Ancient Flying Vimana Recreated –  Shivkar Bapuji Talpade
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Ancient Flying Vimana Recreated – Shivkar Bapuji Talpade

August 12, 2019

Hey guys, we all know ancient flying machines
called Vimana mentioned in ancient Indian texts, but in this video I will show you documented
history where a Vimana actually flew and the British Government had to intervene and suppress
this technology. In 1895, eight years before the Wright Brothers
flew their first plane, a man called Shivkar Bapuji Talpade flew an unmanned airplane in
front of thousands of people in India. But the really intriguing detail is that he did
not depend on modern physics or aviation techniques, but he created this flying machine entirely
based on ancient Indian texts. Shivkar, was born in 1864 in Mumbai and was
regarded as a prodigy. He earned a Ph.D before the age of 30. When he was 15, he had a meeting
with an elderly man called Subbaraya Shastry who had been researching Vimanas all his life.
He is the same man who later wrote Vimanika Shastra, a book about flying machines. They
both worked together for 15 years and built a Vimana that could not only fly, but could
also be controlled with some kind of a remote control device.
So, did the Vimana fly? The very first flight was tested in Mumbai beach in front of thousands
of people and this unmanned Vimana reached an altitude of 1500 feet and sustained its
flight for about 37 seconds before it crashed. Now, compare this with the first flight of
Wright Brothers in the U.S, their first flight only reached an altitude of 120 feet and lasted
12 seconds before it crashed. While the Wright Brothers were funded with 25,000 dollars after
their first flight, Shivkar and Shastry were denounced as con artists who created worthless
machines. Remember, this is the time of British occupation of India and racism was widespread.
After the Vimana crashed, Shivkar attempted to enhance the features and build a new design
which would be fueled by Mercury ions. He tried desperately to get funds but was turned
down by virtually everyone but still built a mercury engine in his own house. Due to
lack of protective gear, he became subject to mercury vapor poisoning which created hallucinations
and other mental disorders. When the word spread, the British accused
him of making explosives and confiscated his new Vimana. The prosecutor and the judge simply
laughed at him when he tried to explain a Mercury Ion engine and claimed that such a
machine would never work. A team of expert scientists were brought in and they all unanimously
agreed that a mercury powered device is impossible. Today, NASA uses mercury ion engines for space
travel and has publicly announced that ion engines can provide constant acceleration,
reducing travel times with increased efficiency while decreasing the size of the spacecraft.
Shivkar was thrown in Jail and was released after a few years with a condition not to
make any more machines. However, he secretly created another Vimana called Rukma Vimana.
It is rumored that this bell shaped Vimana was secretly taken to Germany in 1930s and
was recreated as the famous “Nazi Bell”. You can see the similarity between the Rukma Vimana
and the Nazi Bell. Strangely, bell shaped UFOs have been sighted multiple times around
the world and one such UFO even crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.
Most people think that Da Vinci was the first to write about flying machines around 500
years ago, but Indian texts and carvings show startling evidences of flying devices dating
at least 2000 years ago. Here is a Vimana similar to a modern day jetpack carved 1200
years ago. It shows safety features like belts, propeller like wheels and gear like devices.
Here is a model of a rocket carved in India around 7th century A.D. These are just a few
examples, but there are thousands of references to these flying machines in ancient Indian
text. So what happened to Shivkar? He received no
recognition, no money and no credit for creating the very first aircraft. He died a heartbroken
man at the age of 53. I hope you liked this video, I am finding a lot of intriguing stuff
like this so please do subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon.

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  2. If somebody went to India,long time ago and spread the religion,called abrahamic Faith. Now we suspected that Brahmin name was taken from, abrahamic . Abraham was neither a Jews or Israelis. Because he is their fore father. He is not from their descendants.

  3. Its very pathetic that even scientist in india may not aware about this great man ?
    And this just an example that how each & every inventions patents gone to other countries….

  4. The reason the Write brothers got so much attention was because it wasn't just a flight. There were documented flights before that to be sure. But none of them were "manned flights taking a person into the air. The Write brothers never claimed to be the first flight. Just the first with a person. Try not to mislead people. There is a difference. Though I still think the vimana flight was spectacular. It wasn't manned.

