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  1. Just spent two days removing ButterKnife from the legacy project. Thanks, not buying something that gives you 2 second optimization, but slows app.

  2. Wow, it seems helps to replace Kotlin extension. Though it's awesome but still have faced some null view and app got crashed. It hope, this view bind will handle it. 🙂

  3. Its quite good. Haven't seen much improvement on the base stack and native stack of Android but definitely a right direction

  4. Is it possible to use view binding with PreferenceFragmentCompat?

    I have a custom layout for my preferences screen, but this layout is inflated automatically (using setPreferencesFromXml method), so I can't inflate it using static method "inflate"

  5. Is it possible to use view binding with custom layout for PreferenceFragmentCompat, which is inflated automatically by setPreferencesFromXml method?

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