,light, static and gravitational energy,this energy is concerntrated and stored in the pyramid field of magnetism,it can be sent wirelessly around the earth or energy beams sent into space or received from space in the forms of directional and gravitational energy,practical uses of energy were anti gravity ,laser cutting, superconductivity

  9. Why did they call the Ark of the Covenant a ark? Ark is another word for an low Voltage high current device now days. Where was it from Egypt.

  10. Black people never get credit for what they done smh just say aliens build it with no proof at all,don't want black folks to start thinking for themselves

  11. I love watching these documentaries. They always bring up some fascinating facts about these old buildings.
    P.S. Even though i don't believe a thing they say about these "ancient aliens"

  12. these kind of power used by the ancients takes a very great toll on earth. this what causes mars to die- and the planet krypton
    that is why grandpa introduce the type of enegry/electric power source to conserve earth energy so as earthlings will have ample time to figure out all the universe's secrets without needing to leave earth

  13. Keep deceiving yourselves about aliens and all these theories you have never been able to answer. The white race in successive waves systematically destroyed Africa and Egypt in particular over thousands of years, to the extent the her indigenous black people were made almost into nought and now, you simple want to propound theories about their ingenious works.

    Its funny that the only remains and artifacts found in the Pyramids and around Egypt were those of black Africans. The drawings on the walls depicts Africans. The cultures identified, still resonate across Africa, the hieroglyphs speaks Africa…but you white demons are still looking for aliens and a lost white race that developed this civilization. That is the main reasons you will never find any answers…These technologies are African techs, used for the advancement of the relationships between humanity and our deities. Keep looking and seeking for subscriptions for your idiotic channel…the best you will always come up with are speculations and "what Ifs."

  14. I think the founding fathers knew something about ancient Egypt that we don't, they named most of their cities after Egyptian cities, they also built the obelisk…. Welp

  15. Beneeth the pyramids around the world scientists found mica and meecury….and egiptologists say the were tombs…..lmfao….and no pharoh was burried in side of them!

  16. Angels, Demons, Djinns, Aliens, Nagas, Archons, Reptilians, are all the same. Pay very, very, close attention to words for they are symbols that share a symbiotic relationship between one another. The words Angel, Messenger, and Nagar, are all syndicates of the word Serpent. One may have noticed the "NG" existing within each word. I am predicating that the morpheme "NG", symbolically represents the word Naga or Serpent.

    [messeNGer] [aNGel] [NGr]

    One may have noticed that I have expelled the vowels in the word Nagar. The Phonetic methodologies of the ancient cultures were more so often devoid of the vowel systems that are presented in modern times. Why even the very word English, conveys the morpheme "NG". Would this not suggest that the word English, is somehow interrelated with the words aforementioned?
    I believe so…
    Upon the study of Morphology, one may discover the reciprocal effects of all words and, could even conclude that all languages have been hijacked by the Reptilians. Many words in the English language are ideograms of the Serpent.


    Can you see the anagram?

  17. One of the oldest words for Serpent is Kane, but in modern times it is spelled Cane, with a C.
    I find it interesting that one of the earliest terms for the word Werewolf, was the word Lycan, and within the word Lycan, exists a morpheme in which implicates a hidden meaning. According to morphology, the word "can" denotes the Serpent.

    All of the myths of olde have been altered, transformation has always been attributed to Serpent i.e. Reptile, not the Wolf. To even achieve metamorphosis one must akin to the Serpentagina.

    Lycanthrope, Therianthrope, Metamorphose, and Shapeshifting, all contain the same basic principle which is transformation. I have been labeled as a fool for predicating the idea of Werewolves, and Dogs, being as designed euphemisms for the Dragon or Serpent. The word Lycan is a derivation of the olden Lukànthrõpos, which according to my research is an explicit meaning for the Reptilian Shapeshifter and/or Djinn.
    Why even the popular video game "Mortal Kombat" (which is really MK Ultra) has made an allusion to the Reptilian with one of it's characters who is called Lui Kang. The name Lui Kang, is pronounced remarkably similar to the word Lukànthrõpos and this video game, fighter, finishes his victims off by shapeshifting into a giant Dragon, thus devouring them whole. That clearly is meant to exhibit the motif of Serpent devouring Man. Even the very word "kang" within Lui Kang simply means Dragon.