  5. These british morons can not understand our ancient technology which are more advanced than theirs…
    Even now they are researching about things which we have done thousand years ago.
    Thank you for information 🙂
    I realy appreciate your all vedios and the hardwork you do for collecting informations. 🙂

  6. Yes the real crime in the world is the suppression of technology. The judge that jailed this remarkable scientist did a great injustice to humanity and tarnished his own soul. To subjugate another soul is spiritual suicide. It must never be done.

    WHAT'S SAY Mr erich von daniken ABOUT OUR ( Ancient Aliens In India?) SIR???

  8. Sir ur videos all are amazing ur efforts ur dedication hat's off sir I admire u and try to learn from ur video. Heatly thank u sir

  9. Dont know how many times we lose our innovation and give free hand to take rights of our innovation to others

  10. hi i love your view off the history and the way you look at it thank you for making and sharing your insights

  11. What I would like to know is , if we had such brilliant men in the past, who, despite british rule,created such devices, why do we not have any such scientists in independent India, supported by the government.?

  12. Even if some dont want to believe the facts that vimanas did exist, the very idea that humans can fly through machines came in india….the rest of the world couldnt even think of such thing at those times….?

  13. British appear as saints When compared to muslims. Nothing can match the genocide committed by Muslims on Hindus

  14. If we could today try to create the same then we can show the world that we made it without the use of modern technology.

  15. We are humans . But ancient technology is by humanoids eg. flying machine , jet packs, star gates,advanced defence system , time machines , stone technology etc .. as humans we ate trying to recreate it ..
    (As I understand from this channel )

  16. So many wonderful inventions have been stolen & prevented from development . Genius has not been allowed. Makes me so mad.

  17. The old europian robbers captured diferent lands and destroy indian and muslim knowledge on science inventions they stole there life efforts and punish them discourage not to do like this..but after europian thiefs do efforts secretly on these inventions…..

  18. Please cite your sources. Rumor and conjecture is NOT a good basis for reporting. This is more akin to ancient aliens on history channel. Great story though.

  19. Thank you for using images of the aviation pioneer, the brazilian Santos Dumont and his flights, and not even mention it, only the Wright brothers who only managed to take flight with the aid of a catapult.

  20. Same thing happened with Jagadish Chandra Bose.
    he is an indian but according to current location he was Bangladeshi.
    Who invente Radio but he did not patent after many years of his invention Markoni a Italian scientist invent it once again.
    And all credit of Jagadish Chandra Bose goes to him .

    Sun centred solar system, earth is round ,number of planet and many more invention and credit is our but European and North American was take those .

    That's why we need Modi government who is aware of glorious Indian empire and culture
    And make India great again.

  21. Been following you few years now, love your work, Have learned so much. Much Love Bless No Less to all ❤️ ? ?

  22. A cat told to another cat that I have a ancient super power, if I close my eyes? it stops the
    Sun?❗to the word ??ara bhaiya I too have the the same power it's because we have a secret energy drink called cow urine ?

  23. I agree that the ancient vedic scriptures have knowledge of advanced technology, but where is the evidence for the historical statements made here, particularly those of Shivkar? In other words, where did you get this information? I'd like to know, please. 🙂

  24. Just one British loot 900ships of every domains jewellery stuff and what about Mughals think how much they have looted ???

  25. Please make video of temple of ramses in Egypt, where ancient helicopters, submarines, etc were hidden in underground chambers, which Westerners dug up, proof which now resides in hidden helicopter hieroglyphs above said "dark" Chambers where there's no natural light, like your cycle temple video, that guides are 'specifically' deliberately asked to hide, asked to not show to tourists, then corelate it with your video of Indian government covertly removing, transporting somewhere, ancient Vimana from Sri rangam, then blocking, sealing door with granite, plaster, maybe that's reason why India is suddenly able to carry great space missions to moon, advanced satellite shooting missiles(like how Shiva destroyed three satellites of maya, which he is also depicted using, in mayan art, which now charred remains as what is known as black Knight satellite in earth's orbit), doing exact same as Westerners did in Egypt, where also similar hints, indicators were drawn.

  26. One thing I want to mention is, you know India has been independent since1947. If any such technology was possible, someone must have built such a machine in India. Please comment.