    People will often refer to star Sirius, as the dog star, unbeknownst that the morpheme "sir" within the word Sirius, is connotative of the Sirpent or Serpent. Upon applying the affix "on" to the word Dog, it will spell out the word Dogon. The word Dogon is vaguely similar to the word Dragon and, there are of course the Dogon tribes of West Africa, whom share a special relationship with star Sirius. So upon the study of Morphology, one may realize that it's not the Dog star, but rather the Dragon star, which is more fitting because star Sirius, is spelled in such a cryptic way in which avenues it's terminology.

  18. You ignorant, apes, actually believe that Tesla, was an honorable man meanwhile it is his invention, the HAARP program, that is wreaking havoc on the electromagnetic field.

  19. If an Advaced Culture similar to ours today existed a billion years ago on Earth there would be no evidence or way we could ever know.

  20. I really feel like y’all covered everything. Can yall do something new i wanna hear more mind blowing things

  21. Dan Shellem
    Ok so I'm gonna clear up a few things I've noticed in the comments. Wireless transmission of energy already exists virtually everywhere as electromagnetic radiation (mostly radio waves). However, this energy is used to transmit information rather than as a power source because the amount of energy is extremely small. This is how an antenna works. It gathers electromagnetic radiation (i.e. radio waves), which is just light waves at a non-visible frequency, and it turns it into an electrical charge. The receiver turns this modulated charge into usable information. It is electric energy but it's not enough to power anything unless you had a truly massive antenna.
    So why not just crank up the power? Well it's just not efficient. To transfer significant energy through electromagnetic radiation you would need higher energy waves like microwaves and would have to focus it like a laser with a direct shot to every device you want to power. An omnidirectional EM wave like a radio broadcast or cell phone signal (also radio waves) just wouldn't realistically carry enough energy for power supply (without being extremely dangerous anyway).
    What about wireless cell phone chargers? Those don't use electromagnetic radiation. They generate a local magnetic induction field around the charger pad to induce current in the battery at close range. The field doesn't propagate or travel like EM waves. It's like the field around a magnet. Some cell phones use the same principle to share power with each other. This is not new technology. The problem is that the induction field rapidly decreases in strength with distance from the source and therefore isn't feasible for long distance wireless transmission of power.

    As for Tesla, his tower is often misunderstood. It wasn't intended to send electricity through the air. It was actually to send electricity into the ground which he thought could be used to harness and amplify a naturally occurring current he believed existed in the earth itself. So the system would be wireless but would use the ground as the conductor so you could just tap into it anywhere. He thought the current would then return to the tower through the air, completing the circuit, but wouldn't usable because it would be conducted through a layer high in the atmosphere. Instead, you get the power from the ground. However, there is no natural current like this in the ground and creating one would also be dangerous having high voltage just everywhere underground uncontained by wires. High voltage wireless transmission over long distance is just a bad idea because it's uncontrollable. The charge would randomly follow paths of least resistance basically creating a constant lighting storm and using high energy electromagnetic waves like microwaves or x rays would expose everyone to dangerous levels of radiation.

  22. in other words you've got no clue how so you are whacking in the bushes waiting for someone to tell you. HMMMM. whats your $ offer?

  23. These quartz are just stones do no harm nor benefit. The pyramids are normal buildings like anyone you see in the streets. There is no mystery about them. They are not wireless networks because there was no technology and internet in the past. There has to be a cord to transmit electricity. It cannot magically charge something through the air without a medium. You are not living in Harry Potter Universe Tesla, i am sorry.

  24. Alo, I'm from Portugal and whatching the History Channel it's one of my favorite things to do. But I have to say that unfortunatly the paranormal episodes and acient alien programs, must be on "repeat mode", because they are always the same, and repeat themselfs constantly. Trust me when I say this, I'm at home all the time and love whatching this kind of programs. Please please, I have to come here to whatch new episoded (majority brasilien).
    Thank you for being my company every day ?? Analee

  25. " if " God gave me the C U R E 4 poverty ; I would be the Richest woman on Planet Earth…or the
    Richest Human being on Planet

  26. Lol they were not alians they were Muslims scientist 1000 years ago who created the electric current camera and TV

  27. why hasn't anyone else been able to duplicate Teslas tower , you would think someone would have built one secretly to see if it actually worked , just build one on your own property and don't tell anyone , and just use it to power your own property

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