  27. What nonsense, I thought your channel to be of certain merit, it seems you have completely diverted towards myth.

  28. Fascinating that his last one was so closely related to the Kecksburg "Acorn" that the Germans Nazi's used. So surprised.

  29. I am from 2019 and i want to tell u parveen that u will also make ur first appearance in ancient aliens on the show shiva the destroyer .

  30. Extraordinary ?
    Praveen sir thank you for sharing valuable information.
    Indian movie directors have to make movie on Shivkar Bapuji talapade's life.

  31. Look the video at 4:55 minutes, this is a Buddha Statue (search on google for Ajintha caves, Karla caves India), and all the inventions were done at the time when complete India was Buddhist 2500 years back. For doing research in Medicine (Today known as Ayurveda), architecture, space, life, etc. Buddhist universities in India were created for human-kind such as Nalanda, Takshsheela, Vallabhi, Mansar, etc.
    People in India who had destroyed Buddhism in India 1500 years back, destroyed all these universities and stolen the research done by Buddhist Monks and banned people to take education to keep the truths hidden. Now after thousand years, their successors are claiming for the credit behind all science. If you really want to study ancient inventions study ancient Buddhism from India..

  32. Ancient Indian texts are documented history, but I get your point. Im fascinated with India. I pray Radharani invites me there to die. I want to see where Krishna played!

  33. Thank you for such clarifying information. These videos really help fill in all the blanks in most history books. I love this!

  34. The British were so stupid and arrogant. Sounds like the Germans were more open to creative innovations.

  35. Vinanas maybe did exist in Mahabharata which was written off as mythology, but not history as no dates were provided.

  36. The Britishers are long gone. Let's try to reproduce what Shivkar Bapuji Talpade's Viamana.
    RSS-BJP thugs would be very very interested. Why is not being reproduced and improved?

  37. Of course i believe it, but if was done why can it not be done today? Did not the text say the pilots had to follow certain rules of life and when the Sidhi(?) faded they could no longer fly the machines(?)

  38. Then what happens the big vultures out there rob the shy sheep, and proclaim to the world they invented this, they invented that… boasting they are great. I think it's high time that Indians rise up like eagles to protect what's rightly theirs.

  39. I had tears in my eyes at times, how great we were and invaders came brutally destroyed whatever possibilly they could n looks like history we read were heavily altered, modified, manipulated. God Bless to Praveen for his incredible work.?

  40. British has to be procecuted for their cruelty. The gold they kept in the vaults of queens palace has to be returned to india especially the kohinoor diamond.
    I feel shame to see British the number one dacoits
    I swear, i will not wear british styled dress. I wear only indian dress. I eat indian food.
    I am sure soon Britain will be a islamic country and wiped out from history.
    This is the resultant of their bad karma

  41. Chase those English culprits and amus ing English language open the lost era bring back the valuables looted by white gentlemen with tie and shoes


  43. Britishers suppressed Indians. Ofcourse we made a much more and better technology than the English scientists. Today NASA using technology was profounded by Indians. But Indians never bent head. This is JAI BHARAT.

  44. Shivkar bapuji talpde cheated by reli brother from London to America ride brother purchased that and we know the patent belong to froud

  45. “Documented history” lol. The looney toons in this comment section and the narrator need to check out HG Wells if that’s your definition of “documented history”.

  46. You’re all delusional, basic scientific theory has proved this guy had no concept of how physics worked or basic aerodynamics, he didn’t invent anything and it seems he himself had some sort of delusion of grandeur as well.

  47. Actually IISC scientists tested the vimanshastra and other earlier ancient flight technologies but unfortunately not any of these technology was more successful than the flight technologies used by non indians

  48. This is a joke and you're a hack.
    Physics doesn't care if you "rely on it" or not, it still exists. Actual flying vimanas, on the other hand, did not.
    Check your sources and please think logically when determining what is documented history and what is farce. Ignorance spreads more quickly through misinformation than it does through lack thereof.

  49. This is probably the stupidest video I’ve ever seen, none of the information you state is even slightly credible and it seems like you’re making half of it up. That man had no clue how actual aircrafts work and there was no ancient flying machines of early India. You people are lunatics

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